January 27, 2017

The male nudes of AJ Khan

Art Model Zack

There is no hazard... Since some times I told myself there are not enough male nudes in Uda. Of course, it is not really my cup of tea, I prefer curves to squares, you know it since 1587 articles. And I never found photographs which touch me.

And guess what ? I was searching for a particular series I love on the site of AJ Kahn and I found these prodigious male nudes which remind me Rodin. I ask him the honor to exhibit them and he sent me these one. I am really a very lucky man and AJ Kahn a true friend since a long long time.

Thank you AJ Kahn from the botton of my heart. It is always a true honor and I am deeply proud of your indefectible confidence and your kind words.

Art Model Zack

"Approaching the male and female subjects in my photography has evolved over time.   It is my feeling that all too often both genders are depicted as stereotypes and perhaps objectified in their own way.  I believe most artists have been guilty of this to some extent, including myself.  Often times, I would portray male subjects as rugged, brawny and robust as possible. I would use hard, high contrast lighting to bring out definition and texture, broad poses that enhance strength and size of the male physique while avoiding poses that might imply vulnerability.  With female subjects, I would use much softer lighting to help smooth the skin and minimize texture. I would encourage poses that are “flattering” to the female figure as well as render them in a gracefully feminine way. 

Currently, I aspire to challenge my approach.  
I want to go beyond what pleases our acquired esthetic senses.  It is my goal to represent both subjects collectively as a celebration of humanity.  I strive to honor what it is that makes each subject unique while at the same time paying tribute to our similarities.  
I seek to explore traits that we all share to a certain extent; elegance, strength, passion, vitality, empathy, desire and introspection.  It is my hope that if we acknowledge those traits we all possess, perhaps we can find a new appreciation of the human form, no matter the gender of the subject."

AJ Kahn

Art Model David

Art Model Zack

And of course :

Art Model Mixchief Vixen

Art Model Diane Yoga

Art Model Mari Dell' Antonio

Art Model Emily Cole

Art Model Marie LeFlure

January 17, 2017

George Schmauch (Zeitgeist Photography)

George Schmauch at Model Mayhem
And Facebook
Member of UdA since 2009

"Lady at the Lamp3"
Art Model Katy T

"Lela Rae"
Art Model Lela Rae

"Sine Wave"
Art Model Evaine

Art Model Sarah Ellis

"Station WOW"
Art Model Melissa Trout

January 15, 2017

The Art of Dan Van Winkle

Member of Univers d'Artistes since 2007

In 2008, Dan Van Winkle told me during his interview :
"Define my own style ? Never. My style is constantly changing, otherwise I'd be a static and bored photographer. I could never do the same thing over and over.
I guess if I had a style, it would be to attempt to use natural fantastic light whenever possible.
I also have to admit that I love the way that oil/water and skin play together in the righ light."
And that's true ! From 2007 to our days Dan has never done the same thing as you could see it during the years I have exhibited his wonderful photographs. That said, in his last works I saw his camera take a little more distance from his always talented Art Models. And in 9 years, he found some other poses and magic places as the outdoors addicted photographer he still is.

Dan Van Winkle is a warm and friendly man and overall a great photographer I am proud and honored to know. Thank you Dan from the bottom of my heart for your active participation for this 10th article.

Dan has shot landscapes for many years, honing his craft on many hikes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the environs around his house in Marin County, California and in various places around the world.

About 12 years ago he got the idea (not that original of an idea to be sure) to start incorporating the nude figure into his landscapes and has been focusing on that mostly since then.

The feeling of being out in nature working with a free spirited female (or male) model, collaborating to create an image that evokes emotion, thought or just appreciation for the combined beauty is one that Dan cherishes and will continue to pursue for many years to come.

By trade Dan is an electronic hardware design engineer mostly focusing on high frequency circuit design.  He works at the prestigious SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory where some of his circuits enable scientists from all over the world to do cutting edge research.  Shooting is a way for Dan to relax and re-connect with nature and other likeminded people.

Dan asked me to choose among more than one hundred photographs ! I spent three days to watch them one by one... Thank you Dan ;-)

My latest shoot with Art Model Kaela

For many, many years, I’ve wanted to do a shoot in the High Sierra.  I did one once, but the area I chose to go to just wasn’t what I had hoped.  Plus, I was younger and less experienced at shooting nudes.  So, I don’t really count that shoot.  Just recently (the day after my birthday) I made plans to shoot with Kaela near her home base in Bishop, CA.  The following galleries the outcome of our collaboration over a day and a half.  I hope they are enjoyed as much as I enjoyed making them.

There were basically for parts to the shot, we started at 5:30AM at some hot springs near Mammoth Lakes for sunrise.  We then moved to Convict lake for a short hike around the lake.  We then caught lunch and rested in the afternoon.  Then it was up the mountain towards Bishop Pass with an end goal of Bull Lake just below Chocolate Peak.  Then, it was home, to sleep, and up again the next day to start my new project with my old canoe.  I’ve already done a post on the canoe project, but will include the gallery again here for completeness.  Please, do, enjoy!  I do this for the love of it and to share with others.

One of my favorite locations

Salt Point is one of my favorite places for environmental nudes (that’s what I’m calling them now).

One of my favorite models in one of my favorite places

A special trip to oceano

I end this article by a beautiful and realistic thought of Dan Van Winkle for the young photographers : No matter what difficulties you face, follow your dreams and be true to yourself.

Yes Dan, the dreams come true. Thank you again !

One of my "old" favorites with Art Model Vassanta :


January 9, 2017

The Open Universe of Massalo


" I like taking pictures, it's a bit like fishing. I know it sounds strange but you are in contact with something that is bigger than you and you are trying to capture a bit of it, "that moment". 

"Open Universe"

Photographer, Painter, published Writer, Massalo lives in Angola, Africa. I think he's the first photographer from Africa to be published here, the main reason being they are not numerous on this continent. And don't ask me why.

In his self-interview, Massalo says he has not a particular style : "I take pictures. Christian Dior has a style. I just take pictures.", but you'll clearly see how much his photographs are original and innovative.

Despite his shy words, Massalo is truly a complete artist belonging these two qualities I appreciate so much : the modesty and the kindness, two more reasons to be very proud and honoured to exhibit him in this site. Thanks my friend. Pour ta gentillesse, ton humilité et les beautés que tu nous donnes.


"I believe that photography, and any other form of art, is a language that, if used correctly, can express things that spoken or written words could never.

It is a powerful medium, and beautiful too."

Massalo in BW

"Ramblin woman"

"Closed Universe"

January 3, 2017

My Facebook daily Artwork : Yustinus Kao

From Jakarta, Indonesia.  What to write ? What do you think ? This photograph is beyond the words, what is very difficult for a writer as you guess. If you are on Facebook, I invite you to admire his beautiful album Baliem.

Yustinus, receive all my admiration.