December 8, 2012

Rudolf Imrišík (Himsouls)'s interview

Rudolf Imrišík at ALTphotos, deviantART, Photobank, in this Art Gallery, DIGI Arena.

"Flexaret IV"

"The essence of body"
from The Obscure Series

Rudolf, tell us a little more about you... How did your passion for photography begin ? Where did you learn your art ?

My name is Rudolf Imrišík. I come from Slovakia and I'm 29 years old.

It was two years ago when I bought my first camera. I did'nt have any reason for... One month later, I won my first photographic competition.

In fact, I know nothing about photograph, or photographers. And I have never studied. Actually, I don't have the feeling that I am a photographer.

Two years only... I'm amazed by your talent ! And your inspiraton is also really impressive. Where do you find it ?

I see the images in my head before I make them real. My best way to find some inspiration is in music (J.S. Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, H.I.M...) and thanks to the artworks of great masters such as Carravagio, Leonardo, Rembrandt...

from The Obscure Series

"About a shyness"

"Mary of Magdala"
From The Sacral Series

Some words about your models ?

My models are often my friends. I don't work with professionals. The amateurs have an unexpected charm...

When and where will be your next exhibition ?

I've never had any exhibition and I guess that I won't have one. Money are the reason why. But I'm always looking for some sponsors that could help me to create my first one.

I hope you'll be heard... Have you published a book ? Maybe in some magazines ?

Yes, my pictures are often published in photography magazines and competitions.

And what about your next future ?

My short photographic story is now probably close to the end. I consider to finish up.

Please, never stop ! It would be such a pity... A message to send ?

The only one thing that should be the most important for all artists and their artworks : Soul ! Because art without soul is hollow.

"The Light of Mercy"
from The Sacral Series

"Tempi passati"
from The Sacral Series

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