July 31, 2010

"A Mere Glimpse", the new book of Vahid Naziri !

Congratulations Vahid ! And thanks to show us the entire book in Preview ;)

A Mere Glimpse by Vahid Naziri :
"I see you have finally arrived. Now, for a brief moment, the paths of our lives have intersected. And what do I have to show you? Mere glimpses. Moments not unlike this that I have frozen, a little piece of life that can be held, held still, but, still breathing." Vahid Naziri

Square, 100 pages, Premium Paper.

Hardcover, Dust Jacket EUR €30,95
Hardcover, ImageWrap EUR €33,95


Inside :

"Eternity of calmness"

"My House"
Art Model Katy T

All about Vahid Naziri here

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July 30, 2010

Yuri Bonder in B&W

Yuri Bonder at In memory, Photodom, photosight, photo.net,
usefilm, photoforum.ru, Lens Art,
his first feature, all about him here inside.




"Autumn nude"


"Half nude"


Yury Bonder ©

He said : " The main thing is the desire to photograph, this feeling which eats you, like a disease. If I don't photograph, I feel myself ill."

July 27, 2010

Simon Loach

" Trying to make photographs that no longer look like photographs. And then again, maybe some that do. Usually images of people but with the occasional something else making the odd appearance." Simon Loach

You'll find Simon Loach, from UK, at his official site, his blog, Model Mayhem.



"Come back to me, who wait and watch for you Or come not yet, for it is over then, And long it is before you come again, So far between my pleasures are and few." Christina Georgina Rossetti

After 235 First Features, it becomes harder and harder to write about an artist, photographer in this case. As you know I don't really talk about the backstages, the way they shoot, how, when... No, I prefer to talk about their why, and my wows! It's so difficult to create. I mean to Create. To give your own truth. Simon Loach inspired me these words because his art is true and deep is his talent.

Someone said : " ... his photographs blend words, people and places together in a wonderfully evocative fashion" and Simon is not sure about that. And he's right. First, in French, the word "fashion" is not appropriate at all to the work of Simon Loach. "Style" would be better. And second, he says nothing about the signature of this artist.

The work of Simon is so emotional and creative, with a captivating etched style coming "from a different time", as he says himself. He loves that, to change of time.

Simon loves two quotes : "Any photographer who says he's not a voyeur is either stupid or a liar" from Helmut Newton, and " Oh let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone, Let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon" by Leonard Cohen. As you see, reality and poetry appear in all his pictural or litterary choices for a fantastic result.

When you'll read his words, you'll understand this way he choosed to express all his inner beauty. And what a result !

A big Welcome, Simon. Glad to see you here !


"In the dark"

From Ivory Flame, Art Model, :
" Very easy going, treated me well and with respect, and kept me happy with chocolate biscuits. What more could a girl want ?"

Art Model Ivory Flame

From Rebecca Imogen Tun, Art Model, Painter and Photographer :
" Simon is one of the most creative and talented photographers I've worked with. Our shoot together definitely goes in my top 3 favourite shoots ever. He has his own unique style which I love, but is also extremely versatile, ready to be inspired by his surroundings and his model and bring a fresh load of talent and resourcefulness to every new theme. He is great fun to work with and extremely interesting to talk to. If you want to meet a true artist then I would definitely recommend working with Simon."

"July 1921"
Art Model Rebecca Imogen Tun

" Rebecca Imogen Tun , (professor to be) of linguistics, model and rather talented photographer as well."

In his own words, written just for us :

"Mona 10"
Art Model Mona

I originally used to say I was trying to make photographs that no longer look like photographs.

On reflection I think what I meant was photographs that look as if they where taken in a different era, like they belong to a bunch of undiscovered negatives from a different time.

I want them to be simulacra, images that look like they belong to a past, but that past never really happened. Images that look like the sound of scratches on old jazz records.

I mainly use digital but happily mix and match with 120 film. I think the best quote I’ve ever heard about the relationship between the two is “digital is like a rough sketch, whereas film's like a Caravaggio”.

I tend to use titles from whatever music I'm listening to at the time and often swap them around when I find they are better suited to a different image.

"Come back to haunt me come what may..."
Art Model Rebecca Imogen Tun

"A mixture of 120 film for the main image and bits of digital found objects for the textures, etc."

His blog

"I don't want words I want oblivion..."

Art Model Joceline

July 26, 2010

Warren Brown in B&W

You'll find Warren Brown at his official site, deviantART, his first feature, his interview, all his articles here inside.

Art Model Niansa

"Ghost Light..."
Art Model Nsaia

"Hard Times"
Art Model Niansa

"World of Tension"
Art Model Berenice Dorei

Warren Brown ©

July 23, 2010

Vlad Eftenie - Something Strange

You'll find Vlad Eftenie, from Romania, at his official site, deviantART.

Featured by Anca Cernoschi, photographer, UdA Editor.

'Strange soup'

The conceptual photographs of Vlad Eftenie invite us to fantastic interpretations. They reach surreal in a lyric manner.
The depersonalised characters create an imaginary world, an almost impossible universe where the humour becomes the desperate solution for a man who feels absurdity to the bone.
Brought into the frame, each of the elements acquires a symbolic character, here the nakedness is just a pretext.
Unusual is the aesthetic treatment, we do not indulge in rich tones of his street photographs any more but gives us a very simple framework, essential. The light remains an important element, closing the frame or, on the contrary, opens it, inviting outside the frame, to search more. The meaning of each archetypal image is freely delivered to be interpreted (translated) by the viewer.
The photographs invite us to interpretations but don't need outside confirmations, being alive at the limit between universes.

Welcome to him and a big thanks !

'Strange soup II'

'Tea for two'

'Strange soup III'

'The mirror'


'Strange bird'

'Strange chapter'

'Strange cloud'

'Strange cloud II'

'Strange nest'

'Strange skin'

'Strange fruit'

Vlad Eftenie ©