December 31, 2007

PHOTO magazine : Issue of January 2008

Congratulations to Dave Levingston, André Brito and Stephen Haynes ! They are featured (after a selection on 50 000 photos from more than 70 countries) in the french magazine PHOTO of january 2008 :

" Theda in the woods"

Stephen Haynes

" Pistol 1-12"

André Brito

Lanzarote, Islas Canarias, Spain

December 30, 2007

Stephen Haynes

" My objective in shooting nudes is to capture beauty, form, and all the wonderful variations of light falling on the female body." Stephen Haynes


"Intensity 3-28"

Who doesn't know Stephen Haynes ?... This famous artist is certainly one of the most prolific you'll find.

He's so renowned that he made me shy until I asked him the permission to publish in this site this article (to read right now !). I discovered a kind artist, quite ready to communicate his passion without limits.

"Amanda 21"

With more than 3500 fine art nude pictures, over 50 models and 250 sessions since July 2001, working mainly in black & white or toned B&W, with a large preference for studio nudes, Stephen Haynes’ prints are owned by more than 170 collectors all around the world.

"Jesse at the Fireplace 5"

"Amanda Reclines 9"


His bio :

Stephen Haynes is a fine art photographer living in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

He comes relatively late to full-time devotion to the photographic arts, but has compensated by the intensity of his work.

While his principal subject currently is the fine art nude, he has also done notable work in landscapes, travel scenes, portraiture and the performing arts.

"Tabatha 32"

About his art :

I am largely self-taught. Even without much formal training, I try to produce photos and prints of high esthetic quality, to exacting technical standards.

With the female nude, I always seek new settings, lighting and poses in which to present the human form. In travel, I hope to photograph either from special vantage points or at a unique moment in time. Form and structure often triumph over grand vistas or photos that will appeal to an ‘art show’-type clientele. My portraiture work has usually been done on-location ; I prefer to stay away from formal studio portraiture.

"Jessie 4"

Stylistically, I am a hyper-realist. I tend not to create fantasy scenes for my nudes, and I like candid shots in all my photography. Geometry, symmetry and asymmetry, action or implied movement, emotion, a hint of eroticism, idealized beauty and a wide variety of lighting styles are to be found in my nude photography.

I tend to prefer studio nudes to those photographed in nature or on location, because under studio conditions nothing competes with the model for the viewer’s attention.

"Lauren at Home 93"

Some people say that the nude has ‘already been done,’ photographically. I beg to differ. Each woman is different, and each model interacts with the camera in her own, unique way. My models inevitably react very positively to my photographs of them. That in turn stimulates my artistry. The result is a widely varied collection of nudes, a rich collaboration between one artist (me) and another (my model).

"Sarah 34"

December 29, 2007

Jarda Balek

You'll find Jarda Balek at his official site, photo competition, photodom,, his interview.

"Marquita in cellar" Series

Red Mahan

" Chris, many thanks for the "push" to get my work out there. I have come to realize that the reason that I am doing this work is to show, to visually show the world that this is possible.That it is actually not a dream, not a fantasy, but really possible to be with these amazing creatures in a way that is not about exploitation, domination or termination. They want to be with us, if we will be nice.

Hence, the nudes. There is no armor, no weapons, no separation, there is innocence, vulnerability, an true opportunity to "be" with their "being". I suspect that that is an underlying factor in why we all like to look at, admire, appreciate and enjoy "nudes". We are human beings after all.

Thanks so much for getting some of that work up and accepting and appreciating my message within the work.
Aloha. " Red Mahan

"Emily Whale Dolphin. F"

"Emily Dolphin 2"

"Dolphin dream"

Irakly Shanidze : art photography workshops

Two seminars (highly recommended !) in January by Irakly Shanidze. Here are the informations for registrations :

Surrealistic exercise "In an aftermath of a Christmas Eve"

Instructor : Irakly Shanidze
Date : 01.12.08 - 01.13.08
City : San Francisco
Place : Fima Gelman Studio • 1414 Castro St., Suite A, San Francisco CA 94114 • phone 415-641-1010
Registration is open till 12.31.2007

"A girl on a rectangular sphere"
This picture won an international sony competition in 2006

Understanding Semantic, Emotional and Subjective Perception in Photography

Instructor : Irakly Shanidze
Date : 01.18.08 - 01.20.08
City : Seattle
Place : Columbia City Theater, 4916 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118
Registration is open till 01.18.2008

"Nastya with the head around the corner"

Lorand Peli

Lorand Peli

"La vie en rose"

"The wall"

December 24, 2007

Red Mahan

" Some of the very humpback whales that I was swimming with in Moorea are slatted to be killed by the Japanese whaling fleet headed right now to the arctic.

Once you have been with these animals it hurts your heart to know what we (mankind) have been doing to them for so many years, I want my art to be a witness to the world that we are truly connect to the other sentient beings, nature and this earth." Red Mahan

Nathan Strausse : new book !

" Well, the Goliath book "My Favorite Model" is now officially out all over the world.

You can see my set of pictures of the beautiful Justine. You can also see my ugly mug in the back of the book, if you want to put a face to these words.

It's a really nice book, great quality. Lot of great pictures of beautiful woman from around the world."

"My Favorite Model" : 43 Outstanding Contemporary Photographers Portray 44 Gorgeous Models.

Irresponsible Photographers, by Stephen Haynes

"Meg at home"

Irresponsible Photographers

" Thinking back on conversations with Meg while we shot on Tuesday, I remember a brief discussion contrasting my own habits vis à vis other photographers when it comes to providing images of our work to the models with whom I work.

" Long-time readers of this blog will have noted that as a new session occurs, a result is often posted here within 48 or 72 hours (just yesterday in Meg's case). I work really hard (and quite quickly) to select and process the photos from a shoot, often resulting in at least twenty-five, and not infrequently over seventy processed and web-ready images within three days. Yet Meg reports (as do other models) that some local photographers take months (months !) to provide the paltry few photos that they deem worthy of sending to the models. This I consider to be the height of irresponsibility.

Art Model Meg

" Now I will grant that some of these are working photographers who must earn a living, and that shoots with models are often a diversion and unlikely to bring in much if any revenue. But months !?!? Of course, even worse, some photographers promise images or prints, even when working solely on a TFP/TFCD basis, and never deliver. Those cads deserve to be blackballed, and a few models (bless them !) list them on their MM or OMP profiles. On the plus side, those photographers who provide speedy turnaround are a boon to the models with whom they work, and I hope those models thank them for the speedy work. Many of mine do to me.

" If you are a photographer reading this and it's been a week or more since you shot with a model and have yet to provide her images, get off your butt ! She gave you her time ; 'bout time you gave her her due." Stephen Haynes.

You'll find Stephen Haynes at : his official site, Magic Flute Fine Art Nudes.

His 2008 calendar :

Stephen Haynes has published his new 2008 calendar featuring model Pistol Vegas playing with oversize billiard balls. You can purchase it by clicking here.

His book : First Sessions

" Fine art photographer Stephen Haynes is pleased to offer a signed monograph covering first sessions with seventeen extraordinary fine art nude models, entitled First Sessions.
This gorgeous photography collection includes over a hundred photos from first and subsequent photo shoots with models who range from first-time amateurs to seasoned professionals.
Each model's pages describe her first session before the camera. If you are a fan of Mr. Haynes's work, you will recognize names such as Meg, Donna, Bridget, Abigail, and many others."

December 22, 2007

Gerhardt Thompson

You'll find Gerhardt Thompson at his official site, absolutearts,, his first feature, his interview.

"Take My Hand"


"Dream Weaver"

"Idle Time"

"No Worries"
Art Model Eliza

"Riding the Wave"


Purchase his prints :
His prints may be purchased at a number of venues : his official site, absolutearts, SculptR.
All limited editions photographs are Silver Gelatin Prints. Prints are mounted using the traditional method of hinging, the front window mount and separate backboard is joined with cloth tape. Signature and title are hand written on matte. A certificate of authenticity is affixed to the backboard. All materials used are museum quality.

His books

Gerhardt Thompson currently has two books available for purchase. These books may be purchased here