October 29, 2014

Evgeniy Shaman joins us

Evgeniy Shaman at photo.net, photosight.ru, Nonstop Photos.

"Broken world - more poetic"

Evgeniy Shaman is one of these inspired and so gifted artists I belove.

Imaginative, prolific, poetic, creative, always authentic, will I find enough words to describe all the emotions I feel contemplating his fantastic work ?

There are no "free" pictures in his portfolios. Each shot is a story he tells us, which touches our heart, full of this melancholic russian "touch" I appreciate so much, as you know it.

So, to make short, I'm sure you can imagine the pleasure I feel to welcome him.

"Puzzle cube"

Born in 1982 in Moscow, Evgeniy Shaman is the winner of several photography competitions. Many of his works are in private collections in Russia and abroad.

" My style is Dark Art (a rift towards darkness). I think, it’s much harder to create an impression of coldness, sadness, human pain than of joy and laughter. That’s why I chose this path !"

"Elle - Second dream of dollsmaker"

Extract from an interview by Juliana Voloz :

" In the process of doing the shoots I have defined two requirements that help to convey feelings and emotions more fully.

First, I need a precise, competent actor, who can generate lively emotions (even though they are invented for each scenario).

Second, it’s being able to recall previously experienced emotions and to re-enact them. Satisfying the second condition can be harder for me, but the result is, as a rule, much more powerful.

These two conditions, of course, can be intertwined. Wonderful, deep, and truly unique works are born out of such photographic experiments.

Album of Lily series

" The artistry itself is an inseparable part of the scenario, of the creation of the images during the shoot. I mean the clothes, the decorations, the make-up, etc. It doesn’t matter whether the picture is manipulated on a computer or manually, whether it’s a film or a digital file. The important thing is that the artist has put his soul into his work, his emotions, and that they are seen and valued."

Album of Lily series

"Axis flip"

The difference between honest and simulated emotions can be seen in two examples of Nude shooting, where it was necessary to convey the mutual feelings and emotions of two partners : one couple (a man and a woman) were just good friends, they were partners on the set. The other couple were close ; they were in love with each other. In this example, where we were trying to convey the closeness between two people, their emotions and feelings, pictures of the second couple certainly outdid the first by 101%.

At one shoot I was able to experience myself what it means to pose with a good model (a good actor) or with a person who is close to me (the woman I love). The result is certainly better when the emotions are not simulated. You can sense these emotions immediately – they just sweep over you out of the tender (or rough) touches, the confluence of the gazes, the mutual aura of these two people.

"Twilight Café"

But, closeness and tenderness are not always the topic that the photographer wants to explore. Sometimes he wants the opposite, to convey a feeling of distance and coldness between people. Then I invite people whom I know to be completely different from one another, in character and in behaviour. BUT, if they are able and talented actors, even people who are deeply in love with each other can be good at conveying estrangement and coldness. Then the success of the project depends on the abilities of the art photographer, and, of course, of the actors.

"My classics"


Evgeniy Shaman ©

October 18, 2014

Parisian Photographer joins us

Parisian Photographer at his official site, Model Mayhem, deviantART

"Imply what you want"
Art Model Tania

Semi professional photographer, 31 years old, Parisian Photographer is a passionate and enthusiast man, first good reason to become (thanks Renaud !) a new contributing artist.

Then, (or before ?), pacing up and down all his sites, I've found very beautiful B&W pictures... probably one of the most difficult exercises in photography. And here is the second good reason for his feature here inside.

Born in Paris, France, where I lived all my life, I settled in Miami in 2000, living two dreams at once…

I am a photographer, greatly interested in making connections with people who think, dream and breathe “photography”.

"Kim nude 3146"
Art Model Kim

"Veronika Castle 3629"
Art Model Veronika

Lin Bee recently wrote about BW photography in her worldwide renowned blog Fluffytek :

" It takes skill and forethought to communicate in the language of grey. You’re not just recording a scene “as is.” You’re creating a mood, an ambience, a style.
In that split second before you press the shutter, you have to imagine what an image is going to look like finished and printed, so as to judge how to use the light as a tool to capture that perfect shade of grey and thus capture the precise emotion you were looking for.
Yikes ! Sounds complicated ? That’s because it is. As a BW photographer you have to be a highly talented clairvoyant. You have to see the future before it happens, which takes an immense amount of skill and forethought.
When done successfully, the results can evoke a very powerful emotional reaction, and IMO that’s what makes BW photography such an incredible artistic medium."

"Nicole Tree 3842"
Art Model Nicole

"Drenched in Love"
Art Model Carla

Parisian Photographer ©

October 9, 2014

Welcome Whitman O'Rourke

Whitman O'Rourke at Photo Points, Model Mayhem, deviantART.

Art Model Holga

"Lying naked on a bed..."

Working mainly in BW, Whitman O'Rourke (self called "pop artist", from Philadelphia, USA) has this particular "realistic" style in common with Brian Mackey, Kiran Patil, Peter Checksfield or Al Calkins : he captures the truth, the daily life, simple and so rich of fabulous hidden moments for imprevisible shots.

Disregarding conventions, politically engaged (and so secret about him...), the inspired Whitman O'Rourke shoots like a photojournalist. His pictures have a sense. His pictures are talking, a lot.

It's the reason why I wanted to feature him. He told me yes, I tell him a big thanks !

"Lonely again 2"

"Barcart 4"

I am a middle aged, white, Christian, monogamous, heterosexual male.
I am a Liberal.
I am quiet... I can sit in a room full of people for hours and not say a word.
I like women with pubic hair.
I believe everyone looks beautiful nude... with the right photographer, of course.
I drink fancy-ass micro-brewed beers and Belgian style beers.
I'm one of those crazy Philadelphia sports fans.
I got my start in photography posting pictures of my wife on voyeurweb. Before that I never would touch a camera.
I don't take myself, or anyone else, very seriously.
I have a darkroom in my basement and my photography interest is moving toward film photography, toy cameras, vintage cameras, high speed film, fast lenses, film noir erotica, vintage pin up..."

"Untitled 1.9.06"
Art Model Dorie

Art Model Laila

October 7, 2014

Welcome Perry Gallagher

Perry Gallagher at Model Mayhem, deviantART


I know the works of Perry Gallagher since a long time. Of course... Of course because is one the most worldwide renowned photographer, for evident reasons you could see by yourself.

Working on a wide range of style, from soft nudes to fetish shots, his portfolio is always for me an exquisite pleasure to visit.

Every photo is outstanding, every model gorgeous (no more than 40 of the most beautiful models in the world, above all don't miss Anyssa Jordan !), every pose is elegant and inspired...

To make short, the goal of Perry Gallagher is to give us the essence of his models, and he succeeds with a great talent.

"Fishnet gloves"
Art Model Anyssa Jordan

" Cereal, cereal, cereal...I couldn't eat it fast enough. It was in the third grade that I developed a huge appetite for breakfast cereal after seeing that with just six box tops and $5, I could send away for a camera. Of course, the camera was no bargain for six box tops and five bucks, but it was my first camera and I fell in love with photography.


" When I turned 14, I worked an entire summer to pay for my first single lens reflex, a Canon Ftb QL. During the years that followed, I shot anything and everything. After school, I would spend my evenings in the school darkroom. I was pretty proud of being the only student given a key. It was in high school that I realized I had more photography in my veins than blood, and I discovered my life's passion.


" After high school, I started college and, of course, felt I had to start taking life seriously. I decided on a business degree, after which followed a serious career.

Now, 18 years later, I have realized the importance of making time each day to not take life so seriously. With the support and encouragement of my family and friends, I pursue my passion for photography.

I am very grateful to the women featured in my gallery who have devoted their time and energy in helping to create my art."


"Moss 2"
Art Model Anyssa Jordan

October 5, 2014

Zhang Jingna joins us

" Being the photographer isn't just pushing a button, I need to focus because I need to constantly think about the picture."
Zhang Jingna

Model Gosia

20 years old ?

I had to check several times to be really sure. Talent has no age, I knew it, but I'm always surprised when I discover a young and so talented photographer.

Imagine the artistic work she'll make in her future... Think about the time she has to go into her vision in depth, and makes part of the worldwide most renowned photographers ! Because it's her destiny, I'm sure.

She has found her way. What happy she must be !

" I am the wind"

Zhang Jingna

Only picking up photography 2 years ago, 20 year old Zhang Jingna (aka zemotion) is based in Singapore.

Model Masha

Jingna specializes primarily in fashion, portraits and commercial. A fashion designer, model, makeup artist, and writer before, she was self taught without the academic restrictions of vision and ideal.

From Tan Man Photo :
"She's very talented and very very good in bringing out the best in her models. Every time I check to see her new photos my jaws drop in surprise to see that another batch of very interesting photos is up for viewing.

I love her work and definitely interested in meeting her someday. Cheers to Jingna Zhang ! A special photographer that blow your mind with her beautiful photographs."

In 2007, she became the youngest ever recipient of Associateship in the Masters Photographers Association, and also awarded the Singapore Master Photographer that same year.

"This side up II"
Model Kagetsuki

In photography you need a good and strong team, and it really takes time (and luck) to build one. I have studied both fashion design and makeup before, so it helps in the sense I know what I want and what works when I started.

"The Heart of Everything"
Model Janna

But being the photographer isn't just pushing a button, I need to focus because I need to constantly think about the picture. It's fine for a personal shoot actually, but on a job if I don't have a team on set then I'd have to also worry about all other logistics, arranging clothes on the model, touching up the makeup, finessing the set, with time constraints and other demands it'd go quite crazy.

My strength is probably my vision, it’s probably what made me improve because it’s something beyond the technicalities.

Also, how I can deal with shooting under constraints. A lot of time I do shoots in my room on my bed or my living room or in somewhere that’s really not conducive for shooting, the space is really narrow but I try to make do and move around.

Model Selia

"Treasure Innocence II"

With photography I am my own boss and I can decide what jobs I want to take and what kind of people I want to work with. It is just like when I was in air rifle – you want to do well, you want to make your country proud and win medals. Just that now I’m doing it with a DSLR.

"of the Night"
Model Landy

To order her new book, click : here

Hardcover with Dust Jacket
999 Copies.
Limited Edition, numbered and signed.
80 pages
216 x 286 x 15 mm

A Softcover edition is available.
64 pages
210 x 280 mm

" For those who'd been asking the differences between softcover and this edition, other than the price, the number of pages and additional images, numbering, signing and hardcover, the dust jacket has embossing on text, matte lamination, and all pages matte varnished."