November 14, 2013

Welcome Mick Waghorne

Mick Waghorne

Art Model Madame Bink

With a large preference for studio BW shootings, maybe due to the bad weather in his rural city close to Bath, UK, and surely because he wants to control his lightings, Mick Waghorne's first goal is to produce fine nude artworks. And no matter what his fellow citizens are thinking about nude.
As a French, I'm always surprised by the (always false, of course) prudishness reigning over some countries. For me there is no debate. In this site, and for all the contributing artists who participate so kindly, Nude is Art, that's it, and nude is Art since the beginnings of our civilization. I'll always tell high and loud that it's much more preferable, for everybody, to admire a fine nude artwork than to watch all day long these terrifying movies made by insane people, full of dead bodies lied on bloody morgue tables...
It's what inspires me the thoughts of Mick Waghorne, a talented, creative and brave artist I'm very proud to welcome here.

- Art Model Iveta Niklova

Art Model Punkarella

I'm based deep in rural Wiltshire, a few miles outside of Bath, UK. I am not a full time photographer although I am fortunate enough to have a studio which I work from.

After quite a few years of primarilly shooting architecture, a year or so ago I decided it was time to try my hand at something different : shooting models.

I shoot art nude images of the kind that you see. I do not shoot any other type of model work. Neither do I shoot any form of adult related material. Its all strictly art.

Art Model Madame Bink

What I am primarilly interested in shooting are toned art nude images.I take the view that what I am trying to create is more an art form than conventional photography.

I enjoy taking the photos I am taking now. After nearly a fifteen year gap from any artistic endevours (I used to paint), it's a tremendous adrenelin rush to even be trying to be creative again.

"Burlesque Dancer"
Art Model Fifi Fatale

- Art Model Ulorin Vex

" Ultimately however what I am trying to capture is the essence of beauty in the female form.
It can be classical, it can be awkward, it can be kooky, there are a thousand different ways that it can manifest itself."

Art Model Ivy Sedai

I am not in the slightest bit interested in shooting lads mag, glamour stuff or anything involving cars, bikes guitars etc... 

What I'm looking to achieve are erotically tinged oddball shots (if that makes any sense).

I want to put a twist on notions of Englishness, locations, props to hopefully eventualy produce unusual images. I am interested in English folklore and myth and would like to find a way to incorporate elements of this in to my work. It makes sense to me anyway (I think !).

Art Model Rosie

About the real difficulty to shoot outdoors :

"Naked City 1"
Art Model Kayt Webster-Brown

For the last month or so I have been toying with the idea of taking a series of nude/semi-nude pictures of various models within the city of Bath in England. It's a beautiful town so why not pose a model in it.

I have been... baited would probably be the best description, in to an outdoor shoot. Well, outside of my comfort zone. Studio work is nice and safe and the light can be controlled.

If the weather is anything like the last couple of weeks it's going to be bleak. I think my camera works outdoors but this one has never been tested...

"Naked City 3"
Art Model Kayt Webster-Brown

I did some initial reconaisance and was somewhat alarmed by the amount of CCTV cameras. I don't know if wandering around with a camera made me look suspicious but I could swear blind they were tracking me... or maybe I'm paranoid. I decided that the first proper shoot should be done at night - under cover of darkness just using available light.

At the first location a church was emptying, at the second someone had taken a leak exactly where I had wanted to put my tripod.
 Next location - Royal Crescent someone was eyeing us up for about fifteen minutes before leaving - a van parked up and started unloading and some tourists stopped to speak to me.
 We moved on to another location and another van parks up and unloads - its 9pm on a Sunday ! The model kindly offered to retreat back to the studio if I wasn't getting the shots I wanted but we persevered and I am quite happy with the results."

"Requiem for Venus"
Art Model Madame Bink

The English Psyche viewed by an English :

"Last Plinth"
Art Model Ulorin Vex

The collective British Psyche does not cope with nudity. For it to in any way to be acceptable it has to be cheesed up. It does not in general cope with the notion of the nude as an art form.
If you go through the canon of great English painters you won’t find many nudes there. Everything happens behind closed doors and shuttered mindsets.

I even know of photographers who shoot nudes yet try and keep it a secret from everyone bar other photographers and models.

That’s not me. I am quite comfortable with what I shoot. I don’t hide behind a pseudonym, and happily place my work in the public eye. I am proud to identify myself with my work. There should not be a stigma attached to the naked figure but there is."

"Plinth 3"
Art Model Ulorin Vex

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Howard said...

I understand the problem, Mick, but we're not all that bad :), and the West Country has some good locations for outdoor work, so you'll have to come try them sometime.


Howard Nowlan.