December 4, 2012

Edoardo Pasero's interview

" Theoretically I’d like to find an ideal link between straight photography and pictorialism." Edoardo Pasero

Edoardo, tell us how did you get into photography ?

After years dedicated to music I felt the need to express myself visually. My father was a really good photographer in his youth so it was quite a natural choice. So, at 21 I started to take it seriously and hope to do so for a long time.

Where did you learn your art ?

I’m totally self taught. Anyway honestly I think photography is a really simple practice technically speaking. The hard part is to form inside you a strong visual culture ; that’s what let you form a language.

Are you an obsessional photographer ?

Not too much but I’m neither the kind of photographer always around with its camera. I use big huge medium format cameras and I usually like to take the work slow and relaxed, I like to think to what I’m doing and to be inspired by my subject.

An amazing inspiration ! By the way, who are your favourite photographers ?

I’m an old school kind of guy : Minor White, Wynn Bullock, Aaron Siskind and lately the work of Rocky Schenck. Obviously a lot of wonderful artists on Flickr, Art Limited and ALTphotos but too many to mention…


It's clear you belong your own style. Could you define it ?

It was always a nail to the brain to me. I prefer to call it language.

To me, a photographer need to speak his own language. When people look at your pictures they must recognize your work, cos your language is the form you use to communicate to the others.

This is what I try to do from the very first moment I picked up photography seriously. I’m just trying, but it forces me to go on… Theoretically I’d like to find an ideal link between straight photography and pictorialism.

Is your photography mostly nudes and BW ?

I work only in BW. In regard to nude photography… Well, I’ve not a preferred subject, photographically speaking, so “nude” is one of the forms I like to use. It need to be the right period to do a nude set to me, it’s not always the right time. I know I will do nude pics again in the future but I don’t when, maybe tomorrow, maybe next year. Let’s see…

We'll see... What is your process of creation ? Do you plan every details ?

No never. All I need is a subject, the rest is improvisation.

With success... Do you work mainly in your studio ?

No, I don’t like studio photography. Even my still life work is done with improvised sets. Usually it starts from an object that impresses me, so I want to take a picture of it in his environment. Probably the only work definable as “studio” is my “nudes on black” series. But there was just a black drape on a wall and a light.

Some words about your models ?

All nice and gentle. Some of them are good friends of mine, and one is even my girlfriend !

Do you remember a shooting you particularly liked ?

Yes, the first time I made a set with my girlfriend ; it was really funny and relaxing.

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

Mmm, usually a strange mix of frustration and satisfaction.

I understand this strange feeling. Tell us about your next challenges...

Hehe, try to expose my work as much as possible…

When and where will be your next exhibition ?

Probably the next year I’ll manage to do a couple of exhibitions, but it’s too early to tell about it.

Have you published a book ?I’d love to publish a book, I think it would be the natural end for my kind of work, but you know, it's quite impossible to publish a book if you are not a great name. Maybe in the future a self publication with, I don’t know yet.

Next year I’ll be featured in a new magazine called “Quite Useless Magazine”, ideated by Stanislav Syniagin. Hope to find more space in magazines in the future…

I wish you a lot of space ! A message to send ?

Yes : film is better.
And :
Thanks a lot.

Thanks Edoardo ! I appreciate your kind (and so quick) contribution ! Keep us informed...

From the Series "Daily Prophecies"

Edoardo Pasero ©

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