June 30, 2015

Our tribute to the Art Models

Published on 9/14/2008, revised on 6/29/2015. Sorry my friend Photographer if your link is wrong. You made so many things in seven years !

Modeling is not an easy work, it's art. And art models are inspiring and talented persons. Muses, you'll read how much we care for you.

I want with this article to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for your talent and your dedication to our art.

By order of appearance :

Iris Dassault
Lela Rae
Kae Love

I work with people that are more than models, they are truly the main subject of the image - these people bare their soul, more than their bodies, they explore their boundaries, their freedoms and freely give of their emotions as well as their poses. Without these wonderfully understanding artists, there is no hope of Art ever being created. Beau eRomantica

Iris Dassault

Newsbreak june 29, 2015

I think she is retired of art modeling. She was my muse, she knows it. We were so complice. She was Uda Art Editor ! Where is she seven years later, who knows it ? Que fais-tu ? Iris, if you read me, pelierc@yahoo.fr. Gros bisous.

by Jim Young

Let me start off by stating that I absolutely love tasteful, original art photography, especially black and white.
I admire photographers who know how to balance composition and lighting. I much enjoy the process of contributing and collaborating to create that interesting image. Photography and the process to create that image is my passion. It's a desire to be part of the process to create something beautiful.

by John Emrys

" Modeling is a form of creative expression to me. When it comes to creative expression, I don't like to impose limits upon myself. I shoot the things I like, the things that move me, with the photographers who inspire me. I give it my all. I follow my own path. I like to express myself through body motion and gesturing, through props and my environment. I like to express myself through movement and dance. I do not limit myself to any given style of photography. It doesn't matter if it is film, or digital, if it is digitally altered, or not. The only thing that matters is the end result.

I like to work in all styles because it offers a much broader range of variety and creative expression. I think each style has something beautiful to offer, and I enjoy exploring all spectra of photography.

by Jim Young
"Veiled in purple"

I am proud of my body and my shape, curves and all. I do not compare myself or my work to that of ohters. Others can do what they like, it doesn't affect the things I do, nor will I judge others for their style or look. I'm confident in my ability to pose and my ability as a model - it's confidence I have gained over the past year thanks to the advice and guidance of some wonderful photographers. I am ME. And I am comfortable being me.

" I enjoy modeling tremendously and it really doesn't matter to me what others think of my work as long as the photographer and me are in full concurrence that we accomplished what we set out to do : Create an image that moves us both. If you like it, that is wonderful of course, but it's not the objective. My motivation comes from within. To me, it's the only way to be.

by TH Taylor
"A little R and R"

Regarding the models there are not enough words. Without them there would be just a landscape, without their passion and expression there would be just a pretty face and for me the beauty of a woman is not in their physical attributes instead in what they have to share through self confidence, expression, understanding and trust. Each of the models I work with share natural beauty, there is never any make up and I have to remind them not to do their nails, there is nothing artificial just body language and it is my job to look closely at feelings, light, mood and to integrate the sum of these parts. These young ladies are bright and their abilities should never go unquestioned. The models work hard and give 200% of themselves. It is for this reason that I must do my very best for them each time I pick up my camera. They have my utmost respect ! Gerhardt Thompson

Newsbreak june 29, 2015

Thank you for all the incredible image comments, friend requests (there are simply too many for me to continue going through them anymore), lists, and the incredible people I've worked with.

I am in a semi-permanant state of semi-retirement, if that makes any sense!  Other then the occasional project here and there that is either financially worth it, or is with someone I have worked with before (nearly all of which I consider good friends to this day!) I am only considering fairly local modeling every now and then right now.  My life is continually changing, and has changed in many ways, and I simply do not have the time, energy, or devotion I believe necessary to be the best model I can be for those that wish to collaborate with me on a full time or professional basis except a few times a month that work within my now surprisingly busy life.

I will continue to be able to be reached at Lelarae@gmail.com if needed, and will leave my work up here for an unknown time period.  Given I no longer *pay* for this site... you can see more recent images of me on my blog if you care to.  I'm happy to email a few as well if we are considering working together.

Thank you again to everyone I've worked with and I'm very sorry to all those I've not found the time to be able to.  I have shot VERY little in the two years and doubt I will much besides specific projects with friends or something that terribly interests me.

All my very best and greatest gratitude,

Peace, Love and Art, Lela. Kisses !

by Paper Moon Production

I am an art nude model, musician, and dreamer. 

I work with mostly fine art photographers... though I am open to many styles. I prefer nude modeling, but I love fashion as well. I love to collaborate with photographers who have a ton of ideas and can find the ones they believe I will fit into the best."

For some reason, the question just randomly passed into my head, and I couldn't get it out : "what's the life span of a muse anyway ?"
For some, it seems one photo shoot is the life span. For others, sometimes a few. And yet for some, even throughout history, it seems a lifetime isn't even enough, and their collaborations as artist/muse go on into infamy. Edward Weston was the first to come to mind.
I don't know personally the answer to the question. I think it's different for everyone... but I also think the word "muse" is one I've fought with as long as I've been around it. In music most speak of "inspiration" or "duets" or "collaborations"... not "muses". It's a more personal thing I think, then the word muse seems like it can sometimes be. And yet, I still find it very flattering, for someone to say they consider me a muse... be it of their personal work, or of the work I do in general. I've had both said of me.

by Timothy Nolan

"Mirror, Mirror"

I still always can't help though, but to think of my first response, the very first time a photographer used the word muse, in hoping I was going to prove to be his next one. (See.. in that context, it seems the word is more equal to "inspiration" then anything else.)

I emailed back to him, that I didn't know what a muse's job description was... and that if he happen to see one, I'd very much like to know about it ! 

I can't help but picture a flying pixie with fairy dust and butterfly wings. Granted... I suppose some could call Tinkerbell a muse ! And that seems to be all I see in my head (though always the Julia Roberts version of Tinkerbell from "Hook" because she's just stunningly gorgeous no matter what!). But that's been quite a while ago now... and he's still a photographer I enjoy working with whenever humanly possible... so maybe he was right after all. Still haven't see that "muse" though !

by Nad Iksodas

I can't say enough about how incredibly fortunate I am to have the opportunity to work with these wonderful people. Their patience and understanding and trust are all invaluable to making the images work so well. I've said before, if it wasn't for them, I would only have a large collection of well lit and quite boring paper backdrops ! Not to play any favorites, but there are a few people who have supported my work with their incredible talent and friendship. Scott Nichol

Kae Love

Newsbreak news june 29, 2015

My blog here was a great project. It was nice to look back and write about so many meaningful art modeling experiences. I’ve moved on to front end web developing and a few other projects. I’m still here on figuremodels.org as an admin and I’ll be popping in every now and then. My figuremodels.org album includes a few images if you’re looking to see some of my old work as a model.
Keep creating art. Always,Peace, Love and Art. A tender hug.


by Kae Love

I've been an artistic nude model for nearly 5 years. Photography, painting, sculpting, casting, drawing, mixed medias, video art... I'm professional, experienced, and have excellent references.

by RudiMentär

From Lily Review :

Kae Love is a professional model who describes herself as nomadic but commonly in the San Francisco, California area. In the past four years, she has worked as an artistic nude model and has runway experience as well. She also specializes in modeling for amateur photographers who are looking to build up their portfolios and does figure/life modeling for individual artists and classes. Photos of Kat have been published in three books, a calendar and also on a CD cover.

by Leon Saperstein

Kat rejects the notion of a connection between nudity and shame and writes :

I specialize in artistic nude modeling because in art, the human figure is seen as beautiful and not necessarily as an object of shame or sex. My work is not an exploitation of nudity or exhibitionism but is rather a statement against the United States' illusion of shame when it comes to nudity.

" She also speaks out against commercialism in society and its impact on the modeling industry, stating, "Commercial models are one of the many types of powerful pawns within the capitalist system. Advertising increases consumption and thus participation in the exploitation of humans and the environment." She manages her own modeling career.

" Kae holds an associate's degree in liberal arts and two bachelor's degrees : one in philosophy and the other in political, legal and economic analysis. In addition to continuing her modeling career, she is pursuing a PhD and plans to become a teacher."


I seldom work with professional models, concentrating on 'normal' women. Most of my models haven't posed nude before and experience a real shift in self confidence as a result of working with me. I'm blessed with a beautiful and tolerant partner who models for me on a regular basis and assists on many shoots. I'm fortunate to have the trust of so many women without whom I would not be able to create. My shoots are a collaboration and I attempt to capture something of the models personality in all my work. Rob Benson


by Robert Woolrich

I am an experienced freelance model and have extensive knowledge of most aspects of modelling. I have experience in catwalk, fashion, artistic nude, fetish, pin up, hair, promotional work, acting, and photographic modelling. I have worked with lots of agencies, photographers and artists for exhibitions, magazines, books, shows, advertising, television and websites.

by Strut
"Laid Back"

I have been published in several UK fashion and hair magazines, with a number of front covers. In Australia I featured in 'Fashion Nudes', Black & White magazine, L'Oreal Hair magazine and the front cover of Kink-E magazine. I was lucky enough to be part of the Canberra hair show, where I won 1st place with Anton's hair salon the stylist.

by Stefan Postles
"Broken Ballerina"

Television commercials that I have appeared in are ActewAGL, Quality Hotels, Canberra Labour Club and corporate videos.In 07/08 I managed a Canberra modelling agency in Australia and taught all aspects of modelling to potential models – catwalk, commercial acting, photography, grooming, deportment and etiquette.I am reliable and professional in my work at all times.

My aim is always to perform to the best of my abilities and I hope to continue shooting and creating great work.

by Darren Phillips
"A cool breeze"

June 20, 2015

Katarzyna Rzeszowska, new work

Her official site (too slow Katarzyna !)

"My inspiration come from my heart, my life. All the stories of my models are talking with make also part of my daily inspiration."

June 16, 2015

Pavel Vodi, self-interview and advices

member since 2008

He told me yes, thank you. I sent him my questions after watching carefully all his photographs. He sent me back that. Thank you Pavel, it was a wonderful surprise and a lot of work, I know it.

His message to the readers :

" It seems that many articles about photographers sort of have the same set of questions. Another approach is to find out what other people have to say about my photography. I'd much rather have an article about what my images say and what they mean to other people, than have an article that talks about me." Pavel Vodi

"Autumn Light 1"
Art Model Babs

"Nude, Reclining 4"
Art Model Yen

"Deconstruction 5"
Art Model Yen

Pavel Vodi, from Austin, Texas, USA, has been making images for about 30 years.

His lifelong interest in architecture is evident in many of his works, in which appear the details of doors, windows, and structures, in otherwise barren settings.

Pavel Vodi takes glamour and figure themes one step further, by infusing them with a sense of emotion. The themes he captures have an understated eroticism. His work is sometimes associated with the Industrial Glamour genre, which contrasts the beauty of the human form, with a sometimes cold and inhuman industrial setting.

"Kichaa 4"
Art Model Kichaa

In the creation of the Dark Matter Zone look, Pavel Vodi explains :
" You may be wondering about the meaning of the name Dark Matter Zone. Some people think it might mean that my work is dark or moody, and that is sometimes true ! But the name refers to the material in the universe called "Dark Matter". If there were an infinite number of stars in the universe, then, if you looked up, you'd see a continuous sheet of brightness in the sky, some areas brighter than others. But you don't ! Instead, there is dark space between the stars.

In fact, 90% of the universe is made up of this Dark Matter - matter that we can't see, but most of what exists consists of. So, my universe of photography is devoted to the part of reality that is not seen - the non-tangible part of human existence. Beauty sometimes, but also the feelings and emotions of the subjects of my photographs.

"Indigo Healer"
Art Model Whitne

Several people have asked for tips about how to do photography the way I do. I am influenced by the work of Kenn Lichtenwalter. But I don't want to merely duplicate what he has done. Instead, I've looked at his work and decided to do it my way. I analysed his work and saw the elements of his style. Then, I took some of his elements and added some of my own.


One thing I've noticed is that most photographers are very concerned with the technical aspects of photography : cameras, equipment, hardware, settings, etc. Travel light ! Don't get too bogged down by equipment and technique that you miss the subject that is unfolding before you. I limit myself to one camera and one lens. Sometimes, but rarely, I use a reflector. I usually use the light that is available in a space. What I try to do is to get away from the constraints of the technical aspects and do photography that feels right.

"Candace's Figure"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

Some models have told me that photographers will show them photos ripped out of magazines and say "do that pose". Instead, I approach a photo shoot with an open mind.

I start a shoot with no idea about what the result will be. I shoot to discover something in the model or the environment.

I set the stage, such as finding a location or describing the general wardrobe or tone for the model. But then I improvise the shoot. The other day, we got kicked out of a frequent shooting location. So we sloshed across a wet field, through some woods, and found another abandoned barn. There, we discovered many interesting spaces of light, shadow, objects, and textures to work with.

"Sophia 11"
Art Model Sophia Day

When shooting, be deliberate about everything. Consider the subject and the environment. Look at the volume of light in a space and see how the light affects things. Watch how the light changes with the movement of the sun. Look at the quality of light in different locations in a space. Move your subject around in the space and see how it responds to the light. And ask your subject, if they are human, to improvise, as well, so you can see the unexpected. Move yourself around your subject, and shoot from above and below. Experiment !

Develop a vocabulary of what you are doing. These are tools to use to develop a style. Always think about how to take your work to the next level - and what that level is !

I have 5 of 6 specific things I try to incorporate into my images. I'm not going to list them because they are there to discover ! But I keep them in mind when making an image.

But most of all, shoot as much as you can !!!

"Siren 1"
Art Model Mars Ayane

"Siren 16"
Art Model Mars Ayane

Here is his own selection of some of the best questions that have been posed to him by his large audience :

When you hit a block, or dry spell, whatever you call the interuption in the flow of your creative vision, what specifically do you consciously do to alleviate it ?

Fatigue seems to be the point at which creativity flows the best. So, when a creativity block happens, I just keep going until everyone starts to get tired. Then things usually start to happen. If I’m lucky, I get a model whose interest in modeling motivates them to just keep going, and that’s when the best work occurs.

"Siren 7"
Art Model Mars Ayane

How do you get all these incredibly beautiful women to pose for you ?

 Not all of the people I shoot are “incredibly beautiful”, at least not at first glance. But often beauty is discovered in the process of photographing them. So it’s not as if there is a category of women who are unobtainable. I usually only ask people to model who I think are interested in the opportunity to express themselves. Maybe they’ve seen my work before, maybe they’re looking for a photographer, or maybe they just seem outgoing and openminded.

"Laid Bare"
Art Model Elkie Cooper

"Lucid Dreamer 1"
Art Model Lucid [S]inema Dreamer

Why do you take the photos you take ?

I do have an obsession with making cool images.
The ultimate goal is to move people in some way.

If you look at the full range of my work, you can see that many of the images are not nudes. But nudes are the classic subject for art, and are also quite difficult to do well. I’ve been fascinated with the subject of erotica and after shooting women for awhile, I began to wonder how to shoot women in a way that would appeal to both women and men.

So, I’ve been trying to do work that encompasses the intellectual, the emotional, the spiritual, as well as the physical realms.

Art Model Grace

Do you act out the fantasies from your dreams with the women – for instance, by getting them to pose in certain manners and places ?

My photography is the result of a spontaneous process.

That is, I don’t have any preconceptions about what I’m going to get from a shoot. 

My process is to provide a location that stimulates the model and the photographer to come up with some interesting ideas. The best models are the ones who can improvise wherever they are and who can just go with the flow. The activity of photography is so full of the mental gymnastics of producing a good image and communicating with a model, that the self is secondary. I’m often physically exhausted and in pain the day after a shoot because of the effort extended without thinking about my own physical limitations.

"Retromancer 1"
Art Model Lily Addams

What character attribute/emotion is the most difficult to express in photography ?

It is the most difficult to make a photo that appears to have a real emotion instead of an acted emotion.

The act of photography changes the reality of a situation, so it’s the most difficult to capture reality without changing it. Sometimes when photographing a model, it’s hard to get to the place where a model can express an emotion. Some models can act it out ; for others it’s real.

"Avalon 9"
Art Model Miss Avalon

June 6, 2015

Nude modelling: A Woman's World?

A superb editoral written by Ivory Roswell
Art-Model, Writer and Uda Art Editor 


I can name around thirty talented and respected nude models.

 When I look at a casting I’m not suitable for, I can usually recommend someone who would be. These people are different sizes, with a varied spectrum of hair colours and styles, and range from Amazonian to pixielike. But they all lack one thing- a Y chromosome.

It isn’t that photography featuring the male nude doesn’t exist, for it does; but where are the subjects of these pictures and why aren’t they internationally renowned for their work? Why don’t we know who they are?

One reason is that for many of them, nudes are a “once in while” thing and they mostly focus on other work as there is such a low demand for nudity (certainly this is true of the male models I spoke to on networking sites). Others are fitness professionals or dancers modelling in between rehearsals- which appears to explain the lack of diversity among men in nude photographs. While skin colour differs, the men often have similar physiques and photos tend to be dynamic action shots with a focus on musculature.

Even while searching for photos to illustrate this piece, I found many nude men(!) but comparatively few good images of them; and of those, the only body type depicted was athletic. Several photographers even state in their profiles that they don’t photograph men. Ever.

And to be fair to them, I have seen my fair share of shocking “art nudes”- mostly the ubiquitous ‘grabbing crotch’ shot, and for the daring, the ‘close up penis-through-pants’ shot. With so little imagination and variety in photographs of this type, it is not surprising that the demand for prints and coffee-table books featuring the male nude is much smaller compared to ones with female nudes.

Some believe that female curves lend themselves to art better than male bodies. 

Some feel that male genitals must be covered or concealed in order for the image to be artistic, as opposed to pornographic. Not long ago, a man with photographs of nude men in his house would be assumed gay and judged unfavourably based on this. The prejudice is lessening, but the assumption is not gone entirely.

These are just some of many possible reasons why ‘top nude model’ lists never include men, but I can’t help but think that they would be discarded immediately if a model with talent, unique looks and ambition enough to make his name known emerged.

Are you out there?

1) Photographer: Ekaterina Zakharova
2) Photographer: Gregory Prescott Model: Branden Mitch
3) Photographer: Ekaterina Zakharova