July 31, 2007

Michael Sloane

You'll find Michael Sloane at his official site, ALTphotos, Model Mayhem.

David Jay

Here is the great David Jay



Andrew Cumberland

To know everything about Andrew Cumberland's work, his prints, and all the prizes he won, go there : his official site, his gallery at deviantART.

"Morning's Sorrow"

" I love shooting art nudes. Why ? It is one of the few times that a photographer can actually create a whole scene that s/he sees in their mind's eye. I can take the viewer to another world, or another time and place.

"Morning's Glory IV"

" I also love the ability to use the female form in a way that is totally unexpected - something that really slaps the viewer's idea of what is coming.

The third type of art nude that I love are those aimed at softness and romance. Where else but art nudes can a photographer achieve all these things ?

"Road to Nowhere"

" I also love shooting wildlife, nature and landscapes. In my mind, the link to art nudes is obvious. It's about chosing the best way of showing the true beauty of nature. However, nature is sometimes more challenging.

While I can ask a model to move slightly, a mountain will stay exactly where it is. While it doesn't matter if a model is a few minutes late, those vital seconds make all the difference to a nature shot. Oh, it's more technically challenging to work in a studio under artifical lights, but nature offers her beauty for only the briefest of moments, and often she does not provide a second chance.

" Never-the-less, to achieve perfection in a shot, and to convey emotion, I believe you need to have total control over the camera. To achieve control over the camera, you must know what you want a shot to convey.

And so, my other love : photo-journalism. I use the phrase a little differently to most photographers. I don't seek exciting events to tell a story. I like to catch people in particular contexts. Done well, amazing stories can unfold.

There are a range of shots in the China gallery of my website that demonstrate this technique : a sweet, dirty faced little girl hanging out the washing ; an old man drawing water from a well ; and another old man taking the time to enjoy a cigarette."

"Smoke break"

Alessandro Ansuini

Alessandro, you're an inspired photographer, but you like to make many other things...

I play with a band called camera mix. I usually am the voice (speak poetry) but I play also guitar, bongos, synthetizer. We are not a band, we are an ensemble. Every concert we made is different. We use people of the area, if it's possible. For this summer, we plan the 3rd of august at London, the 10th Paris, the 17th Trieste, and the 22nd Amalfi, in Italy.

"Dead horse dance"

"Killing qwerty Tarantino"

So your main project is camera mix. And your goal with ?

To play in every part of the world without an agency or stuff like that. We like to be independent. Our strenght is the human heat, and friendship. And I cross the fingers, probably next year, I'll read (with camera mix) in Buenos Aires, in the university. In the last two years, we made seven different nations, so the situation is really cool.


What did you make ? Shows ? Happenings ? Concerts ?

Every of that. We use video, photography. music, poetry. We play in universities, clubs, restaurants, bars, docks, metropolitans, theatres, discotheques. We change every time. We change also the people, the core is me and Enrico, but really a lot of people is involved in the ensemble.

"The black shoes"

You're also a writer.

I'm a poet. I published three books (officia) from the 2002, and I have an independent press, because I dont like official press, I'm not interesting in that. I made book by myself. It's my second big activity.

A word about your next step ?

My project for the future is to work with video, poetry and music, and of course photography. There's a lot of ways to try, because, in one word, I'm a perfomer that uses and mixes different arts, and I want to continue on this way.

"Write now"

July 30, 2007


Making my article about Tatieva, I told me that censorship is the most fabulous way to make people want something you don't want they have.

Of course, open door, I know, and you too, all smart people know it. But it seems that Myspace need to go right back to school, learning everything about the necessity to let people live their own lives, free and responsible.

Here are some examples from R.I.T.Z.E. of what censorship introduced in the occidental sixties :

July 29, 2007


You'll find all her artworks for sale in her galleries : her official site, Les callypiges de Tatieva, Artabus, Tatieva Punk.

Tatieva, give us some news about you ?

" There is... Before and later... My daughters in colors and sensualism have a little changed... It's even two different worlds ! The one which is light, playful, naughty, roguish, and the other one which is darker, like in suffering, all in interiority.

Let's say that I fall into me to clear my past and prepare a future I hope serene ! I believe that it's particular to the artist this way to fall, then to fly, again and again. Musician, painter or writer... It's what also makes our wealth and our difference !"

Thanks Tatieva for your lovely participation. Come back when you want. You hold the keys.

"L'Amour dans les Synapses"
(série Emotions)

"La Tasse Rose"
(série Jolies Rondes)

" My painting is full of life, colors, vibrations... Offer, give, to share a moment of enjoyment, gaiety, sensualism to the eye which passes by there, it is a pure moment of happiness... "

"Callipyge bleue au Parapluie"
(série Juste Femme)

"Paris, sous la Pluie (d'après G. Caillebotte)"
(série Anisée)

" I want my paintings to be crisped as we crunch the life ! "

"Nu Rouge"
(série Rouge)


Jan Hronsky

Jan Hronsky is 41, born in Slovakia, Europe, living in Prague, Czech Republic. He has been shooting since 2003.

You'll find him also at Model Mayhem.


"Nabor do TS"

"Noha HaHa"

"V Podchode"

July 28, 2007

Tiky Llanes

Tiki Llanes is watched by 333 deviantART members, a tremendous score he deserves.

Photographer and film maker from Mexico, we can feel in his photos the warmth of South America. Checking the large gallery (more than 500 photos) of Tiky Llanes, in order to give you the best approach of his work, I told myself that Tiki Llanes is a talented portraitist.

And of course, a very nice fellow ! Thanks Tiky to participate so kindly to this (too short) exhibition.

"One Step Ahead"
Model Yara

"In The Past"
Model Gabriela Lomeli