December 12, 2012

Scott Foltz's interview

" My two favorite subjects are beautiful landscapes and the nude female form so I decided to combine them. I think there is nothing more beautiful than those two subjects put together." Scott Foltz


Dear Scott, how did your passion for photography begin ?

My passion for photography began actually when I was a small boy. I always loved to look at beautiful landscape photographs of the mountains and I hoped someday I would be able to shoot landscapes also. Finally in 1996, when I took my first trip to Colorado, I bought my first camera and I was hooked and never stopped shooting since.

"Sarah M02"

All began in your childhood... Like all the artists who are contributing to this site.
And how did you learn your art ?

I am a self tought photographer. I learned the basics from a few classes but pretty much I've learned from trial and error.

Of course. How long could you be far from your camera ?

Well not long, its driving me nuts now not being able to shoot nudes because of the cold weather. I've tried it before and it just doesn't work well. I did shoot some winter landscapes though. But I could shoot everyday and not get tired of it.

"Rachel 2"

"Rachel 3"


Who are your favorite photographers ?

Ansel Adams, Jim Brandenburg, Sante D'Orazio and Helmut Newton.

How long dit it take to find your own style ? Could you define it ?

I don't know if I have a particular style. I do love deep shadows kind of how you see in Ansel Adams work but I try to have a lot of mid tones like he did also. But my two favorite subjects are beautiful landscapes and the nude female form so I decided to try and combine them. I think there is nothing more beautiful than those two subjects put together.


Is your photography mostly nudes ?

As for now my work is all nudes. I'm hoping someday someone will love my work enough to either publish me or put my work up in there gallery. But I do love shooting nudes.

I've always loved the cuves and the beauty of the female nude. But I do love to shoot landscapes everynow and then. I still get drawn to the mountains to shoot.

It seems you have a great predilection for outdoors BW shootings and water backgrounds ?

Well there isn't really any beautiful landscape places to shoot here in Ohio so the best thing I could come up with was the use of rivers, lakes and waterfalls... I'm hoping someday I'll be able to travel the world and shoot my nudes.

Some words about your models ?

I"ve been very lucky. I don't think I've had a bad experience yet. Some of my favorites are Sarah, Vassanta, Mandy and Sativa. Just a delight to work with. They all had great attitudes which is the biggest thing when I go look for a model. About the "Divas", I dont' care how good they are, I won't work with them.

"Sarah M01"

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

Excited and Exhausted... I get up usually at 4 am so I can get to the location with the model for first light. Then I get so involved in it just thinking of my next shot and is everything perfect that it just wears me out... Then I'm excited and nervous to see the film. If I get 5 perfect shots, I'm happy.

"Sarah 5"


Is there some challenges you're dreaming about ?

I want to publish my first coffee table book and hopefully get some gallery showings someplace in this world. I want to be able to do this full time and travel all over and work with new models in new exciting locations. I just want to continue to learn and grow and get better and better.

Keep your dreams alive ! By the way, have you been published in some magazines ?

I'm hoping in the future and I will be submitting work to Camera Arts Magazine and Lenswork here in the near future... So I hope they'll like what they'll see and will want to publish me.

A message to send ?

I would like to thank two people who have been very supportive with my work and keep me going. First is my girlfriend Carolyn who designed my website and who is also an artist herself. She keeps me going everyday.

Then there is my best friend and also photographer Brian D. Smith who I've known for about 17 years now. We got into photography at the same time and we push each other to get better and better. He's a huge support.

Before we leave, just keep an eye out for me, and if you know a publisher or a gallery or anyone who can get me out there please send me a message.

I'll send it ! Thanks a lot Scott for your kind participation and your amazing work.

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