March 30, 2010

On couche Malik.

Dominic Vincent

Peggy est en train de l'habiller pour la nuit, un long et savant effeuillage suivi de son contraire aussi pénible et méticuleux. Malik la guide de sa voix essoufflée à en devenir insonore. Peggy l'écoute bien et ses gestes sont sûrs.

Avec Julien elle prépare son lit. Car il faut deux personnes pour s'occuper de lui. Il ne bouge plus que sa tête. Et ses poumons fonctionnent encore à condition qu'il passe une heure par jour sous le masque de son respirateur qu'il oublie si souvent.

Ils ont mis le paravent pour que je ne vois pas toutes les opérations nécessaires afin qu'il puisse dormir relativement à son aise. Le transférer, le dévêtir, le revêtir, vérifier sa sonde, bien positionner son corps et ses testicules seulement pour là pour la déco, ses deux serviettes, l'une pour se gratter la joue, l'autre pour rapprocher la sonnette qui ne manquera pas de remplir son rôle, deux ou quatre fois par nuit quand ses jambes et son cul lui feront mal. Et son coussin qu'il appelle chérie et qui lui permettra de se gratter le bout du nez, le drap bien au-dessous de sa lèvre inférieure afin qu'il puisse le tirer avec ses dents, l'alarme collée avec précision à sa gauche... et des tas et des tas de questions pour savoir s'il est bien.

Tous les soirs elles sont deux ou trois ou plus à passer une heure à tout faire pour qu'il se sente bien. Tous les soirs, et tous les matins, dans l'autre sens forcément, avec la toilette en plus, ainsi va la vie de Malik qui ne bouge plus que sa tête. Un cauchemar qui ne me semble pourtant pas si impossible à vivre tant il a de sourires et de bons mots. Son enfer ne me fait pas peur, il le rend si paisible.

Ça y est, c'est presque fait, il est couché, cinq sur cinq. Reconnaissant pour tout ce que l'on a fait pour lui comme le disent tous ses sourires. Dans son cocon parfaitement bordé comme il le veut, il taille une dernière petite bavette avec Peggy qui se prépare à partir tout doucement sans oublier de le quitter sur de jolis mots.

Je ne sais plus que penser, entre l'enfer et le paradis, je ne sais plus comment vivre ce que je vois. Il y a tant d'élégance en lui, l'homme qui doit certainement galoper dans sa tête dans de beaux champs de blé.

Martin Hazine
Art Model LilithMae

March 26, 2010

Four of the best and plagiarising poses, by Andre J

Here are some words by Andre J, about his relationships with his models and a reflexion about the poses. I always find interesting to have a photographer point of view on these essential questions. So, let's hear him !

Four of the best images

These are four of the best images I've come across on deviantART in recent times, three fine art nudes and one other which I just can't resist including :

Norm Murray
Art Model Kitty Toxin

Without doubt Kitty Toxin is one of the most amazing and talented models on deviantART - and this image by Norm Murray is to die for - such a complex yet simple set-up, wonderful pose and lighting, and the amazing body and focus of the model (who will be appearing in this gallery shortly). When I see a photo and think : I wish I could do that, that's when I'm really impressed.

When it comes to eyes, I've rarely seen a more hypnotically beautiful pair than those of model Marcela Guirado in Tiki Llanes Lopez's remarkable portrait - again wonderfully simple, but focusing in on those eyes and that incredible gaze, and with a depth of field which draws no focus from the model.

K Studios
"Blue Nude"
Art Model Katy T

Again a beautiful form, wonderfully posed - the lovely Katy T as photographed by K Studios - the sense of balance, and that great lighting... Katy is going to be in Australia early next year and with luck she'll appear in this gallery.

Steve Johns
Art Model Kitten

Another gorgeous harmonious offering by Steve Johns and his superb model Kitten - their work is inspirational to me - their combination of natural and in this case man-made forms with the beauty of the human body is something I strive to achieve in my photography - love the opposing curves of Kitten's body and the railway tunnel.

Plagiarising poses

I've just had my first suggestion of pose plagiarism - if there is such a thing - I guess that puts me in good company if Picasso can "appropriate" from Goya. Does a pose belong to an artist ? I'm interested in your ideas.

I'll admit to having seen great poses on deviantART and thinking - that's a great idea - I might try something like that... Have any other photographers done that ? The pose in question here is quite different - I wonder which photographer first used it.

I have never studied photography but when, about ten years ago, I started taking photography seriously, the first thing I did was ask people to model for me - and with those models I experimented with poses, levels, light etc... One of the first ideas that occurred to me was to rotate a person 360 degrees in strong light and photograph all the different positions... This is something I do now with many of my models.

Below is a sequence with Peach taken some time ago - and these are only a few of the shots... In doing this have I infringed any other photographers' copyright ? Do any of these positions belong to anyone else ?

Andre J
1 "Against the light"
2 "Shadowland"
3 "Textures"
Art Model Peach

And from Genevieve... Do any of these shots belong to anyone else ?

Andre J
Art Model Geneviève

If a model is doing implied nudes and doesn't want to show breasts, obviously the whole rotation can't be shown - one is largely restricted to the back view... Examples from Becca's implied nude shoot :

Andre J
Art Model Becca

Jesi shoot

I've long wanted to do a shoot with lovely Jesi : the Zodiac shots - like those in the top row - are her concept and most of the zodiac poses are hers.

Andre J
Art Model Jesi

Andre J
"Safe in here"
Art Model Jesi

Andy feature

My first featured artist - the far too modest Andrew Cumberland who shines in many photographic areas - art nudes, landscapes and wildlife - and has photographed some stunning models : Elleisha, Niyama, Jenn, Sarah and Courtney.

Andrew Cumberland
"Morning's Glory IV"
Art Model Elleisha

Andrew Cumberland
"Morning's Sorrow"
Art Model Elleisha

DD (Award)

Wonderful to have received a DD on "marble".

Andre J
Art Model Peach

Peach wrote :
"I would like to say a huge thank you to an amazing photographer, Andre J, with whom I did my first real art nude shoot yesterday. I trusted Andre from the minute I met him, and enjoyed every second of working with him (even lying down in the freezing water to get a good shot !). We have the same idea of what constitutes a beautiful art nude shot, which made the shoot a great occasion for us both to bring out our creativity and do some amazing work that I hope you will all enjoy.
Thanks for making it a great experience for me."

Photographers Communities

You know how to make it but you have to make it know.

Some photographers are knew by a large audience, larger and larger since the blog phenomenon, and others seem encounter some difficulties.

There is just one thing to do : open your portfolio .

What are we talking about ?
" ALTphotos is a photography community of international photographers who share a passion for creating amazing photographic work. Browse our galleries to find some of the best Fine Art Photography from around the world.

- Upload photos to your portfolios, rate and comment on other members photography. Participate in forum discussions.

- If you're a publisher, art director, designer, image researcher, collector or just a lover of photography, this is where you'll find the most creative photographic work."

That's clear. If you want to be seen, you have to publish. Let's see how two famous photographers use this kind of services :

Yuri Bonder, professional and renowned photographer located in Tel Aviv, is at :

Photo,, (light version of,
Nonstop Photos,, of course,
Photo Blink that I didn't knew,,
and Photo forum... and that's it. Ouf.

12 photographic communities to make his artworks known by everybody. And it works. It's quite impossible to make the count of his photos published in thousands of blogs and sites, giving him a back fame (that he deserves !), more difficult to obtain there is just one decenny ago.

So take another so famous one, Andre Brito, from Portugal. You'll find him at :,
PBase, empty, he must be overbooked,
photo competition,,
1000 Imagens,
ALTphotos, and I'm sure I forget one or two, maybe three, four if you want, no more than five and not six at all.
So at least 7 plaforms plus his official site.

I don't know where they find the time to pilot so many sites, it should need one full time job, but what I'm sure it's they are visible by the consumers (posters, derivative products) and by the potential clients (advertising, corporate and fashion).

I couldn't leave you without a palmares, based upon criteries of quality of pictures, resolution, rapidity, updated informations, easy search, no advertising, many categories, high and strong level of artworks, and so on for the best viewing (you'll check yourself for uploading !).

And the winners are :

1 - photo.sight

2 -

3 - ALTphotos

March 24, 2010

L'hôpital, c'est ça :

Pavel Kiselev -

"Suffer a pain"

Un vieux avec un tube dans la gorge qui me demande de lui rouler une cigarette. Une dame qui veut savoir où est le dépositoire. Mon voisin incapable de se concentrer à cause des plaques blanches dans son cerveau et qui zappe à toute vitesse depuis qu'il s'est réveillé.

C'est attendre des heures mon soin, avec impatience, pour sortir le plus vite possible. Christiane qui veut connaître les effet de la chimio sur moi avant de la prendre elle-même. La rumeur qu'ils nous donnent des placebos. Les chiottes pas faits depuis deux jours, la saleté même pas déguisée. Les plaintes perpétuelles du personnel soignant sur le manque d'effectifs, de moyens, le dernier coup de gueule pour les heures supp, les intérimaires qui ne viennent même plus. Les bruits de chariots que l'on tire sans délicatesse, les sabots blancs qui claquent sur le lino.

C'est le malade à qui je souris comme à un camarade d'infortune et qui ne répond pas tant sa souffrance l'occupe. C'est l'ascenseur qui se referme trop vite ou qui s'ouvre tout au bout et que je rate systématiquement. C'est Jimmy le cafard qui vient me dire bonjour, toujours aussi heureux qu'on leur foute une paix si royale, j'ai la bise de ses sept-mille enfants.

C'est aussi le regard étonné d'une enfant à la vue des tubes qui me hérissent, mon sourire "tant pis", son sourire "pas grave", un instant fugace de pur bonheur.

Jose Manchado -
"Closing heaven gates"
Art Model Alma

"Where ends the heaven, where is the hell, it's into my heart ? It's into my head... The world can be both sides of the door."

March 23, 2010

Kamil Krawczyk

Kamil Krawczyk, from Poland, is just 19, but no need to be an old dude, yeap, to make nice shots ! The proof : he already won three first prizes in photographic competitions.

I like this expressive set. The model is lovely, the natural light enhances her beauty and the composition is really dynamic.

You'll find him on his site and at deviantART where he owns a nice space.

"Look in your eyes" set

March 22, 2010

Nubby Twiglet

Beautiful collages by Nubby Twiglet. Check also her blog.

Her bio :

" The red cross, hearts, stripes, shoes, and letterforms are collaged into tight, slick pop art on custom wooden boxes coated in epoxy resin.

These sturdy and fashion-conscious collages are done by hand in an age of technological overdependence. My personal photographs are combined with magazine cut-outs to create graphically charged collages that blur the lines between graphic design and fine art."

"Natural Selection"

About her :

" A graphic designer by day, collaging is a way for me to unwind, to remember that there was a time before computers. Editorial design and typography are my passions. I combine these with a background in Marketing to create a sense of balance between art and business.

I live in Portland, OR, but I visit New York often. I am available for freelance design and art commissions as well as group and solo art exhibitions."

"Modern Noir"

"Flesh for Fantasy"

"Definitive Dash of Red"

March 20, 2010

Carnet de bord du capitaine, stardate 52510.38.

- Enseigne Hénault, veuillez armer la jonque, on appareille dans cinq minutes.
- C'est parti !
- Ornitar, je vous en prie ! Vous n'allez pas encore tout me saloper comme la dernière fois. Vous avez dit d'armer et on a failli y laisser le vaisseau. StarFleet n'a pas aimé !
- Madame, le droit de navigation dans le quadrant Alpha nous est formellement reconnu par la convention interfédérale stardate 51810.17. Contesteriez-vous ce fait ?
- Je ne conteste rien. Je vous demande simplement de ne pas tout me casser comme l'autre jour.
- Oh... mais pardon ! L'autre fois, les hommes du Constitution ont voulu jouer aux cons en devançant mes ordres. Heureusement que j'ai brisé la révolte dans l'oeuf, sans barbarie inutile il est vrai. On n'a coupé que les mauvaises têtes, l'enseigne Hénault peut témoigner.
- Sur l'honneur.
- Bon. Nous allons donc poursuivre notre mission civilisatrice. Et d'abord, j'vais vous donner les dernières instructions de l'Amiral Grupratte, rectifiées par le Quartier-maître Odell ici présent. Voilà : l'intention de l'Amiral serait que nous percions un vortex qui relierait Gihdhar d'Alpha, Confédération des Gorns, et vous connaissez leur caractère, à Selay Inarris du Quadrant Omega, et vous connaissez leur caractère...
- Avec Gihdhar d'Alpha ?... Bon... Puisque Madame le dit... Mais vont peut-être se bouffer entre eux les lézards non ?
- C'est StarFleet qui l'a dit. Je ne vous apprendrais rien en vous rappelant que Gihdhar veut dire petite fleur jaune et Selay Inarris... ?... Heu ? Bleu... Vous rendez vous compte de l'aspect grandiose du mélange ? Jaune et bleu pour un vert comme les forêts de Terra 3, comme l'espérance. Enseigne Hénault, en route, nous allons repeindre l'Alpha et l'Omega, lui donner une couleur tendre. Nous allons installer le printemps dans ce continuum de merde !

Mark Olich

Sometimes I would like to see my life from the backstages, waiting to play my role again and again in the great circus of humanity. It was my mood contemplating these exceptional photos of Mark Olich who captures with success in this series the dramatic emotions of classic dancers before the next act.

He's from Russia, no bio, no sites, and every words in russian... He seems young and kind (as anyone who paints the sun). And he deserves to be known abroad.

For more, there is another gallery at photosight, and an album at in words and pictures.

March 19, 2010

Morskaya, Olga Trusova

Olga Trusova aka Morskaya at deviantART and Photosight is 27 and lives in Moscow.

Talented in photomanipulation, I hope these coloured pictures will give you the desire to know more about her superb works.

I looked for other sites exposing her photographies but nothing until now... If you have one, tell me ! She deserves to be known.

"Chito grito chito margalito"

"City mad"

"Forsaken Paradise"

"Wanted. ID"