December 29, 2017

The strength of Christina Aguilera

My 8th pretty good model. She did more powerful photographers than the 7 others, revealing us her strong character. She must be not easy to manage... I found these photographs which have something good enough to be exhibited. What do you think ?

After 2 hours of research, I didn't find the names of the brilliant photographers, sorry and a huge bravo.

Christina María Aguilera
December 18, 1980 in Staten Island, New York
American singer, songwriter, actress

Laura Cremaschi ?

For the German edition of GQ, june 2010

For the German edition of GQ, june 2010

December 28, 2017

Me, Myself, I, by Beau Nestor

Marseille Photo

Some years ago, Beau and Gayle Nestor spent one week at home, Marseille, France. At this time, I still walked and we visited my beautiful city. It was a wonderful week with two beautiful souls in my heart forever.

Beau Nestor took a lot of photographies when I was cooking one of my favorite  Mediterranean recipe around some bottles of our fabulous French wines. I was shooted by a great photographer ! What a lucky man I am 😊

Among the twentiest he sent me, I've choosen these five photographies. I'm not photogenic at all but Beau knew to capture my "beauty" and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

And :

With my lovely Gayle Nestor

With my wise Beau Nestor

A beautiful sightseeing by Marseille Photo

Marseille, south east of France, 300 sunny days per year

When do you come ? 😉

December 23, 2017

Steve Lease, his 5 years of photography

Art Model Nika Breathing

Steve Lease is a talented photographer who succeeds in many styles, indoors, outdoors, classic, tender, powerful, provocative, as you'll admire without to forget he began in 2012 ! Dear art lover reader, I let you imagine his way to the excellency.

He's also a warmhearted friend. He wrote these lines just for us, asking me to correct because it's the first time he writes on himself... But there was nothing to change, just some commas.

In the Gold Rules of our Collective Art Magazine, the first is : "Do the things seriously but never take yourself seriously." Steve Lease does it and I thank him for his warmful cooperation and his so enthusiastic mails.

As pictures worth a thousand words, what is desperating for the writer I am, let the show begins !

Art Model HEFF

Art Model Keira Grant

Art Model Erica Jay

Growing up my world seemed to be one of blacks and whites. Tabloid newspapers and photo magazines such as Look and Life were very popular and many movies were filmed in black and white.

When I decided to make photographs in 2011, it was a matter of nostalgia for me to work mostly with a monochromatic palette.
While I prefer what I consider to be the drama and mood of black and white images, in the end, it’s a matter of emotional attachment to what I loved as a child.

However, I am not totally a prisoner to my preference. If a photo calls for color then that’s the direction I will take.

In 2012, I began to specialize in the fine art nude genre. Since then I have worked with many and some famous art models, including those who have chosen modeling to be their vocation as well as those who pursue modeling as an avocation. I like the mix. My goal is to respond to each in a unique way balancing sensual elements with art. The intention is to create a fine art nude work that can stand on its own merits.

Art Model Olivia Preston

Art Model Zinn Star

Art Model Monique

Art Model Amanda

Art Model Floofie

Art Model Candace Nirvana

Artistic Physique

Art Model Rhus

Art Model Alex

Art Model Lucy

December 17, 2017

My tribute to Helmut Newton

"What I find interesting is working in a society with certain taboos - and fashion photography is about that kind of society. To have taboos, then to get around them - that's interesting." Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton (born Helmut Neustädter, 31 October 1920 - 23 January 2004) was a German-Australian photographer. He was a prolific, widely imitated photographer whose provocative, erotically charged black and white photographs made of him a Master. Among his thousands photographs, I choosed to exhibit all his facets in artistic nudes : indoors, "domestic", outdoors, studios, celebrities. He surprised me and I hope he'll surprise you too.

To end and let you admire, after a long investigation through my 110 interviews, Helmut Newton is the first inspirator for a lot of photographers, members of this Collective Magazine, and maybe the trigger of their passion.

In memory.

 Kristine de Bell, 200 Motels, 1976

Sean Young, Pasadena, California,1990

Berlin nude, 1977

Catherine Deneuve for Esquire, Paris, 1976

Domestic nude

Jassara, Rue Aubriot, 1977

June Newton



Rue Aubriot, Paris, 1975