April 30, 2009

Scott Brown

You'll find Scott Brown at : One Model Place, deviantART, a feature in The New Nude Mag.

"Feelin It"
Art Model Joceline

"Walk Away"
Art Model Joceline

Scott Brown
is an Australian self-taught photographer, which means a tough apprenticeship, a clear preference for outdoor shoots, shared by a large majority of Australian photographers... and, of course, a deep and obsessive passion to become the experienced and successful photographer he is now.

His main focus is artistic nude photography, but Scott works in a wide range of styles. Portrait, art, casual, fashion, swimwear, glamour, nude, nude art, all is fine for him, the essential being to shoot and shoot again, to gain more experience.

"Classic Kollaboration"
Art Model Dravien

It's what we love at UdA : artists who know they learn every day, even from their errors, which often are happy hazards, obsessional artists who don't take them too seriously but who believe in what they do. Scott makes part of them.

And it's a pleasure to welcome him on board. A great one !

"The Light"
Art Model Halohid

Art Model Serpentinekiss

" If you have gotten this far you probably realise that my name is Scott Brown. I am based in Sydney, Australia, which is full of fantastic locations for photoshoots.

I have been taking photographs for years now as a hobby which in the past few years has turned to an obsession.

Art Model Anne

My focus was generally on nature and landscape. Having had no formal art or photography training I have found myself learning from trial and error - well some trial but mostly error ! That has meant many rolls of film, and in more recent years, somewhere in the vicinity of 40,000 digital photographs.

I did my first model photoshoot about 4 to 5 years ago and I haven't looked back since.

I have always loved art and I finally found something that I am at least not totally hopeless at. My first nude photoshoot was in January 2005 and now I have done several.

Art Model Joceline

Generally I prefer to do outdoor shoots over indoor/studio work and I love mixing human form in with nature.

I also find that outdoors is more relaxing, fun and adventurous. It gets my mind working more creatively."

Art Model Halohid

They have worked with Scott... Let's hear them :

"Cave Girl"
Art Model and Illustrator Moonpanther

"Scott Brown is the very first photographer that I did a nude art photoshoot with... and to be able to do that feeling completely comfortable is amazing. Scott is genuine, funny and very professional (but in a way that makes you feel completely relaxed working with him). Not only have I done many shoots with Scott but he has also become a good friend. I recommend Scott to any model wishing to do fine art photoshoots."
Tash Williams

"Lost in Fantasy II"
Art Model Serpentinekiss

"Fernwoods IV"

Art Model Baci

"I am writing in reference to Photographer Scott Brown and whilst on location with him, doing a photo shoot of September 07. Scott depicted the type of photos that I had aspired to achieve, as currently in my final stage of pregnancy. Not only was Scott professional in his approach - he made me feel assured and relaxed to get the result I was ultimately looking for. The pictures are clearly a stand out in terms of art and taste. It was a pleasure to work with Scott and I highly recommend him."

Art Model Aurora

"Scott is the type of photographer who makes you feel at ease. He is extremely talented when it comes to shooting interesting angles and lighting. I did my first ever shoot with him and because of the positive experience have built a love for modeling. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a brilliant picture and would work with him again any day of the week."

Art Model Joceline

April 29, 2009

Lorelei G.'s interview, by Terrell Neasley

by Terrell Neasley
UdA Art Editor

You'll find Lorelei G. (from Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa) at her official site (under construction) and at Model Mayhem.

by Terrell Neasley
"Stunning Lorelei"

" Find your niche and what you like, be professional, sometimes be patient and appreciate every memorable experience and great opportunity that comes at you." Lorelei

by Terrell Neasley

I first photographed Lorelei, pronounced, Lor-ee-Li, (long "i") sometime last fall.

I can tell you it was quite an experience to have that opportunity. She instantly became a favorite of mine and she is someone I can shoot til I run out of room on a flash card or my batteries go dead. It is a non-tiring event and you honestly lose track of time very easily.

by Terrell Neasley
"My Gorgeous Muse"

I've shot with her out in the Nevada desert from sun up till sun down and that was only because we were running out of water.

Before her, I hadn't met a model that could match me step for step and display the same endurance and stamina that I do behind the camera.

I love this girl and I am sure you will too...

by Terrell Neasley
"Her Beautiful Hair"

by Terrell Neasley
"Live Art"

TN : What made you want to get started in modeling for nude art and how did it began for you ?

L : I wanted to get involved in nude art modeling because I have an appreciation for it.

The outcome, the thought process put into it, the messages they portray, and the different emotions that spur from peoples minds who view the images are what I enjoy the most. It all began with a wonderful photographer, Terrell Neasley.

TN : Tell me what it was like for you to be naked for the first time in front of a photographer that you didn't know.

L : It was different, although I did not know Terrell well, I did have a good feeling in my gut that I will feel comfortable working with him after reading his blogs which I find quite intriguing. I actually did not feel like I was in the nude much at all since our whole purpose was to create art.

by TP Photography
"Desert Sunset"

TN : Do you have a favorite photographer from back in the day ?

L : I like Helmut Newton, he had this almost candid edge to his black & white work.

by B Radd Photographics

TN : Are there any other models out there that you would say has been an inspiration for you ?

L : There are many models out there that I consider would be an inspiration for me, even some undiscovered too.

Several art models whose work has inspired me have been introduced to me through Terrell's network and on Model Mayhem such as Iris Dassault, Datura Noir... Every model has their own unique style that sets them apart from each other as an individual.

TN : What's next on the table for you and what else would you like to do ?

L : Expanding my portfolio with all different aspects of the creative spectrum. I like many different styles of photography and would like to collaborate my ideas with those talented ones.

by Terrell Neasley

TN : Give me 3 photographers out there right now who you would drop whatever you are doing to do a shoot with ? AND WHY ?

L : What a question to stump me on ! I have more than 3 photographers I really like shooting with, Terrell being one of them. The reason why is because I have several favorites whose work I not only like, but I feel very comfortable and have such a fun time shooting with them since they are open to my ideas as well.

TN : What lessons have you learned so far that you think other models REALLY need to know ?

L : Some lessons that I've learned are that if modeling is something you want to pursue then just go for it, don't let anyone tell you you can't do something like this.

by Terrell Neasley
"Can you see her ?"

Look for the yes's not to no's, develop great relationships with those in the industry you can find yourself going back to who are there to support you.
Find your niche and what you like, be professional, sometimes be patient and appreciate every memorable experience and great opportunity that comes at you.

TN : How long do you think you'll continue to do this ?

L : I can't make that prediction, but I would like to continue doing this for a while.

TN : You've really gotten into modeling and have taken it very seriously. What has made this become so special for you ?

L: This has become special for me because many times I have the freedom of expression, sometimes almost like I am escaping from reality, sometimes getting to pretend.

by Felix G Photography
"Lonely Echoes"

by Terrell Neasley
"Who's there ?"

TN : So what else should a photog know about you before he or she hires you for a gig ?

L : A photographer should know about my stipulations, my do's and dont's, along with the photographer providing me with full details before I take on the gig. So contact me for details.

I will have my own website up and running before long, so I'll be sure to let you know when its done.

ALSO, visit MAXIM.com and VOTE for your homegirl ! I'll be in week 6 of voting April 27 through May 4th until noon, much love if you can vote for me everyday til then, just takes a few clicks and no typing. Thanks !

by Terrell Neasley
"Emotive Resolve"

April 25, 2009

Evgeniy Shaman in Elegy 58 (feb/mar 2009)

Congratulations to Evgeniy Shaman published in Elegy n°58 (France, feb/mar 2009 issue).

All the excerpts come from his interview with Alyz Tale.

The complete interview is here.

You mainly use black and white or desaturated colours, which adds to the "movie" feeling of your work. Is there a special reason to this choice ?
Special reason is that bw image opens inner sense inner true and a lot of inside the characters and decorations. Full colour image is a certain temptation for our brain and soul and hides an essence.

The location is also plays an important role. A few words about it ?
My decorations are strange rooms, ruins of old houses and buildings, forests and parks, city scapes. All my backdrops (locations) are like a live supplement to the live subjects, just like in Tarkovsky’s works. They play a major role in the general atmosphere.

The feminine body is a key element of your univers. How do you look at it ?
Like at a combination of sensual-emotive charector with everything that exists in nature and with everything that our fantasies can generate.

"Border V 2 - Fos"

Group Show : "The Nude in Minnesota II"

"The Nude in Minnesota II"

From May 1st to 3th, and May 7th, 2009

The Northrup-King Building, Gallery 332
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Artists in the show :

Doug Beasley
Stephen Haynes -
H Morgen
Mona Ruff-Saer
Matthew Scherfenberg
Geoffrey Stone
David Swanson -
Ray Urbaniak

Group Show
"The Nude in Minnesota II"

A big thanks to Stephen Haynes for the details !