November 27, 2017

Christian Tode diversifies his Art Models

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There is a short time ago, my dear Kat Love, famous Art Model, photographer and web designer, wrote an article about the discrimination in photography :
"If art nudes are about human emotions and human stories, why does it seems like the majority of art nude images are of white models, slender models, young models, and/or female models? No seriously, tell me."
Christian Tode prooves in these photographies he sent me there is minority of photographers, like Sita Mae and Lucien Clergue who magnify the women no matter their ages and their forms :
For me photography hides a lot of beauty inside. Beauty that we can see around us. It is a mysterious world of dialogue between the photographer and the resulting photo and – finally – between viewer and the photo. A world that allows you to look inside, through lens into the other soul. Photography is soul of all the moments that have just disappeared. 

Thank you Christian for your friendly and so quick cooperation for this welcome article ! ūüėČ

A few words about my perception of photography.

For me, photography is capturing the moments that have just passed. The past and future, once come and gone, are just philosophical concepts but an image of the moment last forever. 

Our perception of beauty is objective and unique to each individual. I find that I am most enthused when making images of adult women. Just as love is woven from the feelings of our soul and passes through the heart to the brain and from there to its surroundings, a photo arises in the soul and passes through the heart where it can be heard, felt, seen and touched. 

Every photographer is somewhat voyeuristic, some more than others, but all seek what is hidden in the world.
Though it is impossible to ever see the whole of a person, when I look into the eyes of an older woman they reveal an experience and honesty that is hard to find in youth, which seeks only the moment with only a limited past to reflect on.

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