December 1, 2017

The beauty of Vassanta by Dan Van Winkle

Vassanta lighted up By Dan Van Winkle

"Vassanta Portrait"

I falled in love... This portrait of Vassanta by Dan impressed me so much that I've asked him to tell us more... And he said : "yes !". Thanks Dan :)

So, let's hear them about their amazing and so successful cooperation.


"Stand Tall"

Vassanta first contacted me in February of this year. We set up a shoot, and I was very excited to work with her. Unfortunately, something came up for me and I was un-able to do the shoot with her. I thought that was it, that I had missed opportunity to work with an amazing model. Lucky for me, she really wanted to work with me and contacted me again in June telling me that she would be around and asking if I wanted to shoot. I, of course, jumped on the opportunity and am so, so glad I did.

As always, meeting a model that you have never met before is like meeting anyone else for the first time, you don’t know what they are like, what you will talk about, you worry (or at least I do) if they’ll think your lame or whatever.

Well, none of that happened, she immediately made me feel comfortable, and we walked down the beach where we were shooting happily chatting about whatever we chatted about.



Because I tend to be a location shooter, I’m always making my models climb over rocks or through bushes or whatever. Some complain some don’t; Vassanta didn’t. And we had to climb over some serious rocks to get to where we were going. She was a trooper even up to the point where I nearly got us both washed off a cliff trying to get a shot of her with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

We shot for only an hour and a half, but when working with someone of her caliber, you can get an amazing number of shots in a wide variety of locations. This shoot was very, very productive.

Every pose, every look, every portrait was different. She’s beautiful and conveys a different emotion in every single shot. Because of this, I’m still working through the shoot.

"Beach Nude"

I feel, like some of these shots are the finest I’ve ever taken. I would love to make her my permanent muse !

Alas, though, she lives on the other side of the country and only comes out here once in a while. I hope I’ll get the chance to shoot with her again. And… did I mention ? I love her accent !"


And from Vassanta :

"No Self Control"

Working with Dan was a wonderful experience. Right from the beginning he was fun and easy to be with. I felt comfortable and could be myself. I think that shows very well in the images we made together.

The location he choses was perfect. It was a cool windy day and the world felt so fresh all around me. The breeze blowing through my hair and the sand rubbing my skin made my body tingle and set my mind free.

It was a beautiful experience all around. I will look forward to shooting with Dan in the future.

"Against the rules"

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