November 30, 2016

Sjur Roald, the Art of Portraiture

I follow daily the splendid work of Sjur Roald and I love all. Beyond his brilliant female and male artistic nudes that you will admire in these 2 articles, Sjur is also a great portraitist. I feel in each of his photograph his love and his tenderness, gentleness for the Woman.

When I asked him for a portraiture exhibition, he sent me 38 high resolution photographs ! Thank you my friend, what a lucky man I am ! So I have had to make a choice, this one.  Let's admire :

Art Model Rain Nedd

Art Model Alina Hoven

Art Model Alina Hoven

Art Model Fanny Beladona

Art Model Nina Sever

Art Model Nina Sever

Art Model Therese Ellehaven

Art Model Therese Ellehaven

November 29, 2016

Interview: Art Model, Franki Dame

Art Model, Franki Dame © 2016 Terrell Neasley
I had the privilege to work with Franki earlier this summer and it turned out to be an enlightening experience for me. I knew I would have fun shooting her, but it turned out to be a better shoot than I would have imagined. As soon as she disrobed, all my previous expectations were out the window and I had to start my mind over. We talked about this experience and I asked to interview her for Univers d'Artistes.

1. Okay, first, Introduce yourself! And please include your cosplay interests! 

Hi all *waving* Franki here....  I'm 37 years old,  And for the most part, I love being in front of a camera.  Now, this wasn't always so.  I liked being infront of the camera until I was about 9.  Then,  like most overly lanky-limbed, gaukish, giraffe necked, tower of a teenager, I  hated my body.  I hated my overly large chicken lips, and my gaunt overly wide, deep set eyes, which were given even more of an owl like expression with the large glasses I wore.  Imagine if you will 2 chopsticks coming together making an upside down V, then place a toothpick sticking out each side of the triangle top and a round circle on the very top.  To this day, this is how I remember thinking of myself up until I was over 20.

My family belief had always been that if you didn't look absolutely pristine and perfect, you didn't have your picture taken, and really when would a girl like me ever see herself as perfect enough for a picture? I shake my head and smile a bit sadly thinking back.   Had you met me then, you would never have guessed I'd be a nude model. LOL  

Art Model, Franki Dame © 2016 Terrell Neasley

However, being a girl that wasn't comfortable in her own skin, it was always very fun to dress up as someone else.  I enjoyed trying on different people; wearing clothing I wouldn't be comfortable wearing when I was just  "me"; wearing  more makeup or go the extreme opposite direction by painting even  MORE frown lines and etching them even deeper on my face.  I continued dressing up long after most of my friends declared themselves too big for it.

When I met my boyfriend a few years ago, I did my first Anime Con.  I had discovered Anime cartoons in my 20's, so when my boyfriend was taking his daughter on their annual trek to AnimeCon it was just natural that I joined them and of course dressed up. It was so much fun, that we did it again this year, and I am already looking forward to next year!

Art Model, Franki Dame © 2016 Terrell Neasley

2. What were your current views on nudity and how did you come to first model nude for someone?

My views on nudity have certainly shifted as I've gotten older, that's for sure. Having a rather fundamental upbringing, I didn't discover nude photography until college.   As I mentioned above, I had an atypical body type. However, when I signed up for the required Senior pictures in high school, the photographer was intrigued with shooting me. It was the first time I had heard a stranger call me, "pretty," and, I didn't feel like that girl who wasn't picture perfect. He saw my height as a gift, something to relish and explore as we did the pictures. It was an experience, I never forgot, and to this day, I have those pictures.

They say college is all about "finding yourself," and I guess I was no different. I was trying to become comfortable in my own skin and I really wanted to like myself from the outside in for a change. However, as we all know. professional photographers are not cheap, and so when I was up at college, I started to look into ways that I could have pictures taken without it costing me an arm and a leg. I found the phrase "Prints for Time." and looked up local photographers who used this method. I volunteered myself for a shoot, and as the session progressed, when he suggested I take off my top, I thought "why not'? I've been told, experience itself is what helps foster growth, and that was the case here. Though I wasn't entirely comfortable the first time or the second, or even the third, I was intrigued with their vision, their thoughts, the reasons for why they wanted me topless. Now I may have just been naive, but most of them had a story in their mind. For example, the first time, I was over these cement cylinders. The photographer liked the idea of the white and smoothness of my skin against the dark roughness of the cement. It was interesting. I found that many photographers liked the artistic aspect of my tall willowy form. I even returned to the "senior picture photographer" and did other more adult shoots with him.

When I think back, I notice I usually did nude modeling whenever I need a body boost.  Then after I met my boyfriend... well, that brings us to here.

3. I shot a model who was also into cos and role play. She told me that modeling nude was a different experience altogether. She felt more vulnerable being nude. Would you share her sentiments or how is it different for you?

I agree about the vulnerability, but I like to push myself. Not like the challenge.  For me,  cos and role play is about NOT being yourself, but rather trying someone else on or even hiding yourself.  When I model nude, I can't hide.... well, anything.  *HAH*

Art Model, Franki Dame © 2016 Terrell Neasley

4.  What have you learned about yourself from these experiences? What do you get out of modeling?

I have learned that I am beautiful.  I have learned that I am as unique and special as everyone else.  That we are all imperfect, and that is a GOOD thing.  That underneath our clothes we are all naked.  That vulnerability is that thing that makes us beautiful, though good lighting helps.  I have also learned to take a compliment.

From modeling, I get reminded that I'm beautiful.  We all have days where we only see the negatives of ourselves, it's nice to remind myself that just last week, I looked amazing, and I couldn't have gained that much weight or gotten that many more wrinkles, in just one week.    I showed a few of the pictures you had taken to one of my friends, that one highlighting all the lumps and bumps, and she tells me, "Wow! you have great breasts!"  "Thank you." I replied.  

5. Excluding being comfortable in one's own skin/bodies, what do you believe would be some other essential elements or qualities that art nude models should possess? And then also, what helped you acquire these assets?

It would seem to me that the ability to see past the awkwardness of the moment; to be willing to go on a journey with the photographer - understanding the outcome completely eclipses the present. Even if someone wasn't "comfortable in their skin" probably having a carefree nature helps you get past that hick-u.p. As for myself, I never questioned the why.

6. Here's a big one. Tell me what your opinion is as to the difference between artistic nudity and pornography.

Probably just depends on the eye of the beholder.  Depending on your upbringing and personal beliefs, I think some people will call any nude photography pornagraphic,  For me, I think if there's 70's stripper music or a fluffer in the background, it's probably pornography.    

Art Model, Franki Dame © 2016 Terrell Neasley

7. Is there anything hard or difficult about art nude modeling and posing? Do you have to deal with any scrutiny from people around you at all?

It's cold.  I really hate being cold.  And the poses get tiresome sometimes.  It takes energy and some days that's hard too.  I admit, doing nude photography for me is an adrenaline rush, but still, sometimes, that lack of sleep the night before still wants to come out.  Also, with many poses, it's about getting that perfect line or having the light hit you in a certain spot, so you hang out in one position unmoving for quite a while.

So.... most people around here don't know about my nude modeling.  With my profession, let's just say it wouldn't sit well with most people.  I hope some day to be able to bare it all, but for now, most only know me with my clothes on.

8.  Tell us about other art models who's work you enjoy. How do they influence your own work and style?

When you find something on Pinterest, or Tumblr that piques your interest, I tend to find things that I want to create in my own way.  Most of the pictures though are anonymous, so you tend to follow blogs or boards more than artists. I've kind of fallen out of following anyone recently, spending my free time doing more personal modeling.  

Art Model, Franki Dame © 2016 Terrell Neasley

9. Same question, but this time with reference to photographers.

My main photographer is my boyfriend.  The only other people who I've allowed to shoot me recently are people he has a close personal relationship with.  This has included most recently, you and Miss Julian Grey.

10. What's next? What projects are coming up and how do we follow you?

In 4 years, I have plans to move to Vegas.  I should be easier to find then. Maybe I'll talk to my guy about setting up a Pinterest board or Tumblr blog sometime next year.

Art Model, Franki Dame © 2016 Terrell Neasley

November 27, 2016

Robert Lubanski behind the curtain !

Member since 2007

I love the backstages ! My friends photographers, you are welcome ;-)  :

" Photography to the amateur is recreation, to the professional it is work, and hard work too, no matter how pleasurable it may be."
Edward Weston

November 14, 2016

Léa Michelle L'émoi, our next Uda Art Editor ?

Very active in Facebook, I love since a long time her sure taste and her originality. I like the photographers she exhibits and I have never seen, what I find strange due to the number of our Artists Members here and all those I see daily for a next article.Léa is a beautiful and kind woman with a great talent to discover the photographs we are very numerous to like and love.

Since 2 months I am waiting Léa answers to my invitation to become UdA Art Editor... She told me so many :
- Yes ! Ok !! I want !!! I am busy but I come soon !
But... I am still waiting and crying... I am too impatient. Join us Léa !! It is so fun and easy to publish here in a total freedom, my dearest Léa !

Anyway, I wipe my tears, here is an example of her daily exhibitions which touch my heart :

By the way,  Artists, Art Lovers and dear Readers, if you want to participate and become an UdA Art Editor, send me some words about your desire, your work, blog and site at :

UdA, it is 8 000 to 15 000 pages viewed per month with some peaks at 100 000.
UdA is the unique Collective Artists and Art Magazine of this genre in the world, with more than 400 Artists Members and 2 020 000 readers since 2007.
Artists : you can publish your work and new works, your books, your calendars, your events, your workshops, your friends... 
With always the permission of the Artist and my little corrections for your beginnings, you publish what you want, as you want (no paste fromWord !).
I love to introduce an artist with my words then his bio, then 6 to 8 photos, but do what you want, I need changes.
I loved also to do interviews (check label) but I'm too exhausted now, maybe you ?
Always link the artist to his site, it is a gold rule, always render to caesar...
UdA is opened to all genres and not only female and male nude art.

November 8, 2016

The gentleness of Alecu Grigore

"Kitty Cat Lina"

"Flipped Kitty"

Alecu Grigore is a 34 years old photographer (since 14 years he told me) who lives in Timisoara, Romania.

Not exclusively an art nude photographer as you'll see in his portfolios (don't miss his shots at Venise !), Alecu loves to play with the contrasts. The best examples are in the images above between the softness of the art models and the edginess of the location.

Add to this his great lighting, the right shadows at the right places, his creative compositions and perfect way to direct his art models and you'll say like me : "WOW !"


I would have loved to tell you more about him but sorry, I just speak French and English (by the way, never hesitate to correct my mistakes !).

Anyway, it's a great pleasure to welcome such a talented photographer that we'll follow in his long and successful career !

"Stone Cold"

Some words about him :

"Alexandra starts it up"

From Milos Mashed :
"You have great eye to create art. Nice technique, great ideas behind them and a wonderful dept in images appears which create a class of your own.
Thank you for sharing your work and style with us. Congrats to you and to them for the wonderful body of work that you have presented here. I look forward to seeing more."

"Season Starter"


From Alina Vasilescu :
"I was once told I should never question the visions of a photographer. I am questioning your vision now.
I am puzzled, intrigued, confused and amazed at the same time, because I cannot put my finger on what it is that makes you tick.
I see women, I see skin, I see sensuality, yet again I am SURE that I see maybe the smallest piece of what you have seen. Bodies speak to you, skin obeys your eyes.
Congratulations would just be redundant here, so I am just going to advise you to keep unveiling yourself through your work."



November 1, 2016

Pavel Kuznetsov, my Facebook daily Artwork

My today Artwork :

Pavel Kuznetsov, from Russia, touches my eyes and my heart because of the symbolism and the beauty of his entire work. He called this one "total uncommunicativeness", what we live daily. Pavel Kuznetsov will be soon à la Une of Univers d'Artistes ! I already have some words for him. Bravo Pavel, you are great.

"total uncommunicativeness"