November 27, 2017

Christian Tode diversifies his Art Models

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There is a short time ago, my dear Kat Love, famous Art Model, photographer and web designer, wrote an article about the discrimination in photography :
"If art nudes are about human emotions and human stories, why does it seems like the majority of art nude images are of white models, slender models, young models, and/or female models? No seriously, tell me."
Christian Tode prooves in these photographies he sent me there is minority of photographers, like Sita Mae and Lucien Clergue who magnify the women no matter their ages and their forms :
For me photography hides a lot of beauty inside. Beauty that we can see around us. It is a mysterious world of dialogue between the photographer and the resulting photo and – finally – between viewer and the photo. A world that allows you to look inside, through lens into the other soul. Photography is soul of all the moments that have just disappeared. 

Thank you Christian for your friendly and so quick cooperation for this welcome article ! ūüėČ

A few words about my perception of photography.

For me, photography is capturing the moments that have just passed. The past and future, once come and gone, are just philosophical concepts but an image of the moment last forever. 

Our perception of beauty is objective and unique to each individual. I find that I am most enthused when making images of adult women. Just as love is woven from the feelings of our soul and passes through the heart to the brain and from there to its surroundings, a photo arises in the soul and passes through the heart where it can be heard, felt, seen and touched. 

Every photographer is somewhat voyeuristic, some more than others, but all seek what is hidden in the world.
Though it is impossible to ever see the whole of a person, when I look into the eyes of an older woman they reveal an experience and honesty that is hard to find in youth, which seeks only the moment with only a limited past to reflect on.

November 19, 2017

L'édito du dimanche

Le jour se l√®ve sur la France endormie, la lune s’efface et le soleil s'enhardit dans un ciel sans tache ni pli. La maison se r√©veille et nos merveilles jaillissent de leurs lits portant dans leurs sourires un dernier r√™ve joyeux. Voici venir le caf√©, le th√© et le lait sur la grande table du petit d√©jeuner. Croissants, tartines et cookies comblent les silences entre nos mots taquins. Un sourire, un fou rire, que c'est bon ! Une caresse sur une joue o√Ļ se devinent encore les motifs du coussin, et vient l'instant des mercis. Car le soleil est lev√©.

November 17, 2017

The new Anca Cernoschi

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Anca Cernoschi was 25 at her first exhibition in the mag in 2010. Her young talent reminds me the famous quote of Pierre Corneille :

"In souls nobly born, valour does not depend upon age."

At this time she told me in her interview : 
"I like indoors, like an improvised movie scene in an empty room with just some pieces of furniture, something comfortable and not too professional."
Did she change in 7 years ? I noted more Street Life shoots you'll admire. About her artistic nudes, Anca shoots more outdoors with success and always keeps her passion for epured indoors.

Thank you Anca for your friendship and your compliment, I blushed ūüėĆ

For this article, she explained her new interest :

Until recently I created exclusively fine art photography, fine art nude is definitely my passion, conceptual nude especially, but for some time now I've also shown some interest in street photography because it makes me come out of the house and observe what is happening around me. More recently, I've became very interested in documentary photography, believing that when you search so much inside yourself, you also need the balance discovering the world around you gives you.

So both of them help me find a equilibrium in personal and professional life. I think I am at a time in my life when I feel the need to gather as many memories as possible so that is why I found this connection with documentary photography and that is how the series about my grandfather came to life.

I became interested in documentary photography after starting to document my grandfather's daily routine over the last years, as a very personal and emotional project. 

Soon after that I was invited by a friend to photograph an event involving children with disabilities. Those experiences have not only taught me a valuable lesson about life but also reinforced my interest in this photography genre that I've become very attracted to.

Let's begin by her new successful passion :

This is a‭ ‬photo essay about my‭ ‬91‭ ‬year old grandfather's usual hot summer day in his home in western Romania,‭ ‬where he lived for the last‭ ‬45‭ ‬years.‭

‬I took the first two photos of the series in‭ ‬2009,‭ ‬without thinking about it as a serious project at that time,‭ ‬I was just enjoying the moment.‭ ‬At the end of August‭ ‬2015‭ ‬I came back to‭ ‬it‭ ‬as a subject.

Once a week,‭ ‬on Monday afternoons,‭ ‬on the sound of his radio that plays loud folk music,‭ ‬he prepares his shaving items on the kitchen table almost like a ceremony.‭ ‬They are the same for as long as I can remember:‭ ‬a traditional shaving razor and brush,‭ ‬shaving cream made from soap mixed with water in a sour cream plastic cup,‭ ‬a towel and an old newspaper.‭

Except for the mirror,‭ ‬because he doesn't need it anymore.‭ ‬Over the past years he has gone almost completely blind because he refused to have a surgery that would have partially restored his eyesight.‭ This whole ritual can take up to one hour as he stops occasionally to react to a noise or listen to some news and discuss it with his wife‭; ‬then resumes on checking his face meticulously by touch and applying cream and shaving what he has left.‭ ‬After he's done he puts every item back into the black wooden box that I have always liked and spends some more time in the kitchen or in his bedroom listening to the radio.‭ ‬He never turns on the TV during the day.‭

Every afternoon he lays for a while waiting for his eye drops to take effect, in the summer is often bothered by the strong sunlight. Late evenings,‭ ‬after dinner,‭ ‬he is always in his bedroom,‭ ‬listening to the TV next to his wife of‭ ‬58‭ ‬years.‭ ‬Hanging on the walls behind them are the framed photos of his children:‭ ‬a son he lost young and my teenage mother. Listening to the radio during the day and to the TV during the evening and night are his only entertainment.‭ He doesn't want to go outside of the courtyard anymore.‭ ‬He now suffers from severe depression and panic attacks and describes his condition as being permanently in a heavy fog.

Her first artistic nude
She was less than 25 years old

"I still love it, after all this time and it's quite different from the recent works, more like a shape and light study. I haven't work like that since. The pose it's quite original I think (I'm soooo modest :))"

Her recent work :

November 8, 2017

Max Sauco, a photographic painter

" Every image emerges spontaneously, sometimes in sleep, sometimes while driving, after a scene witnessed in the street, after reading a sophisticated book or hearing a phrase. Often even during work on a picture."



8 years I admire his work in a respectful and contemplative silence...

There are just a few weeks ago, jumping over my shyness in front of so much talent, I've decided to contact him, and here he is after a wonderful yes. Thank you Max.

Max Sauco is a world renowned and multi-awarded Russian artist who creates wonderfully photo-manipulated pictures.

Surrealist, dreamer and great lover of the paradoxes and the symbols, each of his images, titles included, each detail has its importance in such a work, Max Sauco is the most original photo-manipulator I know till this day, with Jan Saudek and Jean Jacques André, of course.


Master of the colors and disregarding the conventions, his work is inspired, innovative, inventive, off-beat... giving us a result as surprising as it is majectic.

I won't talk about his prodigious technical skills, I'm not good enough and it's not my way to write about the technics of an artist. I just want to light up a true creator who gives a deep sense and so many emotions to all what he does.

With a tremendous and unfashionable success, Max Sauco works on a wide range of themes and myths. He's not only a picture maker, he's also a poet, a kind man and, I must confess it, a source of inspiration for the poet I am too.

But let's stop here !... I'm too inspired and it's time to hear him. And to contemplate with delight the artworks he brings in our troubled Earth.

"Radhe govinda"


Art Model Eva

All the following extracts come from an interview given by Max Sauco to FotoLoft gallery :

The birth of an artist :


At the age of six I wanted to be an American Indian, at nine, a paleontologist, at thirteen, a surgeon.

As early as in grade six or so I knew absolutely well that I wanted to be a surgeon and nobody else. I used to hammer at anatomical charts, I knew every single bone in a human body, everything was very serious indeed. But somehow the very last moment I applied for enrollment in the Irkutsk College of the Arts although I had no experience even of a common art school while the competition that year was 11 applicants per a place. Still it occurred somehow that I was matriculated and that moment I realized : that was my destiny.

Everything I can originates from those studies : knowledge of design, drawing, painting, plastic art, surface anatomy, photography, art history – just everything. Years of studies were so saturated and exciting that I had not a single thought about anything beyond art.

"Terra Female 2"

"The Book"


From Painting to Photography :

"My Pushkin"

Once painting used to be my only occupation.

My first work took the form of a sketch for a painting created on the basis of the original photograph with Photoshop.

I believe that paintings impress a spectator a little milder, are perceived not so realistically as compared to photographs, although the backroom is the same. For instance, works by Dali or Magritte do not shock anyone now, they are perceived as entirely classical paintings. Time goes, and people get used to things.
Besides, I love sculpture, I study it and even sculpted a little. A few times I tried to master 3Dmax but either I failed to find a good tutor or I realized that it was taking too much time – on the whole the attempts failed.

 "Two cats"

"Bride 2"

Still, I make my works three-dimensional, I am used to seeing them as sculptures which are so fascinating to examine from different perspectives.

Ten years ago, when I had already understood that oil painting was becoming a threat to my health I decided at least to reduce the time I was spending working with paints and solvents and to sketch for the paintings on a PC, in Photoshop. It turned out to be rather fascinating and useful.

I made sketches and then transferred them onto canvas. Those sketches were accumulated one after another and finally I had no time to paint them all.

It was then that a good friend of mine, a photographer, saw the sketches and told me that they were not bad at all and it was time to exhibit them.

He organized our joint photographic exhibition in the only gallery of Irkutsk. His name is Oleg Stolyarov. Probably those who like my works should be grateful to him.
Besides, he was the one to shoot the first photographic material for me since at that time I even did not have a decent camera. The exhibition was a success, it was something new in photography.



" I understand woman’s nature better than man’s. I do not invite models indeed, they come themselves. Most of them pose for the first time – it these works that possess highest energetics. Apparently there is a moment when time comes for an artist and a model to meet so that something is born that has been in the air for long."


"Bride 5"

His inner vision :


I confess that about 10 years ago I used to experiment on my spectators using certain esoteric knowledge. It used to be amusing then. Now many things have changed, still stereotypes need to be destroyed so as not to get stuck in the passivism and ignorance of the reality.

When one understands what I want to convey and what I felt when creating the work, this is an extremely exciting experience for me.

I would be happy to act as a guide in exploration of the world.
And it would be cool if everyone understood that they and their whole environment are the God’s creation.


 "Clara und Rosa"
Art Model Ira Boot