December 19, 2012

R. Schenck's interview

" I do know I want there to be a story for the viewer to continue playing out from where the image froze it. Also, the images need to be real looking with a level of detail that might inspire a viewer to want to touch it, to feel the textures." R. Schenck


R. Schenck at deviantART.

"MT Back"

Dear Ralph, could you tell us how did your passion for photography begin ?

I first started shooting models by take pictures at a fashion show. It went well and that lead to shooting fashion/modeling shots.

For me, the challenges model photography possessed were very fulfilling but it was when I meet that first special model that I found a true passion for the camera.

I still remember the first time I "saw" a finished picture through the viewfinder of a camera while I was shooting and the "high" it gave me.

Where did you learn your art ? Self taught or student ?...

Self taught. I worked in a commercial studio for 14 years before going out on my own. That first job gave many opportunities to develop my skills.

I currently enjoy my situation as a commercial photographer and do the art photography as a test bed for developing new ideas, and for undoing the brain damage of shooting too many product shots.

"Asia Ankle Bound"

How long could you be far from your camera ?

I handle a camera almost daily but it's not artistic work. I would prefer to shoot something artistic at least weekly, but because of a health issue I have been away for just over a year. It has been incredibly difficult seeing new shots in my mind and not be able to do anything about it.

I do "see" ideas in my head regularly and like to work them out to completion in my mind, but it is not as satisfying as working with a model. Ultimately, there is not much better than working together on an image and having new things come out that change and potentially improve upon the original concept you started with.

Living the same situation, you can imagine how I understand you... Anyway, who are your favorite photographers ?

Helmut Newton. He was my biggest influence.

Art Model Iris Dassault

"Iris Isolation"
Art Model Iris Dassault

How long did it take to find your own style ? Maybe more difficult, could you define it ?

I don't know that my style has been established. Refining the direction of the work is still on going.

I do know I want there to be a story for the viewer to continue playing out from where the image froze it.

Also, the images need to be real looking with a level of detail that might inspire a viewer to want to touch it, to feel the textures.

Many of my older work I plan to reshoot to accomplish this end, and in the process undoing some bad colorizing and other photoshop work done during an earlier lapse in judgement.

"Raven Beach"

"L Beach"

What message do you want to express through your work ?

I'd rather let the viewer come to their own conclusions.

One defining characteristic that I would always like to project is that the model is involved in it consensually. This applies primarily to my fetish/bondage oriented images. I have found "consentual" to be very difficult to accomplish, and in many cases have failed miserably.

"Raven Sand"

Art is so difficult ! But, watching your work, "miserably" seems a strong word... By the way, what is your process of creation ? Do you plan every details ?

I do like to plan shots out in great detail, but I know the model and I will be improvising and the details I worked out will only apply if I have someone lacking the skills to play out the role.

More than anything I like to collaborate. I feel fortunate to have had four muse's in the last 25 years that have inspired me to reach further into myself. I can only hope I will be fortunate to find at least one more during my career.

"Art T

How lucky you are ! You seem to have a preference for studio shootings ?

Mostly I like working in the studio so that I can "play" with the extensive lighting tools I have accumulated, The locations I like tend to be beaches or old buildings.

"Fabric 1"
Art Model Iris Dassault

Some words about your models ?

All the people I have been fortunate enough to work with have been great.

Models with a dance background are my first choice, especially a ballet/jazz background, but otherwise I want to work with a model that can visualize themselves playing the role I want to put them in.

I NEVER try to talk a model into doing a shot. If they don't see themselves in it, they don't do it.

Now, I understand why you collaborate with Iris Dassault. How do you feel at the end of a shoot ?

Usually I'm already thinking about ideas for the next shoot.

"Fabric 2"
Art Model Iris Dassault

Not tired ? And always creating !... Is there a challenge you're dreaming about ?

It seems like there are always some rough ideas rambling around in my subconscious. Something just pops up when I get close to a shoot and then I fill in the details.

When and where will be your next exhibition ?

No plans for one. Still need to settle my health issues first.

I wish you the best... Take care. Have you published a book ? In magazines ?

I have had ten's of thousands of images published, just not the artistic work. That might be changing in the next few months.

I had kept my work private between the model and myself as I have viewed it as being a work in progress. Over the years I haven't had time to do a coherent collection of images that could be shown. It was just this year that Iris Dassault told me about deviantART and talked me into showing there. That group of images is a 10-12 year accumulation showing the range of ideas I have worked on.

It's a good beginning. A message to send before we leave ?

I love this quote and find it speaks my thoughts all too well :

"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever,
the goal is to create something that will." (Kassassin)

A wonderful quote I didn't know. Thanks a lot, I appreciate your so kind participation. Take care. And don't forget to rest !


R. Schenck ©

December 14, 2012

Mark Varley's Interview

“ I consider myself a photographic artist. I see the world my way and using my camera I capture this so I may show others, how I see things and what the world means to me. ” Mark Varley

" Born in Yorkshire in 1976 Mark’s childhood was influenced by its moors and wide-open spaces.

After a spell in the army he was left permanently disabled and accepted a medical discharge with physical injuries and PTSD. During the next few years he spent time working in the war torn Bosnia and Croatia.

Photography was a hobby that developed into a profession in 1999. His images have been published in many books, magazines, websites and art galleries throughout Britain, Europe and America primarily Landscapes, Wildlife and Artistic Nudes including the highly specialised Japanese influenced rope bondage which he also teaches and performs.

"Josie on wood"

"In spite of his disabilities he constantly inspires with his work being followed by other leading photographers.

In 2006 his first in a series of highly collectable bondage books was published - Beautiful Bondage - the art of rope bondage in collaboration with John Grinter.
2006 was also the year Mark teamed up with talented abstract and travel photographer Jan Murphy and Twisted Photography was born, closely followed by Twisted Arts for more artistic works.

2007 started with another book-based project ‘London Bound’ an artistic study of rope bondage on women of London, many trying it for the first time, photographed in their own homes and photographed in a familiar range of artistic styles, real women in real bondage.

"Photography is not a sport, it has no rules"

Dear Mark, how did you get into nude art photography ?

I'd been a photographer for a while and I used to draw nudes and admire the work of men like Craig Weston, Man Ray, Erik Kroll, (to name but a few) on the newsgroup : "alt binaries photos nude-art".

I finally decided to try myself and befrended a local model who worked for free on my first two shoots, I was hooked, I was amazed by my own work and it was the first time I felt totally immersed in my subject. On reflection I see that it's where my talent really lies, it's the most natural style I work in.

Where did you learn your art ?

I have to thank my school art teacher, Mrs Todd, for getting me started and spending many hours in the darkroom with me. Since then I am entirely self-taught. I read books and talk to other photographers but mostly it all came from within.

Practice and inspiration, certainly the best way to learn... How long could you be far from your camera ? Are you obsessive ?

As my camera is rather bulky and as photography is my everyday work I tend to not take it out when not working, however my partner (Jan Murphy, also a photographer and partner in my company TwistedPhotography) and I were out yesterday, not working, and ended up taking many photos on our camera phones. The photographer part of us just won't be switched off !


Who are your favorite photographers ?

Craig Weston, Man Ray, Erik Kroll, Gabriele Rigon, Helmut Newton, Howard Schatz, Imogen Cunningham, the list goes on, these people and many others have all influenced me in some way.

I must say, as embarrassed as she will be by it, my partner Jan Murphy has grown massively as a photographer while I have known her and when she says "what do you think of this" I am almost always quite amazed by what she has produced.


And how long did it take to find your own style ? Could you define it ?

I think I see several styles depending on how and what I'm shooting, but if I were to sum up my basic core style it would be 'painting with dark'.

' PhotoGraph' is usually translated or broken-down into ' painting with light', I feel I am often painting with the lack of light, the shadows, the dark. This is, on reflection, how I have always worked.

"Lady M"

What message do you want to give us through your work ?

I see the world my way, but only I see it, my photography is my attempt to capture what I see the way I see it so I may share it with the world.
My message is 'this is my world, try looking at it my way, just for a moment'.

What is your process of creation ?

Some shoots are planned to a degree of details and some just happen, I usually start with some ideas and along the way to creating them other ideas come to mind and away we go.

However I also did an amazing shoot in the summer, I had seen a model on a website and I was immediately captivated with her body, muscular yet feminine. When we finally got around to arranging a shoot, outdoor locations near her home, I arrived at the stations and she suggested locations she'd seen, there was so little planning it may as well have all been improvised. We used some woodland and an old barn and I just flowed creatively. Nothing planned yet beautiful work produced.

Other times I have a clear idea in my head and am quite obsessive about creating and capturing it exactly.

What a lucky man !... What locations do you tend to use mainly ?

I did a book entirely shot on-location at models own homes, it was such a change from the sterile studio environment I had been in for the previous few months.

I shoot in studios, other interesting locations, outdoor locations (both urban and rural), homes, anywhere.

Everywhere is the best place for creation, you're right. Some words about your gorgeous models ?

Most of my models are private clients paying for photos of themselves, however I rarely show those works as examples so most of the models you will see in photographs I show are professional or semi-professional models, though I do only use models who have a personal interest in the style and can bring something of themselves to it, some passion, the last thing I want to work with is 'a body for hire'.

On the whole my models have been amazing, many are now friends, my life and my work is enriched for having spent some time with each and every one of them.

"Untitled Sarah"

I understand. How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

As well as combinations of exhausted, mentally drained, etc...

I am always on a high, I carry my camera home like it contains something precious and beautiful, which it usually does.

Art Model Louise

And have you some challenges you're dreaming about ?

Every time I pick up my camera I feel a challenge. Continuing to make my living this way is always a challenge, continuing to explore my artistic self is always a challenge. I'd love the challenge of working with a celebrity and capturing them my way instead of theirs (for a change).

Everything should be challenging otherwise it gets boring.

"With a twist"
Art Model Louise

You have you published three books... Bravo ! Is there one to come ?

Yes, three books so far :

'Beautiful Bondage', the art of rope bondage, volume one' was shot in early 2006 and produced in partnership with my then-assistant John Grinter, it was a combination of decorative rope bondage (another passion of mine) beautifully photographed and a how-to guide for the rope ties.

'London Bound'
was shot in the first half of 2007 and took rope bondage into the homes of real London women, many were trying bondage for the first time, it's all real and photographed in a very 'real' way. I have copies of my books here and this is the one I pick up and flick through most of the time, I love it myself.

'Fine Art Nude Photography', so-titled as I feel my nudes fit squarely in this category, is a compilation of 250 fine art nude images I photographed between 2004 and 2006.

They are all available via my website.
I have also had work used in others books and magazines etc and I have other books planned for the future.

Bravo ! It's so difficult to be published nowadays... Maybe a message to send before we leave ?

'Buy Photographic Art'. Photography is an art form, the technical knowledge required sits happily in the background while we photographic artists create.

If you think a photograph is beautiful, mine or someone else, buy a print, you will be able to enjoy it every day, it can only increase in value and you have touched a photographer deeply, buying a print says 'I love your work, I love this piece so much I need to own it, keep doing what you do'. Even the most arrogant of artists are touched by this.

You're right !... And this site is made for ! Thanks a lot Mark, I appreciate your kind and so quick participation.

December 12, 2012

Scott Foltz's interview

" My two favorite subjects are beautiful landscapes and the nude female form so I decided to combine them. I think there is nothing more beautiful than those two subjects put together." Scott Foltz


Dear Scott, how did your passion for photography begin ?

My passion for photography began actually when I was a small boy. I always loved to look at beautiful landscape photographs of the mountains and I hoped someday I would be able to shoot landscapes also. Finally in 1996, when I took my first trip to Colorado, I bought my first camera and I was hooked and never stopped shooting since.

"Sarah M02"

All began in your childhood... Like all the artists who are contributing to this site.
And how did you learn your art ?

I am a self tought photographer. I learned the basics from a few classes but pretty much I've learned from trial and error.

Of course. How long could you be far from your camera ?

Well not long, its driving me nuts now not being able to shoot nudes because of the cold weather. I've tried it before and it just doesn't work well. I did shoot some winter landscapes though. But I could shoot everyday and not get tired of it.

"Rachel 2"

"Rachel 3"


Who are your favorite photographers ?

Ansel Adams, Jim Brandenburg, Sante D'Orazio and Helmut Newton.

How long dit it take to find your own style ? Could you define it ?

I don't know if I have a particular style. I do love deep shadows kind of how you see in Ansel Adams work but I try to have a lot of mid tones like he did also. But my two favorite subjects are beautiful landscapes and the nude female form so I decided to try and combine them. I think there is nothing more beautiful than those two subjects put together.


Is your photography mostly nudes ?

As for now my work is all nudes. I'm hoping someday someone will love my work enough to either publish me or put my work up in there gallery. But I do love shooting nudes.

I've always loved the cuves and the beauty of the female nude. But I do love to shoot landscapes everynow and then. I still get drawn to the mountains to shoot.

It seems you have a great predilection for outdoors BW shootings and water backgrounds ?

Well there isn't really any beautiful landscape places to shoot here in Ohio so the best thing I could come up with was the use of rivers, lakes and waterfalls... I'm hoping someday I'll be able to travel the world and shoot my nudes.

Some words about your models ?

I"ve been very lucky. I don't think I've had a bad experience yet. Some of my favorites are Sarah, Vassanta, Mandy and Sativa. Just a delight to work with. They all had great attitudes which is the biggest thing when I go look for a model. About the "Divas", I dont' care how good they are, I won't work with them.

"Sarah M01"

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

Excited and Exhausted... I get up usually at 4 am so I can get to the location with the model for first light. Then I get so involved in it just thinking of my next shot and is everything perfect that it just wears me out... Then I'm excited and nervous to see the film. If I get 5 perfect shots, I'm happy.

"Sarah 5"


Is there some challenges you're dreaming about ?

I want to publish my first coffee table book and hopefully get some gallery showings someplace in this world. I want to be able to do this full time and travel all over and work with new models in new exciting locations. I just want to continue to learn and grow and get better and better.

Keep your dreams alive ! By the way, have you been published in some magazines ?

I'm hoping in the future and I will be submitting work to Camera Arts Magazine and Lenswork here in the near future... So I hope they'll like what they'll see and will want to publish me.

A message to send ?

I would like to thank two people who have been very supportive with my work and keep me going. First is my girlfriend Carolyn who designed my website and who is also an artist herself. She keeps me going everyday.

Then there is my best friend and also photographer Brian D. Smith who I've known for about 17 years now. We got into photography at the same time and we push each other to get better and better. He's a huge support.

Before we leave, just keep an eye out for me, and if you know a publisher or a gallery or anyone who can get me out there please send me a message.

I'll send it ! Thanks a lot Scott for your kind participation and your amazing work.

December 8, 2012

Rudolf Imrišík (Himsouls)'s interview

Rudolf Imrišík at ALTphotos, deviantART, Photobank, in this Art Gallery, DIGI Arena.

"Flexaret IV"

"The essence of body"
from The Obscure Series

Rudolf, tell us a little more about you... How did your passion for photography begin ? Where did you learn your art ?

My name is Rudolf Imrišík. I come from Slovakia and I'm 29 years old.

It was two years ago when I bought my first camera. I did'nt have any reason for... One month later, I won my first photographic competition.

In fact, I know nothing about photograph, or photographers. And I have never studied. Actually, I don't have the feeling that I am a photographer.

Two years only... I'm amazed by your talent ! And your inspiraton is also really impressive. Where do you find it ?

I see the images in my head before I make them real. My best way to find some inspiration is in music (J.S. Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, H.I.M...) and thanks to the artworks of great masters such as Carravagio, Leonardo, Rembrandt...

from The Obscure Series

"About a shyness"

"Mary of Magdala"
From The Sacral Series

Some words about your models ?

My models are often my friends. I don't work with professionals. The amateurs have an unexpected charm...

When and where will be your next exhibition ?

I've never had any exhibition and I guess that I won't have one. Money are the reason why. But I'm always looking for some sponsors that could help me to create my first one.

I hope you'll be heard... Have you published a book ? Maybe in some magazines ?

Yes, my pictures are often published in photography magazines and competitions.

And what about your next future ?

My short photographic story is now probably close to the end. I consider to finish up.

Please, never stop ! It would be such a pity... A message to send ?

The only one thing that should be the most important for all artists and their artworks : Soul ! Because art without soul is hollow.

"The Light of Mercy"
from The Sacral Series

"Tempi passati"
from The Sacral Series