April 28, 2015

Mon Hommage à St Merrique

Peace, Love and Art

We are so close since so many years. She wrote a song just for me ! I have it on my wall near my writing desk, dans mon atelier magique. Her last words :

Peace, Love and Art
St Merrique
Be well my friend !

I often read it. Elle me redonne la force de vivre encore et encore, de dépasser ma souffrance. She gives me a magical strength. And... she's so beautiful and talented. Je ne l'ai jamais reçue à la maison mais j'en rêve. Carrie Leigh, BeauEromantica and Gayle came at home. I hope... one day... who knows ? Chut. Listen her soul, écoute son âme qui m'est soeur :

" I'm a nature girl and am passionate about anything that represents growth, change, and enlightenment to the higher self. Being at one with Earth and giving back the love she has given us, going back to our roots, self-realization, birth, reincarnation, death and rebirth, the thinner lines between surrealism and the coffee we stir every morning. Don't forget yourself."

Lows & Highs by Hank Shiffman
San Jose, CA, USA

April 25, 2015

Against Censorship

Until now, I choosed the softest and closed legs photographs of the artists I admire every day. But they can be sensual, explicite, open and aware to the complete beauty of the Woman.
Remember this famous painting of Courbet, "L'origine".

I decide to show you from now all the facettes of the contributing photographers and art models who give me their trust.In this strange world we live, I decide to fight against this new and insidious censorship, and it begins by mine.

If a contributing artist wants to be explicite, I enjoy his choice and that's it. If you knew my life, without to forget that I'm French where nudity is not a taboo and make love a priority, you could imagine how much these photographs please me.

Dave Hare
"Angel Blue"
Art Model Angel

"Sleeping on Love"
Art Model Alisson

Mic Ardant
Art Model Tiffany

Abe Taltre
"Pumpkin time"

Terrell Neasley
"At Odds with Light"
Art Model Melissa

François Benveniste
Art Model Stephie

Peter Lime
"The Guardians again"
Art Model Susana

Michael Helms
"Scarlettt 1160"
Art Model Scarlett

William Walsh
"Melissa Outdoors 10"
Art Model Melissa

Scott Church
"Knock your punk ass down"
Art Model Kayla

John Running
"Russian Hat - 4"
Art Model Joceline

Jeffrey Mc Allister
"Black Widow"
Art Model and Dancer Isabel

April 18, 2015

Alexander Bergström

Alexander Bergström, from Sweden.

"Aleksandra P"

"Amelie from behind"

"Calamity Amelie at her place 2"

"Marine and Candice 3"

Alexander Kruglov

Alexander Kruglov, to visit also on Photosight.ru

"The lords of the Babilons"

Why these images ? What do they mean ? I have to know.

Alexander Kruglov

The first article published in 2007.

The universe of Herr Buchta

You'll find Herr Buchta here.

Art Model Seraphine

"...dreamin' of..."

"Stigmataballet 01"

" Home"
Art Model Karo



His book "Intense" is available


Adri Berger

Today, I wanted true colours ! Something to wake me up after a hard night and a worse morning. Done.

Adri Berger is a talented british photographer who is working on many projects. Visit his site to see that !

From the Series "Body Worx"