August 29, 2014

Welcome Kiran Patil

Like Al Calkins or Andrew Kaiser, Brian Mackey, Kiran Patil loves the reality : no sophistication, no make-up, just his models captured in intimate moments of their true life. Let's admire !

My name is Kiran Patil. I am a candid nude photographer.

My goal is to capture people in the nude at home, at work or at play in a way that is natural and evocative.

The candid nudes are shot using a Kowa/Six medium format camera and Ilford Delta 3200, a high speed black and white film.

I take roughly 12 photos of each person doing certain activities. I have a tendency to guess my exposures, which I admit aren't always correct. The camera is always handheld and only available lighting is used. This is an experiment in progress.

August 16, 2014

Welcome Alex Ingram

Alex Ingram is someone very dear in my heart. When I first published this article I didn't know who was this Master. And I discovered, from weeks to weeks, the wonderful human he was beyond his talent. His artworks are on my walls ! Imagine how proud I am. When I see his dedicated and signed master pieces, with the name of the art-model ! Because he knows that nothing can be created alone.

So here he is. Again and again. A close friend full of beautiful words. With a vision I share. I'm his fan.

" The concept from the outset was to contrast the curves of the body and smooth skin tones with natural elements of rock, trees and water. The style has developed to encompass some other aspects, often suggested by models whose input I greatly value and look upon shoots as being a collaborative process." Alex Ingram

Art Model Madame Bink -

This artwork is now on my wall ! Thanks Alex, you're great !

Art Model Madame Bink

"Hair Shapes"

Art Model Madame Bink

Alex Ingram is a talented photographer we couldn't miss. Of course, there is no hazard when passion is guiding you.

Photographer for over 40 years, from NW Highlands, UK, Associate of the British Institute of Professional Photography, member of the Master Photographers Association and the Royal Photographic Society, Alex loves to shoot in his wonderful landscapes of his magic Scotland.

His way to direct his splendid models, among the most renowned such as Kat Love, is always very inspired. Each shot tells us a story and elevates the nude into the realm of Art. His compositions are perfectly mastered, his lights fantastic. So everything is there for the outbreathing "Wow!" factor we love so much.

"Snow Kat"
Art Model and Photographer Kat Love -

" Last time I worked with Kat was in California at 114F, this time Kat came to the Highlands of Scotland and we did a quick shoot in snow at her request. Snow pictures of this type tend not to work in black white, snow looks like sand !"

"Singapore 1"
Art Model Iveta Niklova

It was only in April 2001 that the opportunity arose for my first fine art shoot, despite being involved in photography since schooldays in the mid fifties.

Nearly twenty of twenty-five years in the police I was a forensic photographer and cameraman, in addition to the other aspects of scene of crime work. Following an injury I had to leave the police in 1985 and eventually started as a freelance photographer and TV cameramen in Shropshire, England.

In 1988 a move was made to the remote North West Highlands of Scotland and the business had more emphasis on broadcast television, providing mainly news and current affairs for BBC, ITV, and other broadcasters. The photographic side was mainly commercial, with some tourism and press work.

Being a carer for my elderly mother meant work was gradually reduced as her condition deteriorated. The first fine art shoot with Tamalyn took place in a respite care week ; mother was a great supporter of this style of work and first to see the pictures.

On my wall too !

"Steaming Forest"

"Rotorura, New Zealand. The steam is from the boiling water of the stream beyond Joceline and the other side of the trees. It's a geothermal volcanic area with hot rocks, mud holes bubbling from the earths interior, and rather unique pungent aroma of sulphur! Very difficult for the model because the steam comes & goes, so can means holding a pose for a long time until the right cloud effect appears for a fleeting moment."

"Cave girls"
Joshua Tree National Park, California
Art Models Joceline Brooke-Hamilton and Kat Love

"Moon dance"
Art Models Joceline Brooke-Hamilton
and Kat Love

" Kat (left) and Joceline in Joshua Tree National Park, California. The small Joshua Tree was included as the location has a particular significance to me. It was the first park and rural location that I ever visited in the USA."

The concept from the outset was to contrast the curves of the body and smooth skin tones with natural elements of rock, trees and water.

The style has developed to encompass some other aspects, often suggested by models whose input I greatly value and look upon shoots as being a collaborative process.

Arms & Legs

"Totally Joceline's idea, are you allowed a nude without a torso ? Taken in bathroom of our room in Sigatoka, Fiji. Discovered the cupboard opened on bedroom side too, so could look straight through to bath, giving more space than usual. Flash was on top shelf of cupboard with large diffuser jammed in the gap between shelf and ceiling."

"Frozen waterfall"
Art Models Alison and Laura

During my involvement in this area of work I have met some wonderful people, not just the models but their partners too in many cases. We have become good friends and they have encouraged and supported me over some difficult times.

My mother died just before her 90th birthday in 2002, the same year I was sixty.

One of the last things she said to me on the final day was that she was glad that I had found this new circle of friends through this work. 

Consequently instead of returning to fulltime work I decided to pursue my personal work to a greater degree.

"Portrait 1"
Art Model Alison

" I have always been fascinated by Alison's facial expressions, something she uses within fine art modelling far more than anyone else I have worked with in this field. Alison was squatted on the floor in my lounge naked in this unusual position. The train she was shortly to catch was in sight across the loch. Once the moment was captured it was a mad dash to the station 3 miles away !"

Art Model Alison

" This casual shot of Alison was at the end of a shoot, taken just before Portrait - 1. It's near the back of my lounge, well away from the window."

Alex Ingram ©

Peter Stanton (aka Mastertouch)

His favorite quote, and you'll understand why : "I hate good taste. It's the worst thing that can happen to a creative person." Helmut Newton.

"L'usine de nus"
Art Model Meluxine

"Metropole iv"
Art Model Kumimonster

"The Throne"
Art Model Delilah Kill

Peter Stanton, from Australia, is "focused, determined and committed to creating powerful interesting and intense imagery that will stand on a world stage." And we can feel the power of this deep commitment in each of his photographs.Self-called "Wildlife Photographer", Peter has a tremendous imagination and a very prolific creativity (more than 1000 photographs in his gallery !).In Fine Art or Fetish genre, he always succeeds to give us strong and powerful images, his own and unique vision, full of a sense I admire.

"The Throne"
Art Model Sophie Sangre

Of course, I follow him since a long time, a little shy in front of such a talent. But here he is ! And we're very honoured to welcome him.Now, time for the show !

Two of The Asylum Series

"Asylum five"
Art Model Xanthe X

"Asylum Ten"
Art Model Xanthe X

Peter Stanton
(AKA Mastertouch) has been a largely self taught fine art and fetish photographer for the past five years and graphic designer for thirty years.

He toured Australia during the heady days of the mid 80’s as a bassist with industrial hard rock bands and also enjoyed some notoriety as a DJ/producer. It was during this time he first used the Mastertouch tag.

"Give enough rope"

After being introduced into the subculture of the Sydney fetish scene in early 2002, he immersed himself in the lifestyle and soon found himself inspired to capture his experiences through his new found love of photography.

With a strong skill set in rope bondage, he was invited to co moderate the Rope Australia list and his bondage photography soon turned heads.

He began his art by shooting friends without the aid of expensive hi tech equipment, relying on dialog, natural light and post editing skills, building the style that is now tongue in cheek referred to as ‘the Sinnfactory’.

Art Model Sophie Sangre

Through the combination of his alternative lifestyle, his history as a hedonistic rock musician and classic elements of fine art sensibilities, he has created a unique style that is evocative, rich, sometimes challenging and extremely personal.

Art Model Lady Sio

Art Model Niansa

Art Model Delilah Kill

Stanton’s work has appeared in promotional material and has also become popular on various art websites. His art and lifestyle is inextricably connected, which adds a more personal energy to each image. One cannot exist without the other.

Unlike a lot of contemporary fetish photographers, Stanton seeks to capture the raw essence of the experience on an emotional level rather than a blatantly physical one.

The viewer needs to be moved, confronted and challenged in some way by each image, rather than admired from a purely aesthetic standpoint.


Art Model Xanthe X

To translate this vision, MT collaborates with people that inspire and engage him (such as international iconic fetish model Kumi) rather than merely working with ‘models’. As a result, each set has an original and intimate energy which keeps the style, vision and his skill set constantly evolving. Collaborating with those muses that share the Sinnfactory vision also continues to challenge his own view and perceptions of how his art allows itself to evolve.

Stanton’s lack of formal training in photography but strong design skills and natural artistic acumen, has allowed him to experiment freely without the restriction of convention. His use of digital media has allowed him to explore a wide range of possibilities in his lighting, effects and editing.

Art Model Sophie Sangre

"Slow Decay"
Art Model Xanthe X

His work at times draws influences as diverse as the neo romantic era to the fine art of the modern Russian photographers and classic Americana togs such as Leibovitz with a healthy sprinkle of satire and pulp magazine art thrown in for good measure.

Working both in his home studio and more recently on location, Stanton uses his crude equipment more intuitively to compliment the energy of a concept best, rather than follow strict technical rule. He uses smoke machines, textures, fans and artificial light to capture a mood as opposed to an effect. This more instinctive approach is what primarily led to the evolution of his signature style.

"And justice for all"
Art Model Niansa

In order to expand further however, Stanton aims to hone his technical skill further and raise the standard of his work to the professional level suitable for an international market. He seeks to further challenge his boundaries through further location work, refining his techniques and to continue to collaborating with interesting new people that will invest in his long term vision.

Stanton’s main goal is for his vision to become world renowned in the fetish and alternative photography scene. To stand proudly on a world stage and to ultimately evolve into the definitive Australian fetish studio.

"The Shrug"
Art Model Mayflower

"Red Chair Six"
Art Model Kat Skow

August 13, 2014

Welcome Abe Taltre

Abe Taltre at deviantART, Model Mayhem.

Abe Taltre is from Tucson, Arizona, south Usa, a small city I discovered with a french group of salesmen I needed to motivate, but it's another story.

Tucson is the kind of typical west little town which makes all her business around an historic fact : the gunfight at Ok Corral (Tombstone exactly), generally regarded as the most famous gunfight in the history of the west.

All in here is cow-boy style of life. In a huge parking, numerous planes are waiting to be dissected, or reused. And everywhere these incredible candelabrum cactus which seem holding court.
Abe Taltre, photographer, actor and singer, lives there. In the warmth of an inspiring desert. He's so inspired and prolific that I needed to take a long time with a deep breath before choosing among hundreds of wonderful photos.

Thanks Abe for your time !!!

"Brides maid"

" I came to photography late in my life. I was 58 years old when I took my first Black and White photo class. I borrowed my wife's old Canon TLB thinking she wouldn't mind, but she did. She has since been given a Pentax by our son and is now somewhat mollified.

The Canon is still my main camera but I also shoot with a Holga, a 120mm medium format, Russian plastic camera made in China, a very interesting camera in that you never know what you'll get. I converted a mobile home into a studio and purchased a set of Dynalite strobe systems. In the beginning I used family members, friends from work and fellow photo students as subjects.

By trade I am a massage therapist-bodywork practitioner and manufacture a product for releasing tension from the back. In the past when I needed pictures of the product I had to make appointments with a photographer. But now I can instantly get a good product picture. With the advance of technology in digital cameras it is now possible for me to get a good picture, easily manipulate it and send it directly to the Unexerciser website. In photography I need to shoot and see hundreds of images to get a feel for my photos.

Abe in blue

"Desert blue"

"Pinkie rocks"

"Low tide"

"Shrink to fit"