September 27, 2014

Welcome Brian Mackey

Brian Mackey at Model Mayhem, deviantART.

Brian Mackey (Ctphotoguild) is 50 years old and lives in New Jersey, USA.

When viewing his work for the first time, I was immediately impressed by the true reality of his pictures. Neither refined lights nor perfect poses, neither complicate compositions nor false beauty, just the truth of his model, only a simple situation, and his camera to capture this pure moment of real life, so far from the heavy sophistication that makes famous so many photographers.

Disturbing or not, his photographs talk about his feelings, good or bad, about their feelings, up or down, and never lie.

"A friend from the past IV"
Art Model Amanda

"Femina Invictus series 3"
Art Model and Self-Photographer Rachel Lovitt

The arts and especially now digital photography has always been way for me to express my thoughts, my feelings, my fantasies, my demons, dreams and hidden desires.

"Lovely Lines"

The camera never lies, and the work that I produce, takes an amazing amount of trust between myself and the women and men that have been so willing to be my muse. I love them all and hold them all in the highest esteem.

There is a certain reverence in fine art, fetish, and erotica photography, and that very respect is the code by which I have always tried to live my life. So you can certainly say that for me my work has always been a very selfish endeavor, it is in a few words my reason for being.

From the oil field’s of Texas, to the beautiful woman in Ft. Lauderdale to the Harshness of the Canadian wilderness, and the dirty faced children of New Orleans, and the emptiness of New York, all of my subjects have in one way or another touched me, broken me or made me stronger. All have left a profound mark on my life.

"New muse..."
Art Model Miss Laura B

After a 20 year absence from the world of imagery, I feel that I have come home. The last two years I have found myself opening up my soul, shooting and showing my work in New York City, PA, and the internet. So with all that said, and so much more I would love to say. Please allow me to introduce to you, my section of this book.

September 18, 2014

Welcome Richard Rasner

" My specialty is the non-erotic, non sexual nude, and my goal is to make nude photography a respected art form once again." Richard Rasner

"Urban Mermaid"
Art Model Joykinz

Richard Rasner is prolific, imaginative, and he works on a wide range of fine nude art themes, from the most classical to the most modern ones. Impressed by his talent, I couldn't resist to the pleasure to welcome him here inside.

You'll find Richard Rasner at deviantART

My name is Richard Rasner. I'm a professional member of the National Press Photographer's Association. I photograph nudes for a living. It is my only job. I am an actual functioning professional artist.

I have been a published fine art nude photographer for over 10 years. My work has been displayed in museums and galleries worldwide and my most recent book "Whispers of the Mind" was a top seller on Amazon (note : out of print, available at Lulu).

"Yuuin by Gwendelin Artanis"
Art Model Joykinz

My vision is to take nude photography out of the downward spiral that the internet has taken it and bring it back to the respectable art form it once was.

I choose this occupation because I have a genuine passion for nudes, and a desire to bring them back to the forefront of respectable art.

I currently split my time pretty evenly between Las Vegas, NV & Riverside, CA (near Los Angeles). I shoot regularly at Nakayama Studios in Las Vegas, NV, which is my personal studio, and also at D.M. Gremlin Studios in Long Beach, CA, which is owned by my friend. Both studios are available for rent if you're interested in shooting at the same places that I have."

"All in all..."
Art Model Skylar Petit

"Broken egg"
Art Model Green Bird Girl

How to mix passions !

"The Resilience of Nature"
Art Model Britany

I was a music major in college, earning my scholarship on the baritone saxophone. I sold my first alto sax to Joey Hernandez of The Voodoo Glow Skulls (who I went to high school with) who still uses it to this day. (Also at my high school at the same time I was there : rapper "Skee-Lo" and the rock band "Green Jelly/Jell-O.").

I used to sing professionally with the Riverside Pops but now I mostly compose and fool around on the piano.

Still, I love working with bands and currently I am shooting for DB (Mr. Moneybag$), Lips Like Morphine, Lady Reiko and the New Wailers and a few others.

Duran Duran liked my pictures so much from their concert at The Joint that they put them up on their home page ! I'm very happy to have gotten the opportunity to meet and shoot so many great people.

Art Model Green Bird Girl

About Nakayama Studios :

"Gravity in the 8th Dimension"
Art Model  Skylar Petit

Nakayama Studios was founded in 1985 by Michael Nakayama. His work with Playboy and other adult magazines, unfortunately overshadowed the great potential in his little-known art pieces. In 1997 he took on an apprentice, Richard Rasner, who would take the studio in an entirely new direction upon inheriting it after Michael's untimely death in 2002.

Under Richard Rasner, the studio left the adult world in favor of fine art nudes.

His work is shown throughout the world in prestigious galleries including the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Apparatus Las Vegas, Palms Long Beach, the Lodz Art Center (Lodz, Poland), and many others. In 2006 he released his first book, "Whispers of the Mind" which instantly became an Amazon bestseller and catapulted Nakayama Studios and its subsidiary, Unique Nudes, into global fame.

In early 2007 the studio moved its headquarters to Las Vegas and Richard acquired his own apprentice, Jenna Black. Jenna started as an assistant with little practical experience, and is now a rapidly rising star in the local art scene. Another photographer, Dorian "DJ" Johnson was added to the studio lineup later that year.

"Wonderland princess"
Art Model Jesyka

" The Whispers of the Mind project incorporates everything in Richard’s artistic makeup. It is epic and ambitious. It is neo-romance at its best. And while based in fantasy, it is real enough to feel as if one could reach out to touch each image or perhaps speak directly to the subjects within."
(From the foreword by Victoria Lane)

The Whispers of the Mind project was an ambitious undertaking by fine art nude photographer Richard Rasner of Nakayama Studios back in 2004. It featured over 25 different models in various costumes at locations all over Southern California.

The Whispers of the Mind book contains all 34 original images, re-mastered in stunning high resolution, with commentary from the artist on each one. Each image is in glorious full color on its own page, with the commentary preceding it on the adjacent page to allow as much room for detail as possible.

September 11, 2014

Welcome Howard Nowlan

Howard Nowlan

"Grace and Passion"

After the promotion of his books, it's time to discover Howard Nowlan, a freelance photographer based in Plymouth in Devon.

His bio, even short, will tell you everything about his deep passion for fine-nude Art, and you know how much I care for passionate artists ! Passion and Beauty, my best medicines... Pictures worthing a thousand words, let's have a look on his work.

I have been involved in photography in a meaningful way since 2002, but the roots run much deeper, as my late wife, Kay, was a professional photographer for over 30 years and teacher of the subject for almost a decade.

I’m currently studying the medium to degree level with the Open College of Arts. I have one over-riding passion, which I ‘caught’ from Kay before loosing her to cancer... to capture the beauty, and to do so in a manner which conveys moments of sheer ‘connection’ to such to others. That’s the goal. The ongoing interest in my work over the last few years suggests I may be getting somewhere...


" Sun Stars"

Available at
Note : Any profits made from the sales of these publications will assist in financing further projects for his Photo Arts Group.

September 9, 2014

Manoj Jadhav is with us

Manoj Jadhav at Saatchi Online, deviantART.

"On my own"

I'm impressed. Really. And that's so good. Watching his galleries, I've discovered a particularly inspired and self called "experimental photographer". Now, for sure, I want to know everything about him !

Manoj Jadhav is born in India in 1971. He's based in Mumbai (India) and travels all around the world for his professional works about Portraits, Fashion, Beauty, Advertising, Editorial, Celebrities and Fine art Projects.

From Saatchi Online :

"Manoj's work ranges from surrealist, abstract portraits to clean and sharp fashion, beauty images. He has mastered the craft for sensual and erotic nudes. Women inspire him. His work is a combination of his perception and imperfection in reality. He believes every visual artist is a voyeur and should be one."


"Lying Metal"


September 7, 2014

Klaus Kampert's First Feature

Klaus Kampert

Art Model, Author and Singer St Merrique -

He sent me a mail (how a lucky man I am !), I went on his site (of course !) and I told myself WOW!... A huge one. And I'm sure that Thorsten Jankowski will appreciate all the talent of Klaus Kampert, if he already doesn't know him what could be very surprising in regard of all their common points.

Here is a Master, self-taught !!, and I'm so happy to introduce him.

He's kind, you know how much it's the first quality I check.
He's inspired, creative, wonderfully directing his talented art models. And he masters the light, with a small preference for the B&W, and the composition with brio.
Just have a look and you'll understand why I stop here the list of all the qualities I see in his work.

Klaus Kampert has his signature, this personal touch that makes of him an Artist I'm very proud to welcome.

Welcome Klaus ! And a big thanks for your confidence.

Klaus Kampert
, born in 1953, lives and works as a freelancer in Duesseldorf, Germany. As a photographer he is self-taught. After working for many well-known photographers in the advertising field, he established his own business in 1981 in Duesseldorf.

His main interest is people-photography focusing on beauty, portrait, nudes and dance.

He works for leading advertising agencies and companies but also indulges in artistic photography.

Many of his images, especially nudes and ballet-dancers have been printed in international publications and are very asked for among collectors.

An amazing palmares !

Membership in Bund Freischaffender Foto-Designer, BFF (leading german Photographers'association) since 1984.

Publications :

Bund Freischaffender Fotodesigner, BFF-Yearbooks since 1984
H.E. Hess, Akt Photo International, Verlag Photo Technik Intern. München, 1988
B.M. Pedersen,Graphis Photo 92, Graphis Press Corp., Zürich, 1992
B.M. Pedersen, Nudes, Graphis Press Corp., Zürich, 1992
B.M. Pedersen,Graphis Photo 93, Graphis Press Corp., Zürich, 1993
U.Richter, Novum, 3/94, Bruckmann Verlag, München, 1994
R.Ashford,Erotique, Carlton Books, London,1998
B.M. Pedersen, Nudes 3, Graphis Inc., New York, 1999
M.Schmalriede, Zeit Blicke, Hatje/Cantz Verlag, Stuttgart, 1999
B.M. Pedersen, Graphis Photo Annual 2003, Graphis Inc., New York, 2003
R.Hillebrand, Fine Art Foto 3/2004, Verlag R.Hillebrand,Neuss, 2004.
S.van Gils, J.van Gils, The Body, Feierabend-Verlag, Köln/Berlin, 2004.
B.M. Pedersen, Nudes 4, Graphis Inc., New York, 2006
B.M. Pedersen, Photography Annual 2010, Graphis Inc., New York, 2010

Single Exhibitions :

2004: Tanz in 13 Akten, Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Düsseldorf
Tanz in 13 Akten, Theater der Stadt Duisburg, Duisburg

Group Exhibitions, e.g. :

2009: Sichuan – Vier Flüsse, Forum für Fotografie, Köln
2008: A Brave New World,Visual Gallery of Photokina, Köln
2007: Best of BFF,Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart
2006: International Photo Festival Xining, China
2005: Selected Characters, BFF, Düsseldorf
2004: CO_OP, Kunstverein Hildesheim, Hildesheim
2002: Die Heilige Kuh, Visuall Gallery of Photokina, Köln

2001: Positiv, Galerie Beethovenstraße, Düsseldorf
2000: Zeit Blicke, Galerie der Stadt Stuttgart, Stuttgart
Ausgezeichnet, Large Format Award 2000, Köln, Rheinauhafen
1998: Zeit Blicke, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, PrivART-Museum, Hamburg
1995: ET HÄNGT!, Landesmuseum Volk u.Wirtschaft, Ehrenhof, Düsseldorf
1988: Schwarz Gesehen, Rheinisches Landesmusum, Bonn

Awards :

2010: Graphis Photography Annual 2010, Gold Award Photography Masters Cup 2010,, Merit of Excellence

Art Model, Author and Singer St Merrique