July 28, 2014

Tiky Llanes

Tiki Llanes is watched by 333 deviantART members, a tremendous score he deserves.

Photographer and film maker from Mexico, we can feel in his photos the warmth of South America. Checking the large gallery (more than 500 photos) of Tiky Llanes, in order to give you the best approach of his work, I told myself that Tiki Llanes is a talented portraitist.

And of course, a very nice fellow ! Thanks Tiky to participate so kindly to this (too short) exhibition.

"One Step Ahead"
Model Yara

"In The Past"
Model Gabriela Lomeli

July 27, 2014

Welcome Simon Loach

" Trying to make photographs that no longer look like photographs. And then again, maybe some that do. Usually images of people but with the occasional something else making the odd appearance." Simon Loach



"Come back to me, who wait and watch for you Or come not yet, for it is over then, And long it is before you come again, So far between my pleasures are and few." Christina Georgina Rossetti

After 235 First Features, it becomes harder and harder to write about an artist, photographer in this case. As you know I don't really talk about the backstages, the way they shoot, how, when... No, I prefer to talk about their why, and my wows! It's so difficult to create. I mean to Create. To give your own truth. Simon Loach inspired me these words because his art is true and deep is his talent.

Someone said : " ... his photographs blend words, people and places together in a wonderfully evocative fashion" and Simon is not sure about that. And he's right. First, in French, the word "fashion" is not appropriate at all to the work of Simon Loach. "Style" would be better. And second, he says nothing about the signature of this artist.

The work of Simon is so emotional and creative, with a captivating etched style coming "from a different time", as he says himself. He loves that, to change of time.

Simon loves two quotes : "Any photographer who says he's not a voyeur is either stupid or a liar" from Helmut Newton, and " Oh let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone, Let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon" by Leonard Cohen. As you see, reality and poetry appear in all his pictural or litterary choices for a fantastic result.

When you'll read his words, you'll understand this way he choosed to express all his inner beauty. And what a result !

A big Welcome, Simon. Glad to see you here !


"In the dark"

From Ivory Flame, Art Model, :

" Very easy going, treated me well and with respect, and kept me happy with chocolate biscuits. What more could a girl want ?"

Art Model Ivory Flame

From Rebecca Imogen Tun, Art Model, Painter and Photographer :

" Simon is one of the most creative and talented photographers I've worked with. Our shoot together definitely goes in my top 3 favourite shoots ever. He has his own unique style which I love, but is also extremely versatile, ready to be inspired by his surroundings and his model and bring a fresh load of talent and resourcefulness to every new theme. He is great fun to work with and extremely interesting to talk to. If you want to meet a true artist then I would definitely recommend working with Simon."

"July 1921"
Art Model Rebecca Imogen Tun

" Rebecca Imogen Tun , (professor to be) of linguistics, model and rather talented photographer as well."

In his own words, written just for us :

"Mona 10"
Art Model Mona

I originally used to say I was trying to make photographs that no longer look like photographs.

On reflection I think what I meant was photographs that look as if they where taken in a different era, like they belong to a bunch of undiscovered negatives from a different time.

I want them to be simulacra, images that look like they belong to a past, but that past never really happened. Images that look like the sound of scratches on old jazz records.

I mainly use digital but happily mix and match with 120 film. I think the best quote I’ve ever heard about the relationship between the two is “digital is like a rough sketch, whereas film's like a Caravaggio”.

I tend to use titles from whatever music I'm listening to at the time and often swap them around when I find they are better suited to a different image.

"Come back to haunt me come what may..."
Art Model Rebecca Imogen Tun

"A mixture of 120 film for the main image and bits of digital found objects for the textures, etc."

His blog

"I don't want words I want oblivion..."

Art Model Joceline

Welcome Steve Johns


Here is Steve Johns, australian photographer, that I love very much (more than I like, so) since a certain time. He doesn't know it, but I discovered his work there are two years ago. He was one of my bigger "coups de foudre" during my first steps in the wonderful world of nude-art photography.

I like his compositions, his lights, his themes. You know that I prefer the sets of models in natural environment, he loves that too. You know now how much I prefer the simple nudity, he prefers too...

And big cherry on a tremendous chantilly cheesecake, he's a super nice man ! The kind of artist I always wanted to meet a day.

"Aqua Dreams"

" Born in Australia Steve Johns has spent the majority of his life instructing and leading adventure activities in some of the most remote and untouched locations in the World.

After a life changing experience he is now committed to sharing his passions in the form of artistic and creative images.

His love of photography comes from a deep affection for the natural environment as well as an insatiable curiosity for the human spirit.

Some of his recent activities include entries in various international competitions which resulted in a number of first and second places, as well as Champion prints.

More recently he has been focusing on fine art BW nudes with a strong environmental theme shooting outdoors using natural light only in the pristine gorges, mountains and rain forests of northern New South Wales (Australia)."



His Ethics and Philosophy (what a beautiful word !) :
" My images are a construal of the natural world hence they must be true to the original scene that was in front of me at the time.

In today’s digital world it is difficult to find an image that has not been heavily manipulated (edited and altered), however through the use of appropriate digital editing techniques similar to traditional dark room methods it is possible to produce an image that is equal to the integrity of the original scene at its truest and finest. Digital technology that replicates traditional darkroom tools is considered to be undamaging to the virtues of a scene if those tools do not fundamentally alter the integrity of that image."



"Alter ego"

" My love of photography comes from a deep affection I have for the natural environment as well as an insatiable curiosity of humanity and the plight of the human spirit.

I first picked up a camera at age 11 and over the course of 15 years managed to have some pictures and stories printed in adventure magazines but eventually focused on being an adventure activities instructor instead.

It would be another 20 years before I became interested in photography again.
In 2005 I had a motor cycle accident while racing at Philip Island race track crashing my bike at over 200klm per/hour resulting in a severely fractured leg. This left me with a permanent disability and I am now unable to lead and instruct groups in outdoor education. Part of my recovery was to re-invent my recreation and a camera was the first thing on the list. I have since purchased a Nikon D200 and an Olympus E500 a Digital Dark Room work station as well as printing and framing equipment that enable me to produce all of my own work.

Some of my recent activities include a number of entries in the Bellingen Show which resulted in two first places, a second place, a highly commended and Champion print.

The main aim of my work is to bring the extraordinary beauty of the natural environment to the attention of the viewer but it's not just the natural environment that I capture in an image it's also the mood of that environment at that given moment in time, hence much of my work is emotive.

These images often include elements of the harsh character of nature in contrast with its natural beauty, the intention here is to convey a parallel of our own existence despite the struggles of daily life."

"Torso Splash"

Steve Johns ©

July 4, 2014

K Leo joins us

K Leo at his official site, deviantART, Model Mayhem.

"Give me beautiful nows"

"Mash your ever lovin thought"
Art Model Lyra

"I've spent quite a while on your portfolio. It draws you in and keeps you looking. Amazing work."
Nettie R Harris, Art Model -

" You my friend have found the essence of human beauty and can't seem to quench your thirst. Your work is saturated with your passion and that is inspirational to say the least. Had a look on your site too, really, really great stuff !"
Photographer Marius Budu

"Move your body" could be his favorite words. I don't know, he didn't tell me. But I'm sure I'm not wrong. When you carefully watch the work of K Leo, you can't miss his endless love for the movement.

Addicted to B/W, using probably natural lights the most he can, all his work is full of life. His talented art models are jumping, bending, extending, modeling in passionate, provocative, emotive, captivating, inspiring, talking... poses.

The prolific K Leo belongs a unique style. Don't ask me how he found it, many tries of course, his inner vision (read carefully his title), his love for life and simple things... I suppose.

Because K Leo doesn't need great settings or a plenty of accessories to shot. He seems to be there just to capture the essence of the human beauty he sees everywhere, in everybody. He's a true observer :

" Nothing is more impressive to me than people. It is my subject of choice. I believe that everyone has beauty."

"The sharp crash turn and over the brim"
Art Model PXE

Art Model Rebecca Pardue

"An unknown"
Art Model and Photographer Iris Dassault

K Leo is 32 years old... (Three small points to let you imagine).

His studio is in Chicago Heights (Illinois, USA).

His favorite quote is : "It costs nothing to be honest, loyal, and true." True, like the smile.

And his artistic heroes/influences include Gustav Klimt, Patrick Nagel, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, R Crumb, Darren Aronofsky, Jan Sanders Van Hemessen, Daniel Johnston, Regina Spector, Kimya Dawson, Linda Lou Corlett, Steve Sherrell, Coop, Hunter S Thompson, Wesley Willis, Toulouse Lautrec... Great Artists, body and soul devoted to their Art. Like him.

I'm deeply glad and (very, yes, I confess) proud to welcome such an inspired photographer.

"In all fabled lands"
Art Model Brooke Lynne -

"Smash crash fall fun"
Art Model Pearl Pistol

I believe in beauty.
I trust Art.
I seek implausible things.

"Always the differences"


" We live in a freakishly marvelous world. I am perpetually amazed at the places, faces and precarious situations that surround us all. Mirth and beauty throughout.

I picture almost everything as made up of small repetitive shapes.

In my pictures you will find a mix of clever naked ladies standing, odd shadows glowering, beautiful smiling women posing, classy burlesque dancers prancing, normal topless gals laughing, springy jumping girls kicking, statuesque Art models looking off camera, wonderful breasts and interesting boobs, plain white wall locations."

About his way to work :

"Prompted by a state of inclination
into a move of spoil"

Art Model PXE

" All photo shoots are collaboration.

If we work together you will be an active participant in the artistic process and your ideas/thoughts carry value. How much input you would like to express is your choice but it is important to me that you know this scheme is ours."

"Expeditious in resilient absorption of more unexpected fars"

Andre J joins us

“The moment of magic is past, but the photographic images remain.“ Andre J

"Absorb the sun"
Art Model Bronwyn Radford

You'll find Andre J at his official site, deviantART, his prints and calendars to order at redbubble, all his articles here inside.

"Watching waters"
Art Model Dollybeck -

Australian Photographer from Sydney, Andre J has always been fascinated by the beauty of the female form, in colour and outdoors settings of course, he's Australian...

Art Model Dollybeck

"Stunning Dollybeck showing a remarkable Kate Hepburn quality (as in the scene from 'the african queen' we never got to see)"

With David LeBeck and Scott James Prebble, Andre J is one of the most prolific photographer I follow since a long time : at this date 1732 photographs in his gallery !

Such a creativity is really impressive... I let you imagine how long it takes to watch everything and how difficult it can be to choose photographs in a portfolio so full of marvellous (yes) images.

"Mud modesty"
Art Model White Peach

Self taught photographer, Andre J knows how to capture the best of his gorgeous art models, such as the famous Dollybeck or White Peach, Niansa and Seraphiim, all often published here.

Always looking for the most expressive poses, with wonderful contrasting shapes, he gives us the very best of their beauty in outstanding landscapes.

To end, a photographer can be prolific, but there are not so numerous to succeed like Andre J.

That said, I know his modesty, let's hear him.

Thank you Andre for your indefectible support since the beginning of this site.

From his interview for World of the Nude Art blog :

"Most of my nude work is fine art, generally harmonising or contrasting the human form with or against natural or built environments.

I love nature – rocks, beaches, rivers, etc – so they are my usual backdrops. Some built environments also appeal, particularly ruins or other atmospheric places.

I do some glamour work as my models often want some for their portfolios and it's something I enjoy. Fetish is not really my thing. The beauty of the form is what appeals to me. I don't see much need to augment it."

Some examples of the diversity of his work :

"Satin 2"
Art Model Baci

"What a delight to meet and shoot with such a wonderful, gorgeous and talented model as Baci"

Art Model White Peach

"Hang on"
Art Model White Peach

From White Peach : "I would like to say a huge thank you to an amazing photographer, Andre J, with whom I did my first real art nude shoot yesterday. I trusted Andre from the minute I met him, and enjoyed every second of working with him (even lying down in the freezing water to get a good shot!). We have the same idea of what constitutes a beautiful art nude shot, which made the shoot a great occasion for us both to bring out our creativity and do some amazing work that I hope you will all enjoy. Thanks for making it a great experience for me."

Art Model White Peach

His Artist statement :

"Diagonal dream"
Art Model Niansa

"Niansa is just amazing, stunningly beautiful, a super-enthusiastic model and an absolute delight."

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all.
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."

Those words, written 200 years ago by John Keats, seem simplistic, but simplicity often has a lot going for it.

"Red rock reflections"
Art Model Bronwyn Radford

A spring morning, warm sun on our backs, a deserted beach, amazing rock formations and colour patterns on wave-wet rocks, the sounds of waves crashing on the beach and an angel of a model as bare and beautiful as nature, in tune with nature, responding to nature.

And a camera to capture the play of light, the interplay of form between body and rock, the emotional connection between person and place.

"Rolling home"
Art Model Kitty Toxin

It's primitive - and wild. And more important than most things we do in life. So many of the trivial things that obsess us day to day seem blissfully insignificant here - in fact they don't even register. Time stops. This is an eternal scene...

A boatload of hoons cruises past, wolf whistles, rebel yells.

We climb the hill - return to our worlds. The moment of magic is past - but the photographic images remain.

I thought that rather than give you a statement full of artistic jargon I'd give you the simple picture above. That is what I've been trying to do for several years now. Trying to capture that moment and share it.

Could I capture that scene, that light, the sounds, the emotions, the freedom, and share it all with someone through a photograph, then I really will have achieved something worthwhile.

"Born of the rock"
Art Model Angel

Art Model Genevieve

So what are the elements of my style ?
I'm not sure that I know, but a few elements :

* Respect for the subject (model).

I have a lot of women, in particular, say that they love that aspect of my work and if I have one aim above all others, that's it. And it pleases me greatly if people can see that.

* A love of beauty.
In the human form and in nature, and a preference for showing harmony between the model and nature. I try not to disfigure the human form (I don't see showing ribs as a disfigurement). I don't go for images of pain or abuse. I don't stick sharp objects through my models or smear them in blood - not to criticise people who present such images - that's their style but not mine.

Art Model Genevieve

Art Model Bronwyn Radford

* I see beauty as an end in itself.
Some people say my shots are meaningless / they're not making statements / they don't have an edge to them... Fine, I can see that that is generally true, but that's not the photographer I am. Sure, I try to find a moment, a point of contact or harmony, but I don't feel the need for the image to make people think. I'm happy for people to appreciate the beauty.

* I have an instinctive preference for colour.
Some would like me to use more b&w... I do that fairly often but I don't see it as my strength.

* I tend to present the whole body rather than to crop tightly.

Lol ! I guess I don't like chopping people up... I'll leave the dramatic close crops to photographers who are better at that.

* I don't do much in the way of photoshopping.
I'd rather the image be real than be perfect. I'll edit out a bra-strap line and get rid of a bruise or cut and knock out a pimple but I'm reluctant to airbrush the model to plastic perfection. I don't mind goosebumps, hairs, moles, etc.

Art Model Dollybeck