May 23, 2010

Welcome Dick Simonsen

Here some great cliches from Dick Simonsen at deviantART. You'll find more than 632 photos in the tremendous gallery of this prolific photographer from United States.

Why I choosed these ones ? The smiling beauty of his favorite model, and this kind of "Betty Page" inspiration, a pin-up art style far from the classic studios shots.

His words about his model and Muse, McKenzie :
"McKenzie is one of the most stunning models I've ever had the pleasure to work with. You can shoot 500 images of her and you simply won't get a bad one. She has an absolutely flawless face and figure, does a wonderful job on her makeup and hair, and always come perfectly prepared for the shoot. I'll warn you though, she's positively addicting. I've posted hundreds of photos of her on my site, and numerous members (including me), have called her the world's most beautiful woman." Dick Simonsen.

"No 5 Close Up Nude"

"No 2 Nude On Her Knees"

"McKenzie Pale White Nude II"

"Shoot No 5 Nude"

May 17, 2010

Alexey Aloisov, Breakfast at Tiffany's

The Art Model he chooosed has something of Audrey Hepburn... Even in her expressions. I don't know who is she but she deserves to be known. I'm going to look for her. I promise !

Here right the great Audrey Hepburn

Alexey Aloisov is from St Petersburg, Russia. He speaks english (he tells it) but everything I find is in russian... And I'm not fluent in russian. Maybe I should, but, you know what, it seems so complicate (sniff !). It would be spanish or italian, even german, I should try. But russian ? Forget it. And, if he wants to be viewed by everybody, worldwide (or wildworld ?), in my opinion, he has to translate himself right now.

Series "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

May 12, 2010

Couples and Duos

Michael Papendieck -

Beau eRomantica -
"Entanglement 1"

Mauricio-José Schwarz
"Hexad 2 - Autumn discovery"
Art Models Kat Love and Carla Garcia

Alecu Grigore -
"The thousand ways..."

Matthew Scherfenberg -
"Ropes 2"
Art Models The Peach and Corinne

François Benveniste -
"The couple"
Art Models Thomas and Agnieszka

Richard Scalzo
Art Models Jen and Jennie

Art Models Yuliya and James

Warren Brown -
"Alone Together"
Art Models Niansa and Believe Hope

Simon Pole
"Peaceful and Chrissie"
Art Model Chrissie Red -

Nick Giles -

May 8, 2010


I don't remember where I discovered this illustrator but I thank him, or her. If you want to know everything about him : Herval's official site, dessinées,