November 28, 2007

Edoardo Pasero joins us

You may admire his work at : IRISF64, Art Limited, Flickr, ALTphotos, Trigger Images, F-Stop Magazine.

Edoardo Pasero is born in 1978, lives in Milano, Italy, and prints all his stuff in his darkroom.

Don't look for more, there is nothing else about him, except his wonderful work sorted in four main categories : Daily Prophecies, Flowers, Nudes and Portraits, each one full of pictures with a strong and original "abstract" style that I could'nt miss to admire.

While I was choosing the fine art nude pictures to illustrate his first feature, my favorites of course, I have noted four things (beyond his awesome talent...) : Edoardo Pasero is working mainly in B&W and blue tones, he avoids to title his photos and he focuses on body parts and faceless compositions, what gives us an amazing and very intimate work that I find quite powerful.

Two comments that perfectly describe his talent :
" Each and every image mystifies and amazes... Edoardo is a true artist with a singular vision of excellence, from composition to process and technique, I am always in awe and inspired to look deeper into my own work. Thank you Edoardo !"

"Fascinating, unexpected, brilliant, beautiful, subtle. I always look forward to his posts. He's a treasure."

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