December 11, 2010

December 10, 2010

Bookstore 2 - From M to Z

Mark Varley

"Fine Art Nude Photography"
291 pages, A4 format, Hardback. Mark Varley’s preferred photography style is ‘fine-art’, here, his third book is a collection of over 250 photographs exploring Fine Art Nude Photography, on location and in studios all over the UK.

£ 49.99


His other books here

Michael Siu

"Capturing Beauty"
Capturing Beauty is a culmination of numerous projects spanning 19 years of nude art photography. The images are juxtaposed upon the pages in a curious relationship between darkness and light, studio and location, private moments and public adventures, strength and vulnerability.
From the streets of San Francisco to the alleys of the French Quarter in New Orleans, all of the images within celebrate the female form. The first pages of this book are just the tip of the iceberg with each turn revealing another story, another amazing location and another beautiful woman. Come take this journey with me, through my lens you will see beauty as I captured it.

Softcover US $39.95
Hardcover, Dust Jacket US $54.95

Hardcover, ImageWrap US $59.95


"Beauty and Industry"
Beauty and Industry is set in an industrial site that has been neglected for over than 25 years. Dirt and rust are thick and tangible on everything throughout the space. It is within this setting that I chose to explore the relationship between the soft curves of the female form and how it blends or stands out within this harsh and dilapidated environment.

Hardcover, Dust Jacket US $98.95Hardcover, ImageWrap US $102.95


Olivier De Rycke

"My Body, My Soul"
80 pages, Format 154 x 234 mm.

for 23,75 €


Patricia Izzo
"Fragile Awakenings"
Her cutting edge photography has won numerous awards and is in many collections. Ms. Izzo's has the uncanny ability to strip all the nonessentials away and expose the many sides each subject is capable of being, the light and dark, innocent and seductive.

Hardcover, Dust Jacket US $64.95
Hardcover, ImageWrap US $67.95


Pavel Kiselev

"Railway Novel
Железнодорожный роман
Three trips to different places, in different periods of time. Three absolutely different women, and three tenderly emotional stories. All these were united by an old compartment of railway carriage and my camera.

Softcover US $47.95
Hardcover, Dust Jacket US $63.95
Hardcover, ImageWrap US $66.95


"Ghostly Hong Kong"
Призрачный Гонконг
My third album photo stories, made in my travels with Nadya. Our trip with Nadya to Hong Kong in the beginning of February 2010 was not very successful from the viewpoint of normal vacations: only 2 of 12 days were sunny. But from the viewpoint of photography this was a real gift. The weather turned the city to something illusive, phantasmal, surreal. Day and night it stayed the same. Immensely bright and deep emotions are still with us. Dreaming of coming back there...

Softcover US $42.95
Hardcover, Dust Jacket US $56.95
Hardcover, ImageWrap US $59.95


"Weekend in Apokryfo"
A new edition of the book.

Softcover US $47.95
Hardcover, Dust Jacket US $63.95
Hardcover, ImageWrap US $66.95


Scott Church

Hard cover, full color, 232 pages, lots and lots and lots of my pictures. This is the definitive greatest hits book going back 15 years all the way to a shot I did while still in the Navy in 1992. Also included are wonderful behind the scenes stories about almost every shot written by the models appearing in the photographs, (yes, that was an accomplishment in itself).

Softcover US $57.61
Hardcover, Dust Jacket US $71.61


Scott James Prebble

"It all started with a polaroid"
Large Format Landscape, 78 pages, Premium Paper. Almost a year in the making, the new book “It all started with a polaroid camera” is finally finished. The book is a journey of ideas, and features the most creative person I have ever photographed with, Ari. I hope you enjoy it half as much as we had making it, and remember all money made from book sales goes straight back into the art.

Hardcover, ImageWrap US $127.95


"60 Second Gratification"
Hardcover, 171 pages. A collection of over 80 mostly unseen images taken on Polaroid instant film.

Price : € 73.35


"Downfall of the Perfectionist"
Paperback, 303 pages. ‘Downfall of the Perfectionist’ is the new book by influential photographer Scott James Prebble. This volume represents a collection of work that is sometimes lonely, sometimes fascinating, but always exhilarating. Scott’s photographic works focus on contrasts, between old & new, rough & smooth and ugly & beautiful. Scott shoots on black and white film, is self taught, and usually likes to keep things basic by using simple equipment and natural lighting. “I’m not a big techno head” he says “Even though I do like my gadgets, I don’t think they make you a better artist, I use my camera like a artist would his brush, it is just a tool to capture a scene I have pictured in my head that I think would be beautiful” This new work is over 6 months in the making, working with various friends in the urban and rural landscapes in and around Ballarat to create 300 new photographs.

Price : € 78.81


Paperback, 89 pages. 'Exposed' is the long awaited first book from world respected photographic artist, Scott James Prebble. Scotts unique work of combining urban and rural landscapes with the naked female form has been celebrated and exhibited worldwide.

Price : € 30.32


Paperback, 149 pages. 2nd book from world respected and exhibited photographer Scott James Prebble, featuring a beautiful mix of the female form and urban landscapes in black and white images.

Price : € 39.70


Scott Nichol

"in the still air"
Hard Cover Fine Art Book, 12x12 inches on Smooth Matte Paper. "in the still air" represents the first collected works of photographer Scott Nichol. This volume will be printed in an edition of 50 signed and numbered books. The book is 40 pages with photographs in black and white as well as selected color plates. Book includes a glossy, fully printed dust jacket that also features photographs from the series. photo pages are printed on a smooth matte finished 80lb text stock. The volume explores the female figure and its place within the natural landscape. The photographs included in this volume work thematically through the cleansing power of water, self reflection, and the healing nature of the air and sky.

US $99


Stephen Haynes

"A Photographer's Guide to Section 2257"
Stephen Haynes has published a book entitled 'A Photographer's Guide to Section 2257.' Haynes is a retired attorney and photographs nudes. In his book, Haynes does a good job of examining the law as it applies to photographers and helps to explain in everyday language what photographers need to do to comply with the law. Note that Haynes' language in the book is raw and his political views are clear. But if you're a photographer whose work may come under section 2257, then both of these resources are worth your study.

PDF Format US $15.00
Softcover Book Format US $20.00


"First Sessions"
38 pages, 119 Photographs, 8.5"x11", Printing double-sided in color, black & white, and toned B&W. Fine art photographer Stephen Haynes is pleased to offer a signed monograph covering first sessions with seventeen extraordinary fine art nude models, entitled First Sessions. This gorgeous photography collection includes over a hundred photos from first and subsequent photo shoots with models who range from first-time amateurs to seasoned professionals. Each model's pages describe her first session before the camera. If you are a fan of Mr. Haynes's work, you will recognize names such as Meg, Donna, Bridget, Abigail, and many others.

Price : US $80.00 plus shipping -

Steve Richard

"Cloud Busting"

I am very happy to announce that the Cloud Busting book is now available. 128 pages with 73 duotone images. The book is 13" X 11" (33 cm X 28 cm) and this edition is only available in hard cover. I am extremely pleased with the reproduction quality from this press (thanks very much to Zanardi's Luca Menegon, and the wonderful design and production support from Fresco Fine Art Publications). The book is now available for sale on my site. The book will go into normal North American book store distribution early 2011.


Excerpt from the introduction by Chris Pauley :"The angels you see in this volume may have their eyes cast downward like some Victorian image of a guardian angel, or heavenward as if in adoration, but the context is, in fact, that of the beaten, the dissolute and the depraved, in tableaux that constantly subvert our expectations of what “angelic” really means. Steve plays with this notion time and again, moving from single tight shots of angels in typical Pre-Raphaelite expressions of piety, repose or solace, to broader images in which these heavenly creatures are engaged in all manner of unsavoury human pursuits. These beings may reside amongst the stars, but their eyes are fixed on the gutter."

Softcover US $41.95
Hardcover, ImageWrap US $55.95


Sylvie Blum

"Hotel Orient"
152 pages, 240 x 340 mm, 125 images, Paper : Glossy Offset, Printing : Offset, Hardcover. The scenery is an establishment in which rooms are being rented out by the our. In the shadows of the public these role players experiment with different identities and hidden characteristics that do not respect the typical form of role behaviour. Men and women visit the Hotel Orient to show Silvie Blum's camera, who is in fact the protagonist herself, their most secret desires and erotic fantasies. The Hotel is located in Vienna and invites with it's style in private saloons of the past turning century, in which slaves of passion were used to satisfy their desires. All along they were risking scandals reaching the edge of legality. Let yourself be inspired by passionate intense visions and submerge yourself into sex and sensibility.

€ 59.90
sFr 97.00


144 pages, 240 x 340 mm, 80 images, Paper : Glossy Offset, Printing : Offset, Hardcover. 'Nudes' was born in photo sessions in Miami, Los Angeles, Mallorca and Berlin. The project is the vision of incomparable beautiful, self secure women that are being set by this exceptionally great photographer. American modelling icons are photographed against the black and white silhouettes of Hollywood. It's Narcissism in it's most beautiful. Through Silvie Blum's outdoor settings she is able to express timeless ecstatic. Endless deserts, monstrous cities, the deepest oceans, the cool architecture of Beverly Hills and Palm Beach, poorly packed industry hallways, the flair of Mediterranean property on through the graffiti filled backyards of Berlin are the base of this great inspiration.

€ 49.90
sFr 81.50


"Venus Selbst"
120 pages, 220 x 245 mm, 85 images, Paper : Glossy Offset, Printing : Offset, Hardcover. A provoking, cloudy, and blurry look where colours seem to be monochrome, where the photos seem unplanned and spontaneous. Silvie Blum, Gûnter Blum's widow, that allows in her first masterpiece to have a deeper look. At arms length she sets herself in the scene. Instead of the perfect photo she prefers the thrill of the moment while experimenting. The result is thought provoking, familiar, pursuing and all along artistic. The uncalculated dullness contours only in the conscious mind of the observer: A construction of fantasy. In the overload of materials there glitters the self secure theatrics of the female body throughout me, myself and I.

€ 35.00
sFr 60.00


Ted Preuss

"Simple Beauty"
Standard Landscape, 96 pages. I believe there is something inherently beautiful about the human body. Through my lens I seek to capture the elegance and grace of the female spirit, yet secretly wishing to leave traces of their identity forever. My images are studies in light and form, which blend formal and sensual qualities, radiating the individuality of my subjects through their emotion-laced gestures.
I use traditional techniques, including a large format view camera with century old lenses. The process of making prints is as important to me as the practice of creating photographs. I chose platinum-palladium as a medium for its distinct vintage quality and archival properties, they beautifully revealing shadows and dark values within the images.

Hardcover, Dust Jacket US $49.95


Vahid Naziri

"A Mere Glimpse"
Square, 100 pages, Premium Paper. I see you have finally arrived. Now, for a brief moment, the paths of our lives have intersected. And what do I have to show you? Mere glimpses. Moments not unlike this that I have frozen, a little piece of life that can be held, held still, but, still breathing.

Hardcover, Dust Jacket EUR €30,95
Hardcover, ImageWrap EUR €33,95


Vernon Trent

"Who's Who in Visual Art . Vol. 2011-2012: 100 Fine Art Photographers

"I’m really happy to announce that I am in the 2011-2012 issue of “Who’s Who in Visual Art, 100 Fine Art Photographers”. This English/German new edition of WHO’S WHO IN Photography VISUAL ART is an exhilarating guide for the ambitious arts and photo friend.
The editor choosed from the vast jungle of contemporary photographic work a clearly defined fine selection and has brought together artistic photographers, which are characterized by solid technology and special originality.
Ulrich Goette Himmelblau, as editor of the volume, deals for over 20 years with contemporary art and photography. He is founder of the Palm Art Award, a curator and gallery owner in Spain and most recently in Leipzig as a connoisseur of the contemporary art scene.
Available via Amazon and other book stores."

Euros 25


William Earle

The book is 8.5 x 11 inches with a UV coated cover for durability. All pages are printed on beautiful semi-gloss 80lb cover stock. I am very pleased to announce the publication of my first book. “Entwined” is a soft cover book containing ten carefully selected images from the Entwined figure study series. These images represent many different emotions, feelings and thoughts that we all experience from time to time as we travel through our lives.

An autographed copy of the book is being offered for purchase for $45.


Zhang Jingna

"Something Beautiful"
999 Copies, numbered and signed, Hardcover with Dust Jacket, 80 pages, 216 x 286 x 15 mm.

US $99
Regular edition US $35


A Collective Book by Wolf189


Designed & Edited by WOLF189. All of the profits of the book sales would be donated to "Friends Without a Border". Over 260 images (including fine art nude images), 20 photographers, 160 pages (premium paper), 8" x 10" (landscape style)

Softcover US $51.95
Hardcover, Dust Jacket US $66.95