May 6, 2014

Welcome Kevin Stiles

"Lady of the Stares"
Art Model Lady Eastwick

Art Model Lady Eastwick

The first nude shooting of Kevin Stiles was in November 2008... But it's not a sudden passion.

As a very experienced painter who taught art during more than twenty years, Kevin has always been attracted by the female curves. Artistic nude photography is simply a new way he wanted to explore since a long time, with success as you see it. And I'll add : of course. Because the shadows, the colors and the composition have no secrets for him.

So, Kevin Stiles photographs talented nude art models since seven months... with amazing results. Consequently, here is a new contributing artist that we'll follow step by step.

Welcome Kevin !

" I am a classically trained fine artist who went to Paier College of Art in Hamden, Connecticut, Usa.

In order to make a living, I got my master's degree from Southern Connecticut State University and taught art for over twenty years at the high school level.

"Special K Yoga"
Art Model Kristianna

My real passion in art has always been portraiture and the female figure.

My paintings and drawings almost always lean in a surrealist direction and I find Remedios Varo to be one of my most inspirational influences.

"Light and Shadowplay VI"

Art Model Kristianna

As far as artistic nude photography, that's an area I've long wanted to explore and did my first shoot with Heather K in November 2008.
That experience opened my eyes to how much fun this whole genre can be.

"Heather in Shadow"
Art Model Heather K

Each new time is like a reverie... it's such a natural high for me - that it reawakens my soul.

My initial interest in shooting models was to utilize the imagery I capture and transpose them into one of my surrealist creations. I did that with Heather K and I am currently working on a piece from a recent shoot with Lady Eastwick.

"After the Fall"
Art Model Heather K

Acrylic painting on masonite, based on this photograph I took of Heather K :

Art Model Heather K

I do have future plans with several other models to begin exploring the wonderful world of outdoor nude photography.

"The Weight"
Art Model Lady Eastwick