August 29, 2008

François Benveniste

"Leaving her"
Art Model Sophie

François Benveniste ©

To order his new book :

Glam reporter
François Benveniste
80 pages
154 x 234 mm
ISBN : 2-915460-57-5
25 €

Kiran Patil

You'll find Kiran Patil at his MySpace, Flickr.

Like Al Calkins or Andrew Kaiser, Brian Mackey, Kiran Patil loves the reality : no sophistication, no make-up, just his models captured in intimate moments of their true life. Let's admire !

In some words :

My name is Kiran Patil. I am a candid nude photographer.

My goal is to capture people in the nude at home, at work or at play in a way that is natural and evocative.

The candid nudes are shot using a Kowa/Six medium format camera and Ilford Delta 3200, a high speed black and white film.

I take roughly 12 photos of each person doing certain activities. I have a tendency to guess my exposures, which I admit aren't always correct. The camera is always handheld and only available lighting is used. This is an experiment in progress.

The blog of Dan Van Winkle

Art Model Sarah Ellis

The wonderful blog of a great photographer :
"I've joined the blog generation. I'm still new at it... but hey, if you want to read about my shoots, I'm trying to catch up and from now on, I'll try to be a little more timely..."

"Kneely 003"

Robert Lubanski

You'll find Robert Lubanski at his official site, ALTphotos, Model Mayhem.

Model Nadja

August 28, 2008

The new website of Jiri Ruzek

Go and see his brand new official site !

"Jiri Ruzek (born August 29, 1967 in Litomerice, Czech Republic) is a glamour and nude art photographer.
In 1995, he asked his first model for a photo-session. In 2004 he moved to Prague to live and work there. Went on to explore a variety of styles, but is most noted for his black-and-white artistic nude passionate photographs with a slight suggestion of some micro-story.
Jiri Ruzek's photographs have been published in various printed or internet magazines and his prints are included in private collections around the world (USA, Mexico, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Czech Republic etc...)."

Jiri Ruzek

Gavin Bell

"Figure Study of Tavia Spizer"

" I was recently interviewed for my art nudes by Chris Saint James on his site Univers d'Artistes. He is a great supporter of this genre and features many talented photographers and models. My interview is [here]
Have a browse through and look at the growing selection Chris has arranged."

Thanks a lot Gavin ! This site is yours...

"Stone and Wood"
Art Model Dollybeck

Summertime Joy !

Beau eRomantica -
"The swimming hole"
Art Model Dollybeck -

Andre J -
Art Model Nikki

David LeBeck -
"Escura 1 - Wildflowers - 224"

David Charles -
"Lazy Summer Mornings"
Art Model Muse -

Abe Taltre -

Laurie Klippel
"Chillin out"
Art Model Nsaia

Dan West -
"Lily02 -165"

Terrell Neasley -
Art Model Tiffiny

Sabine Schoenberger

You'll find Sabine Schoenberger at her official site, Artring, Fotocommunity, Gothic Model Gallery, ALTphotos,

A wonderful series with Marie !

"Der Ruf des Waldes"

"Im Reich der Elfen"

"Sie zieht dich hinab"

Sabine Schoenberger

August 27, 2008

My beloved artists ! My dearest readers !

During these 6 months passed in a sad hospital, between death and life (what a nice experience for a writer !), you missed me so much.

Every day I was thinking about you, your amazing talent that turn me upside down, your wonderful art and all the beautiful things you gave me.

You missed me Dave, and Iris, and Gerhardt, and Carrie and Terrell, and Angel and Luccia, and all of you (sorry, you're so numerous !).

To end this post, I want to thank all of you who kept this blog going on. It's... so... wonderful !

Read you soon !!!

Jean Turco