May 24, 2010

The fifth book of Jason Tag !

His official site, his First Feature, his Interview, all the articles about him.

Bravo Jason !

With all our congratulations !

By Jason Tag

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" I haven't been around much lately because I've been working like a fiend ! Part of which involved editing images for my latest book !

The book, titled "Depths", features a series of images I shot with Ashleigh a few months ago.

The idea was to do something different. A little dark, perhaps sadness, depression, drugs. We had very loose ideas when we started sthooting but soon enough the ideas started to take shape and we both loved exploring and creating the scenes together.

What we got from the shoot, I feel is my best work yet and I can't wait to see how everyone enjoys the book !"

Art Model Ashleigh

Art Model Ashleigh

Jason Tag

All his books :

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May 23, 2010

Dick Simonsen (SnapFoto Studios)

Here some great cliches from Dick Simonsen at deviantART. You'll find more than 632 photos in the tremendous gallery of this prolific photographer from United States.

Why I choosed these ones ? The smiling beauty of his favorite model, and this kind of "Betty Page" inspiration, a pin-up art style far from the classic studios shots.

His words about his model and Muse, McKenzie :
"McKenzie is one of the most stunning models I've ever had the pleasure to work with. You can shoot 500 images of her and you simply won't get a bad one. She has an absolutely flawless face and figure, does a wonderful job on her makeup and hair, and always come perfectly prepared for the shoot. I'll warn you though, she's positively addicting. I've posted hundreds of photos of her on my site, and numerous members (including me), have called her the world's most beautiful woman." Dick Simonsen.

"No 5 Close Up Nude"

"No 2 Nude On Her Knees"

"McKenzie Pale White Nude II"

"Shoot No 5 Nude"

Dick Simonsen (SnapFoto Studios)

May 21, 2010

Matusciac Alex

"Bad signal..."

" In the TV"

"On TV"

"This is the last one... I swear"

Jan Saudek

What is interesting in this series of Jan Saudek (not exhaustive), it is at first its spreading in the time.

Jan Saudek, famous Czech artist born in 1935, worked the theme of the window, the only opening towards an inaccessible and stormy outside which arouses dreams of evasion and testifies of the solitude of the being, relentlessly from 1962 till 1988, as if the subject had pursued him throughout these years.

We feel besides a change in his work of colorization of his photos, painted since 1977. His colours are deeper from 1979, with a very net preference for warm browns.

I like observing so the progress of the work of an artist throughout his life. And so we can become aware of the progress of his creative soul, from his first promising stammerings to the perfection of a completely original style in an authentic universe.

For a deep dive in his prodigious universe : his official site, Taschen for his books, and so many sites...

Thanks to Wikipedia :

Jan Saudek is a Czech art photographer.

His best-known work is noted for its hand-tinted portrayal of painterly dream worlds, often inhabited by nude or semi-nude figures surrounded by bare plaster walls or painted backdrops, frequently re-using identical elements (for instance, a clouded sky or a view of Prague's Charles Bridge). In this they echo the studio and tableaux works of mid nineteenth century erotic photographers, as well as the works of the painter Balthus, and the work of Bernard Faucon. His early art photography is noted for its evocation of childhood. Later his works often portrayed the evolution from child to adult (re-photographing the same composition/pose, and with the same subjects, over many years). Religious motives or the ambiguity between man and woman have also been some of Jan Saudek's recurring themes. His work was the subject of attempts at censorship in the West during the 1990s.

Jan Saudek currently lives and works in Prague where he owns his gallery. His brother is also an artist, and is now the best-known Czech graphic novelist.

"Zdena" 1962

"Come Morning" 1975

"The New Dawn" 1977

"Zuzanka s Night Window" 1979

"Olga in the Clouds" 1984

"Desire No 164" 1985

"Lonely girl's Dream 1" 1986

"The Superwalkman" 1987

"Horn of Plenty" 1988

Ni Kai Di

I love it ! It's so simple, deep coloured, and original.

Ni Kai Di
is a female freelance photographer based in Taipei, China. I checked every sites where she exposes, and I can tell you that all his works need a look.

You can admire her artworks at her page (in chinese, album here), photodom, photosight, hieroglyph (a somptuous art site I recommend !),


May 18, 2010

Max Sauco

Maybe more a painter than a photographer, I'ld like to say (and I write it !) Max Sauco is a surrealist artist with a tremendous imagination. Every cliché is a true story to read in the symbols he likes to give to our attention.

May 17, 2010

Alexey Aloisov (Alois Studio)

She has something of Audrey Hepburn, no ? Yes, it's amazing... Even in her expressions. I don't know who is she but she deserves to be known. I'm going to look for her. I promise !

Here right the great Audrey Hepburn (and not the model, don't be confused !)

Alexey Aloisov is from St Petersburg, Russia. He speaks english (he tells it) but everything I find is in russian... And I'm not fluent in russian. Maybe I should, but, you know what, it seems so complicate (sniff !). It would be spanish or italian, even german, I should try. But russian ? Forget it. And, if he wants to be viewed by everybody, worldwide (or wildworld ?), in my opinion, he has to translate himself right now.

Series "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Bryce Lankard

His self-bio :

“You just like making great pictures”, a fellow photographer once said to me.
I have been capturing and creating images for over fifteen years, and loving every minute of it. With silver on acetate or ink on paper, I enjoy telling a story or creating a mood or opening someone’s eyes.

I have won awards for fashion and documentary photography, for photo illustrations, art direction and design. I can win awards -- or clients or raves for you too.
I welcome new assignments and have an archive of stock photography available. Have a look at what I do and I hope you enjoy it too."

"Hotel California"

"Myrhh Limecave 1"

"Sam Lake Mead 3"