October 30, 2008

Color portraiture

Emel Bayram -

Grzegorz Kulinski

Franck Petronio -
"New York, New York"
Model Cristina

Haleh Bryan
"SPQ 5"

Nikola Borissov -
Actress Svilena Kidess

Ladyshave -
"Fearful asymmetry"

Rudolf Kartelin
"Portrait of Model 1"

Sabine Schoenberger -
"Mir schwindelt..."

Sava (Yulya)
"Boooh !!!"

Tiki Llanes -
"Alejandra CU3"
Model Alejandra Guirado

Tomasz Urban -
"Hmmm... 2"

Yuri Bonder -
"Sad Clown"

José Manchado -
"Vive la fête"
Model Cruelty Inside

Natasha Gudermane
"Self-portrait with withered daisies"

Silvera Imaging -
"Alleyway mod"
Model Carly

Zhang Jingna -
Model Selia

October 26, 2008

Welcome Norman Free

You'll find Norman Free at : Rare Earth Gallery, My Art Space, deviantART.

"Volcano Walk"

"Feeling the power of of the fire element and a super volcano at Yellowstone Park.
Straight Photograph. No manipulation."

In this so troubled times, it's good to open our heart and our soul to Mother Nature. We need fantasy, we need Hope and Faith and Art to survive here below, when wars, famines and diseases are killing thousands and thousands people per day all around the world.

Norman Free is someone special. Like everybody of course. But he has the courage to reveal himself in his work and words. As a writer myself, "humanist philosopher" call me my readers, I understand the way he follows... the wonderful and only true world he shows us.

Today, a sunday, of course, I'm very happy to receive such a refreshing breeze. It's so good to come back to the true meaning of life !

My name is Norman Free. My magical name is Luna Tala which the Native American translation is Moon Wolf.

Studied Photographic Arts and Sciences from Idaho State University. Specialized in geometrical optics and highspeed photography.

Has performed corporate and industrial photography for the last 17 years for companys such as Rockwell International, EGG Prinston, Lockheed Martin, Bectel Corporate, and even British Nuclear Fuels.

I now spend most of my time creating digital images and photo-manipulations, specializing in Fantasy images.

"The Transformation"

"Fantasy Portrait for a friend taken in some Old Growth Forest area here."

"Sand Tracks"

"Straight Photograph. The only thing added is the night sky and planet Earth."

My fantasy work is based upon channeling processes and deals with dimensional telepathy, parallel universes, and parallel time lines, parallel worlds, related to mythological and mystical realms.

I am incorporating my images into a new book I am writing titled : "A Grain of Sand in a Sea of Stars, Visions of Channeling".

It is based upon all the different types of channeling there is which in most cases is misunderstood being dimensional telepathy. It involves great many things including past present and future history, religious concepts, and future events.

"Desert Sanctuary"

"My guide into this area shot over 20 years ago.
She was 68 years old and had a business taking people on long hikes into the wilderness on photographic tours. Taking people to areas that even the locals did not even know about.
That has all changed. Now it is exploited and over populated to extinction.
There is a magical force in the Northern Arizona and Southern Utah like no other, that touches the very soul. Something that ancient tribes learned thousands of years ago

All of my Skyclad and Fantasy Art is based upon the statement :

The Art of Becoming at One and At Peace With Yourself and Mother Nature.

I have numerous friends who always feels safe and secure to be themselves with me without making things complicated or perverted. The endless miles of trails and beaches in being able to hike and walk skyclad all day long without human interference. Truly grounding with Nature that connects the soul to the Universe.


"Serenity Walk III""It is just as important to look up at the sky and stars as it is to the elements of Nature."

His book :

A Grain of Sand In a Sea of Stars
Visions of Channeling

" Humans have a unique quality that a lot of other life forms do not. The ability to create things. This can be through music or art that like anything else can be mixed with science and logic.

My book incorporates a lot of my artwork, which has been a form of channeling also."

"The Dragon's Staircase"

On the ground


Alessandro Ansuini -
"The lunch in London"

Wolf189 -
"Balancing in style"
Model Ree Ja

Marquita Norwood -
"Take Me With You"

Robert Lubanski -
"A ritratto" -
Model Paulina

Mopas -
"High heels"

Ulver Wolf -

Gamini Kumara -
"Paige legs"

Jiri Ruzek -