August 30, 2009

Darren Phillips

"Yesterdays Delivery"
Art Model Jennie May

"*12.28.2011 image removed by request from artist"

"Lazy Days"
Art Model Deb

Darren Phillips ©

August 28, 2009

Those eyes

Dan West
"Vassanta Portrait"

Calliopes Room
Model Karla

Zhang Jingna
Model Sugi

Charles E. Nevols
"Looking at you"
Art Model Deivi

Tiki Llanes
Model Sofia

Marc Hoppe
"Black and white"
Model Jasmin

David LeBeck
"Morning, 133"
Art Model Nettie R Harris -

August 27, 2009

Rich colours again

Scott James Prebble -
"Friends let you watch"
Art Model Fabba

Bahadir Kuyucu
"She is Leopard I"
Art Model Merve

"Bizarre blue I"

Minon -
Self portrait

Idani Photography
"Time Goddess"
Art Model Aisii

Dystopian Studios
"Is this better"
Art Model, Author and Singer St Merrique -

Massalo -
"Open Universe"
MUA Welwitschia Aguiar

François Benveniste -
"Fire is out"
Art Model Alexandra

Matt Conrads
"Do you not see emotion"
Art Model, Author and Singer St Merrique

Scott F. Hill -
"Decadence II"
Art Model Miss Anya -

Adam Chilson
"Incendiary Intent"
Art Model NevaehLleh -

August 26, 2009

Rudolf Imrišík (Himsouls) next Exhibition

From Sep 1st to Nov 30th, 2009, Himsouls, a creative and innovative Contributing Artist we all like, will be exhibited at :

The Prague Congress Centre
5. kvetna 65
140 21 Prague 4
Czech Republic

"Corpse Bride-Wedding Day"

"The roses fairy tales"

August 25, 2009

Spectacular duos

André Brito -

François Benveniste -
Art Models Clelia and Liloo

Evgeniy Shaman -
"Above and under"

Beau eRomantica -
"Athena and Olga 2"

David LeBeck -
"Sea Nymphs, 106"
Art Models Escura and Chloe

Gary Breckheimer -
"We All Come In Blind and Naked"
Art Models Lela Rae and Sarah

Robert Triboli -
"J and T 8"

Gerhardt Thompson -

Paul Alexander -
"Helping Hands"

Jim Young -
Art Model and photographer Iris Dassault and Sapphire Stone

Warren Brown -
"At the Border"
Art Models Niansa and Believe Hope

John Peri -
"They both grew their hair..."

Andrew Kaiser -
"Double Number 2"
Art Models Erica and Lindsay

Michal Plíhal -
"Hana and Monika 03"

Dave Ayerst Davies -
"The Sisters"
Art Models Kerry and Natalie

Nick Ash
Art Model Kat Love -

Al Calkins -

Vernon Trent -
Art Models Amber Gangi and Candace Nirvana -