April 29, 2010

April 27, 2010


" I believe that the human body is a temple containing Spirit, it is a gesture of the vibration that is Universal Consciousness.
If God made the human body in its own form, I feel that the body, as a sacred vessel, should be looked upon respectfully, with the utmost reverence."

Mosa, OnePixArt

"Coming out"

"I bow..."

". . .to the universe that is my teacher"

You'll find OnePixArt, from Usa, at his official site, his blog, facebook.com/OnePixArt,
all about him here inside.

"Silence in the presence..."

Once upon a time, an artist I didn't know told me thank you for my commitment in the art community.

As usual, the first thing I thought was :
"Wow ! But who is he talking about ?!"
immediately followed by the editor's questions :
"Who is he, what about his work ?...",
thinking of course that such a nice person naturally creates a beautiful work. A question of heart.

It's the short story of the discovery of an artist who turns me upside down.

With decades of classical art experience in painting, sculpture and installation, mixing with elegance all the "and" and the "or" between painting and photography, Mosa is a fine-art, editorial and commercial portrait photographer from Los Angeles, Usa.

"Unbearable lightness of being"
Art Model Sonata

Like Zwir Bogdan or Max Sauco , the inspiration of Mosa is endless, inspired and inspiring.

Romantic, spiritual, symbolist, Mosa gives back a sense to our life. Something beyond what we believe, as he says :

"We stage portraits to capture your sacred divine essence."

A wonderful and so tough goal... Because to remind to the Humanity how spiritual she is, far from all these false needs that greedy people impose us, because to tell to the human beings how divine they are, is the most difficult experience to do on earth.

Just think about that : without the artists, like him, like you, creators and art-lovers, what would be our world ? Just a huge supermarket. The doors of the hell.

Yes, Mosa inspires me, I confess it. I love his vision, his compositions, his models, his light, his themes. And I tell him a huge thanks. Welcome dear Mosa !


"Tribute To Amedeo Modigliani"
Art Model Laura

Walter Parada - Photographer
" Your work is truly amazing, beautiful and uniquely original ! Congratulations on lifting the bar in art and photography ! You bring class and integrity to the medium !"

Markus Goerg Images - Photographer
" You're an artist in the truest sense of the word. I know how to do a lot of things, but I wouldn't even know where to START to create images like these. My hat's off to you !"

David M. Brown - Photographer
" Your work inspires. Much success, David."

"Jump this Way"
Art Model Alias K

"Merrique V"
Art Model, author and singer St Merrique -

The artist's statement :

"Helena Dancing"
Art Model Flak

For me, art is more than a beautiful picture.

It is deeply connected to social responsibility and educating people, such as when the artist was the “shaman in the cave.”

I feel deeply responsible for depicting the unresolved social issues in our society, including problems presented by organized religions, the issues of sexuality and women and race.

"In Awe"
Art Model London Andrews

Art Model Sonata

" We used to have such a fear of a nuclear war.
I remember over one million people rallying to Central Park NYC. I remember shadows painted on side walks."

His short bio :

"In Whiteboy’s Town"
Art Model Claudine

Mosa studied design at the University in Tehran, Iran, and architecture at Pratt Institute in New York City.

In the early eighties and mid-nineties, he pursued painting and showed his work in New York and Los Angeles.

His work has subsequently become a part of various public and private collections.

Art Model, author and singer St Merrique

The back series
"cj II"

"Madrid a portrait"
Art Model Madrid

OnePixArt ©

April 25, 2010

Robert Lubanski's favorites

His work, mainly in BW, often outdoors :

Some of his favorites :

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"No name"


"I forgot you Paris"



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"hiddEN draGOn"

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"Head cube"

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"Evening stones II"

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"Nude 254"
Art Model Lucille

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"On a tree 2"

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"Philosopher's stone"
Model Olga

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"Irina in my studio"

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"Rise and Fall"

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"Karo 831"
Art Model Karolina

Siniša Glogoški

"True face of fashion..."

Chaerul Umam