January 29, 2014

Herr Buchta joins us


Herr Buchta at his official site, deviantART.

His book "Intense" is available here.

"...technical support..."

" The photo artist Herr Butcha turns reality upside down in his pictures and created his own phantasy of a bizarre visual world where the artist sometimes likes to take the role of the protagonist buchta, the jester, the twisted, takes the spectator on a journey into a grotesque world which is artfully and perfect staged."
Source The Bizarre.

Art Models Ninette and Sinkasa

Model Mel

Yes indeed, Herr Buchta is a master of the provocation, living in a strange artistic universe you can't miss to admire.

Self called experimental photographer, but far beyond the simple experimentation, Herr Buchta is a German digital artist, owner of the Buchta/Schramm Gallery in Krefeld, Germany (next exhibition announcement below).

Model Vera K

Between photographs and paintings, his work is full of symbols whatever the theme he chooses : death, religion, pain, war, love, fun, portraits, self...

Model Sue

Herr Buchta is always successfully playing with our deepest fears and false beliefs, pushing the limits, jumping over the barriers... To make short : his inspired vision strikes the minds.

When you search some informations about this incredibly inventive artist, you often find the same word about his work : disturbing. Followed of course by : "stunning, amazing, dark, funny, positively subverted, truly inspiring, awesome", all at the same time. And everybody is right...

"Miss Geschick"
Model Kristin

"Non fragile"

Art Model Marta Amarova

January 25, 2014

Matthew Scherfenberg, by Brooke Lynne

Matthew Scherfenberg

UdA Art Editor

Working with Matthew and making art with him in his studio is like stumbling upon an endless void of creative potential and possibility. He is a true art model's dream to collaborate with. He always has some image or idea conceptualized in his mind.


Even when I have suggested a spontaneous shoot with no concept in mind, he blows me away by his immediate inventiveness and his prowess of innovation, with not even the slightest hint of being thrown off guard by the lack of warning.

"Torn Shy"
Art Model Brooke Lynne

He knows exactly how to make a masterpiece from the concept he's working with, even if he's not quite sure about how it's going to be achieved. He instinctively knows how the model should relate to the concept and how to adjust the pose, down to the centimeter.

He is a complete control freak in his studio with the most pliable flexibility I've ever witnessed in a photographer.

Art Model Brooke Lynne

"Wet Whip"
Art Model
Brooke Lynne

Matthew is a genius at what he does, but he'll be the first to tell you that he is nowhere near where he'd eventually like to be in his photography. He is always striving to refine and better his art through deliberate practice. He has influenced this attitude in me tremendously, and I've learned so much from him.

He is, no doubt, one of the reasons why I became so captivated and passionate about nude fine art in the first place.
If it weren't for him, in all likelihood I wouldn't have started art modeling at all.

Art Model Brooke Lynne

Matthew found me on a community website in spring of 2007, asked me to look at his work and to "be brave" and try modeling for him.

I'm so glad I was brave and took the leap. He was my very first photographer, and continues to be an inspiration to me - photographically and generally - to this day.

"White Valley"
Art Model Dani

"Tan Tube"
Art Model Heather

"Storm and the Greek"
Art Model The Peach

I had never thought of myself as any kind of artist.

I've always been very technical, and felt I would be some kind of scientist. Initially my interest in photography grew from its technical complexity. Sometime in college, something changed. Ever since then if you ask me what I do, I say, "I'm a fine art photographer."

"Little Tips"

Art Model Brooke Lynne

I discovered that, to most people, the human form is the most beautiful and compelling subject. One way or another it touches all of us. For that reason, I choose to capture that beauty and present it disconnected from connotations of sexuality, identity, and emotion, and present only the aesthetic element.

"Pink Foil"

Art Model Youn Kyung

I don't want to be sterile.
I want to provoke and stimulate.
To inspire.

"Black Cotton Candy"
Art Model Heather

My work is very much a collaboration of model and photographer. I spend great time and effort inventing new ways to capture a unique image. I try to keep the vision vague until the model inspires me. The model’s form and movement bring energy, temperament, and aesthetic complexity.

In this fusion I see the moment that makes me release the shutter. Just a few of these moments survive and are refined to become finished work.

Art Model e-string


Matthew Scherfenberg ©

January 24, 2014

Welcome Corwin Prescott

"Caught on the Wind"

"Hold Me"
Art Model Jacquelyn Marie

Corwin Prescott, from Philadelphia (USA), is 20 years old... As says Thorsten Jankowski, his work is really amazing despite his short experience, two years to be precise.

Recently, I've written a tribute to the young photographers beginning by this famous quote of Pierre Corneille (French tragedian, 1606-1684) : 
" True, I am young, but for souls nobly born valor doesn't await the passing of years."

 Corwin is born artist, no matter how old he is. And it's a gift he's working hard, learning and trying numerous themes and technics with a personal touch we can't miss.
I confess, I confirm and I sign : I'm admirative... And very honored to welcome him in our columns.

"The Lost Room V"

" I do this to express myself, to capture personality and to experiment. This is my life. Welcome to it."


" I am a graduate of Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography, and have been shooting for about 2 years.

I'm a photo shooting maniac, lover of music and all kinds of stuff.

Most of my work is in the field of portraiture with a fine art twist, alternative fashion, fetish and beauty work.

Currently I do freelance model portfolio development and more commercial portraiture."

"Smee Gal"

"Finding a New Life"

By Thorsten Jankowski :

" This is a wonderful piece of work you show here... You are on my list !"

"It's The Creature Inside"


By Warren Brown :

" Just discovered your gallery. I'll be back soon to give it a more detailed perusal !"


By Zeitgeist Photography :

" I really admire your style and love your choices of tones in your post-processing."

"Breaking My Back, Feels Right"

January 19, 2014

Iringó Demeter's First Feature

Iringó Demeter at her official site.

"Everything broke that week (1)"
A Foreign Story Series, chapter 1

"Everything broke that week"
A Foreign Story Series, chapter 1

"Le couple (1)"

A Foreign Story Series, chapter 2

Born in Romania in 1989, Iringó Demeter is a truly promising and passionate photographer I'm very glad to welcome in our large community.

Her work, mostly in B/W and natural light, not an easy exercise, you'll agree, touches me by its poetry. There is a softness, a fragility we can feel in each of her photographs, maybe this typical melancholy of the eastern artists.

Anyway, here she is with some of her beautiful photographs she choosed herself for this feature.

Dear Iringó, first, keep going on, never stop, you found your way and it's a divine gift. Second, don't hesitate to ask for advices to the contributing artists of this community, they'll help you with pleasure, because they all remember when they started out. And third, last but not least, you have your touch, a "signature" which makes your difference.

So welcome on board the Artist ! And keep us informed ;)

"Momentarily Untitled"

Her bio :

"I was born in 1989 somewhere in the middle of Transylvania, Romania.

Even if I wanted to study arts from the beginning, I ended up studying philology in highschool. Then, when time came for college I applied to an art university in my country.

Now I am very near to completing my bachelor degree in photography (in June, 2011). Momentarily I am studying in Liege, Belgium thanks to the Erasmus programme. For the future I plan to keep up with my studies. I will continue with applying for a MA degree somewhere abroad.

"ID impaired (1)"
The Impaired Project Series

"ID impaired (2)"
The Impaired Project Series

"ID impaired"
The Impaired Project Series

I do not remember exactly how I discovered photography, the only thing that I know is that since then I changed a lot.

I see and I judge things in a different way. I cannot say I am a born talent, I started from scratch and I never doubted what I like.

Even if my first well composed, correctly exposed picture was with my cat, I was always interested in photographing people, their bodies, their faces, their clothing, things they do. Even with this, I must say I never imagined that I will ever have the courage to take a nude shot of somebody.

"Everything broke that week (2)"
A Foreign Story Series, chapter 1

My real journey in nude photography started with a few self portraits. I never thought I will show them to somebody.

Few months later I had an exhibition with those works. That time I already had some experience with this kind of photography, but back then I did not feel attracted very much to it.

After the show opening I remember how ecstatic I felt when some girls from my friends-circle came and told me that they would like to be my models, then how disappointed I was when they changed their mind.

"A Foreign Story Chapter 1"

"Everything broke that week (3)"
A Foreign Story Series, chapter 1

That was the point when I challenged myself to find out more about nude photography. Since then a self-challenge it is every single shooting !

I prefer to previously have a relationship with the person I work with. My photographs are both about me and my models. My models have to share in some way my vision, my current state of mind and soul. I do not like to push them. I like to let them discover themselves on the given location, just after this I will intervent with other indications.

I also prefer natural light over the studio and most of my works are in black and white. I use colour just if I think that it is important for the subject I choose to picture, if it's helping the final image to express more."

"Momentarily Untitled"

Iringó Demeter ©