October 28, 2012

Robert Lubanski's Interview

" I like the mystery of taking photos using the analogue, this uncertainty of results and especially the quality of the medium format, the big size of files and the possibilities that it gives : the wonderful scale of tones, superb DOF with low light lenses. Taking photos with medium format is not too easy for me and it gives me some eerie feeling of staling some part of the moment and sometimes part of model." Robert Lubanski

Model Kasia Dowbor

Robert Lubanski, how did you get into photography ?

My first steps in photography were when I was 14 years old. But during these 20 years it was rather an unconscious photography, without thinking about it. Just simply pressing the shutter.

Did you learn photography in a special school ?

No, never. My school was studying the fashion, photomagazines (especially italian Vogue, french Photo and sometimes German Playboy and Max), and nature of course.

"Forest pilgrim"
versione duo
Art Model Claudia

Art Model Claudia

This series is wonderful ! Who are your greatest inspirators ?

The biggest is mother Nature.

Art Model Claudia

I see it !... And your favorite photographers ?

I love photos of Helmut Newton, Patrick Demarchelier, Andreas H. Bitesnich, lately Sascha Huttenhain, and, maybe it's weird, Dahmane too.

Not so weird, he has a great talent. How long could you be far from your camera ?

Sometimes for a month, but mostly one week or a couple of days.

So you feel particularly inspired by a type of location...

Yes : forest, meadow, rocks, mountains, desert, the sea sometimes. I spent my childhood surrounded by nature. I was riding a motorbike with my uncle who was a beekepper, and now I'm in love with nature and our brothers - animals. (I believe that I’m an animal too !). Lately, I've been feeling better in old indoor locations without human beings.

"Sole due"
Art Model Inga

What are your preferences about lights ?

Outdoor with natural light is the best one for me. Sometimes when I shoot outdoor, I use reflectors to modify the natural light. Next year I’ll be using studiolight outdoor powered by a generator.

Art Model Wrobelek

How long did it take to find your own style ? Could you define it ?

My style is still indeterminate. I must have 1-2 years more and in this time I will get more defined, I think.

Is your photography mostly nudes ?

I prefer nudes. Naked body is like the form in nature (generally I suggest my models cover the face).

What is your process of creation ?

At the beginning of the session, I try to prepare the location and the gear but when I shoot it's a really emotional job.

And sometimes (not often) it may be chaos.

Could you tell us some words about your return to analogue and medium cameras ?

I like the mystery of taking photos using the analogue, this uncertainty of results and especially the quality of the medium format, the big size of files and the possibilities that it gives : the wonderful scale of tones, superb DOF with low light lenses. Taking photos with medium format is not too easy for me and it gives me some eerie feeling of staling some part of the moment and sometimes part of model.

"Look me in the eye"
Model Basia

What are your favorite themes ?

Composition of the beauty of a human body with nature.

The best is where the nature hasn’t too many elements. And second is a portrait, something transient in the eye or gesture of the model.

Some words about your models ?

They're mostly girls who want to have some photos like mine in their portfolio, but recently I have often made photos for money but then they are only for my eyes and the model.

Art Model Claudia

Model Patrycja

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

I always feel like I could've done it better. I'm never pleased, my head is full of “better” ideas.

Same for me... Have you a special project, some challenges you're dreaming about in a near future ?

Yes. Next year I’ll be shooting in Croatia, searocks and forest especially. And I’m looking for a model who is not scared of riding a motorbike.

Yes ! Have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

No. In our Polish reality, exhibitions aren’t a good idea, I think, too many troubles and the final effect is not good enough. I have had some experiences with the exhibitions of my friends.

Is there a book to come ?

Yes I’m thinking about an album of nature nudes. Now I’m talking with two big sponsors, but I’m too young in it. The album will have a clean form with good, classical type, like Times, Swiss or something like this.

"In the darkness"
Art Model Inga

Keep us informed !... And besides shooting, have you another passion ?

Motorbikes of course. It really gives me the feeling of adrenaline, hard life and the smell of nature in the wind.

A message to send ?

I’d like to say that many people have good ideas for their lives but they are too scared. It’s very important to be in harmony with yourself, living without big money (it’s really possible that the money will come without struggling for it) and be happy. My moto is called DYFF, it means "do you feel free" ?

Thanks a lot Robert ! And see you soon.

Model Anna

Robert Lubanski ©

October 27, 2012

Katerina Belkina's Interview

"My studio. Her shadow"

Katerina Belkina
, tell us how did your passion begin ?

My mother is painter and I was studying drawing from early childhood. I began to make photos much later and my photography life was separated from drawings for many years till once several years ago I tried to combine them.

A good idea ! Did you learn photography in a special school ?

Yes I have special education.

Who are your greatest inspirators ? Your favorite photographers ?

I adore many classical artists, not only photographers, like Watson for example.

"Cat that Anastasia frightens..."

How long could you be far from your camera ?

Only till the current work is not over.

What are your preferences, indoor, outdoor, natural lights, color ?Everything depends on idea, but I prefer natural light.

How long dit it take to find your own style ? Could you define it ?

I can’t say that I tried to find my own style. It came in my creation process, and it's hard to define it because it’s always evolves.

Of course... Is your photography mostly nudes ?

I think it about a half.

"For Schiele"
from "Paint" series

" In these works I combine a photo, drawing by pencil or coal and painting by oil. I try to recreate technics of my lovely artists on a computer. And of course, it's my self sight at creativity of my favorite artists."


"For Picasso"
from "Paint" series

"Aglaya and her secret passions"
from the series "famous Hunters"

What is your favorite theme ?

I think it's portraits.

Some words about your models, particularly you ?

The best model is myself because “this model understands the photographer better than others”.

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

The first feeling is a kind of emptiness but it usually changes to satisfaction.

Have you a special project, some challenges you're dreaming about in a next future ?

Most of my works is about woman and I’m going to make a project with a man.

Keep me informed... Have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

Yes. I’ll have two Moscow exhibitions this November. One of them will travel to Germany and USA next year.

from the series "Herbarium"

"My studio. Breath"

That's great ! I'm really happy for you. And have you published a book ?

Not yet but I plan to do it.

Besides shooting, have you another passion ?

It’s dancing !

A message to send ?

The message is in my works. Maybe, with time, it will be not only in photo.

Thanks Katerina ! I know how it can be difficult to make an interview in a foreign language... I deeply appreciate !

October 21, 2012

Marquita Norwood's Interview

Marquita Norwood at ALTphotos, deviantART, this article about self-portraiture.

Marquita Norwood, how did you get into photography ?

I've always created since I was very young, beginning with painting and drawing.

I took my very first film photography class in university, but didn't continue after that for quite some time. Then 2 years later, I took a digital photography class in Paris via my university.
I don't have that much technical schooling. Most of what I know, I have learned on my own and continue to learn from others that inspire me.


Who are your greatest inspirators ? Your favorite photographers ?

 I have been immensely inspired by many painters including Picasso and Schiele. And photographers like Man Ray, and Cravo Neto.

There is something about black and white portraiture that has a gravity that I feel connected to.

While not all my work is black and white monocolour, I am inspired by such works.

How long could you be far from your camera ?

 Lately, I can't seem to go a day without being near my camera in case I get an idea !

Like me with my pen... Do you feel particularly inspired by a type of location ?

No, not really. Mostly I shoot myself in my flat :)

What are your preferences, indoors maybe, more than outdoors, natural lights and B/W ?

 I have no real preferences. Whatever I think will support the image, is what I use... but I have realized natural light is far more rewarding.

How long dit it take to find your own style ? More difficult, could you define it ?

 I am still finding my style. I haven't been involved in photography for very long. I really have been working with this genre on and off for some time, so I have yet to have a distinct style.

Currently, I am just doing self portraiture. I do not know how long this will go for, but I am enjoying it while it lasts.

"Personal Graffiti"

"L'Adoration de la Terre"

Is your photography mostly nudes ?

 Most of my photography is nude portraiture. I have stepped into something new with these fine art nudes, and would like to continue with for as long as possible because I have found it really rewarding.

"Bonjour, Bonjour"

And you're right ! Tell us about your process of creation ?Sometimes I do have to sketch out or write down ideas that are in my head if they are overwhelming and then I return to them, if I am in the mood to bring them into life.

Otherwise, a lot of my creative process is improvisation... spontaneous really.

I may have an idea, and I realize it may not work, so I try something else, and it works even better. I try not to structure things too much... it's just not my style. I like to have balance in my life, which includes my process of creation. A little structure, a little caprice. Works better that way for me.

What is your favorite theme ?I would say right now, I am my favourite theme :) I am my only model currently, and I would say I work rather well :)

"Cradle of Creation"

Fine ! And how do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

 Satisfied. I just like to get to the post-processing work !

Have you published a book ?

 Not yet. Perhaps when I have made more of a collection of works I will. Also, my main goal right now is to get new photography equipment and new models.

Some special projects, some challenges you're dreaming about in a next future ?

Once I have found the time and the right models to inspire me, I hope to start working on co-ed nudes. Nudes with male and female counterparts... bordering on erotica, also inspired by film noir and chiaroscuro.

"It Came In"

A message to send ?

I would say never compromise your vision. Always do as your nature dictates, even if it may seem unnatural or insane to others. You have to be you, not anyone else, so it is important to stick to your own ideas and not fall into the pitfall of mediocrity if that is not your desire. It is significant to leave your mark on the world, if you are serious about what you are doing.

Art isn't about popularity and celebrity, it's about you... the creator... doing what feels organic... doing what you have to...that is all.

Thanks a lot Marquita ! And see you soon.

"La Petite Mort"

October 8, 2012

Steve Johns' interview

" My images are a construal of the natural world hence they must be true to the original scene that was in front of me at the time." Steve Johns

"Endangered Species"


"Shot using natural light only."

Dear Steve, how did your passion begin ?

I became interested in photography at about age 11 and saved all of my paper run money for a Kodak instamatic camera. The problem for me was learning from mistakes that you didn’t know you had made until after the film was developed. I spent the next 4 years taking pictures when I could afford the film and developing.

Then girls came along and that was pretty much the end of my photographic endeavors, in retrospect it should have been a new beginning. I did have another shot at photography about 15 years later and even managed to get a few landscape images and adventure stories printed in outdoors magazines but it was short lived due to the demands of my life as an adventure activities instructor working in remote locations.

It wasn’t until 2005 when I had a nasty accident on my motor bike at a race track that I decided to get back into photography as a form of recovery and recreation. Since then I have enjoyed it immensely and it’s a great way to get me back outdoors at a pace that best suits my disability since the accident.

Art Model Kitten

" This is one of three tunnels on the old Dorrigo - Glenreagh rail line which opened in 1924
and was closed 35 years ago."

Art is a wonderful therapy !... What is deeply inspiring you ?

Beautiful woman and wild places !

"For Jack and Ruby"

My two greatest loves is the natural environment and the female form so it stands to reason that I would combine the two in my images and then emphasize this beauty in BW.

20 years of my life was dedicated to taking people out on adventure education programs, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing and traveling through some of the most remote and beautiful places both here in Australia and oversees.

I have a deep affinity with the natural environment and the challenges of exploring its seemingly untouched beauty. I have the same reverence for woman as they share similar characteristics, wild, unpredictable, dangerous and yet stunningly beautiful, a lifetime of exploration is not enough to reveal all of their moods and secrets.

The main aim of my images is to highlight (or contrast) the allure and beauty of both women and the natural environment and the asceticism necessary in navigating either.

Art Model Kitten

Do you feel you're inspired by one location more than another ?

I probably get most of my inspiration from the creeks, rivers and mountains, my favorite activity was white water kayaking so I just love the gorges, rapids, water falls, pools, sandy beaches and polished rocks that can be found along any of our creeks and rivers.

We also have a strong connection with water as a source of life and although it is difficult to shoot around water because of reflections, light, contrast and location it also provides some of the best photographic opportunities because of these attributes.

I see... You have so many beautiful landscapes in Australia. Now, who are your inspirators, your great guys in the job ?

People often say that some of my images remind them of the works of ‘such and such’ but I have to be honest and say that I know little of other artists and their work.

I do enjoy the artistic creativity of photographers like Gerhardt Thompson, Stefan Soell, Nuri Bilge, and Andreas Bitesnich but I try not to let any of their styles influence my own work to much. However, I do find a great deal of the photographic works presently coming out of eastern block countries to be truly unique and inspiring as they tend to see and experience life very differently to us and capture it in a way that portrays it’s harsh and gritty character very clearly.

"Do it"

"Natural Pleasure"

Art Model Kitten

Tell me about your preferences ? Outdoors and BW, it seems...

I definitely prefer outdoors and natural light only. In fact I generally shoot at the worst time of day in full sunlight with major contrast, and I do mean contrast under an Australian summer sun.

Although this makes shooting really difficult if you look closely and study your location you will find beautiful relationships of light and shadow that can be used to your creative advantage.

This contrast is best represented in BW hence 90% of my work is BW nudes in natural landscapes.

"Sun Kissed"
Art Model Kitten

"The Loft"
Art Model Tash

Are you obsessive ?

Until I picked up a camera again just a few years back I didn’t consider myself to even have an artistic or creative cell in my body, I spent all of my time doing crazy things in kayaks and traveling around looking for the next adventure. I even mocked visual art and artists because of the pricing and fashionable elitism, but now I can appreciate the multiple levels of talented visual artists out there and the value of being able to express your views and passions through creative imagery.

So to answer your question, yes the camera is my new passport to get back into wild and remote places to shoot beautiful models and locations. So I do become quite despondent if I’m not out there taking photos at least 1 day a week. In fact I recently had another operation on my leg and I’m back on crutches for 6 weeks and have not been out shooting now for a month so I’m a bit like a bear with a sore head.



How I understand you ! What is your process of artistic creation ? Like it comes, or very organized ?

I usually plan the location well ahead of the shoot but we are often at the mercy of accessibility and the weather as most of the locations are quite remote requiring either 4WD, canoe or walking access.

In general I know most of the country that we go into so it’s a case of timing to get the right light to be able to use the location to its best advantage. I really don’t do any more planning than that as the issues I mentioned will dictate how best to position the model and the poses that will emphasize the creativity and artistic relationship between the model and the location.

As is often the case I can aimlessly wander around a location scanning for photographic opportunities without any success at all and then something will just hit me and we will start shooting frantically, so I guess the artistic creativity is born from the inspiration of the location.

Art Model Kitten

Do you find easily your models ? What kind of ambiance do you install to warm the often shy atmospher of the beginnings ?

I live in a small town in a pretty conservative region of Australia so it is very difficult to find any artistic nude models, my partner is my muse and a fantastic model to work with, she loves being outdoors in remote places and it shows in the work that we do.

However, a number of models have contacted me via my web site to be involved in my work so I will usually arrange a meeting over a coffee in a “safe” public place so we can weigh each other up, go through my portfolio and discuss each others expectations of the shoot so that we both understand each others needs and how best to achieve them. It’s also handy to be able to offer a verbal reference from another tog who the model may know or has a high profile.

Art Model Kitten

I also take my partner along on the first shoot and go to a bit of trouble in stopping off at a nice café on route to/from the shoot and take some good food and drinks with us as we are often out all day in fairly remote locations.

I will often take a few test shots just for evaluating light and composition so I involve the model in this in a relaxed way and then allow the model the time and space to eventually remove the clothing they are comfortable about removing.

The confidence and comfort factor can be quite difficult for both photographer and model and this can make or break your shoot, but it has been my experience that if your model feels empowered and in control then you are on your way to a happy and successful shoot.

Art Model Scarlet

Art Model Kitten

" The Macintyre River in flood with the gorgeous Kitten poised upon an ancient flood scarred Bottle Brush tree."

Do you make many corrections or do you find immediately the final sense of your work ?

That’s a very difficult question, in the past I’ve tried to improve a particular image by re-shooting it and it was a disaster, the light is never the same, there’s too much wind or not enough, the mood is different, etc. So I just don’t do that any more. I’ve also gone out to shoot a particular idea, image or theme and that just turned out to be hard work without giving me the results I was after, as I mentioned before the idea, image or theme has to come from the ambiance of the location and the model at the time of being there.

However, my technical skills are still evolving so I’m getting better at seeing things and using the light and locations more creatively and I’m also getting better at post editing, so on the one hand my technical skills are improving and yet what I come away with from a shoot is final and will never be improved upon or repeated again. I guess this is the difference between a shooter working towards an end product or image for a client and a shooter who is trying to create art.

Art Model Scarlet

Of course. How do you know when your shooting is finished ?

When the sun has set… lol ! I generally only shoot for two hours at a time as it is intense work for me and the model, working in full sun between 10am and 5pm in summer in Australia is hot, damn hot! So we may do 2 or 3 two hour sessions in a day and even though I may get a series of shots that I am satisfied with if there is still time we may shoot at a different location or scout out a few new locations for a future date. A single image may be finished after shooting and minor editing but the artistic vision is never finished.

Art Model Kitten

Each shoot is quite individually different and I have my favorite locations that I will return to at a different time of year or with a different model so there isn’t really a sense of the work being finished.
It’s more a case of that particular shoot has come to an end and that can be a bit disappointing if everything went really well and we all had a great time.

I think it’s always a good idea to have a “debrief” about the days successes and how to continue improving and I will often extend an invitation to the model to be involved in another shoot in the future.

If there is enough time we will edit a few shots on returning home so that we get to see the end results and feel a sense of achievement.

"Summer Breeze"
Art Model Tash

What is your artistic dream ?

In short, to be able to achieve creative and technically balanced images that are consistent with the images that I see in my minds eye.

I would also like to shoot high end fashion, of course recognition of all of this would be exhibitions, sales and acknowledgement by my peers and critics

Nice challenges ! What would you want to do if everything was possible ?

Firstly travel around Australia shooting fine art nudes at some of our iconic locations like Ayers Rock and the Outback and then the World to do the same thing while experiencing as much of the spectacular landscapes and cultures as I can.

"Moved on"

Let's talk about your present. Have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

I haven’t had an exhibition yet nor do I expect to have one in the near future but I am in the very early stages of collaborating with someone to get a photographic sports book off the ground, I really can’t say more than that at this stage.

The only outlet for my art is currently my web site and it’s still early days, I’ve only been shooting consistently for two years and fine art nudes for less than a year so I need to get a larger body of work together.


What about your next future ?

Well I’m just getting over the fourth operation on my leg and because of my injuries I will never be able to return to my previous occupation. It will depend on the support available to me but I may go back to university and eventually pursue a career in education, I just have to get through the recovery and personal rebuilding phase before I can contemplate where to from here.

Thanks a lot Steve !

Art Model Kitten