December 31, 2016

Art Model Vassanta is a Muse

Member since 2009


Vassanta :

I am passionate about creating great art. 

The wonderful images you see in my portfolio result from collaborating with some very talented photographers as well as my reaching deep into my soul and giving all my emotions to every shot, every time.

"On the Beach"



"Stand tall"

And viewed by

K Leo

Scott Brown

Scott Brown

Scott Brown

Andrew Kaiser
"In My Living Room"

Scott Nichol
"Field of Burrs"

Vernon Trent
"Vassanta II"

Vernon Trent

December 27, 2016

Art-Models, Muses, what makes you beautiful

Muses, we love you and wish you the best for 2017
With admiration and love, Chris and the Photographers

Written by Isaac Fowler
Pencil Artist and passionate art lover.

St Merrique

Gerhardt Thompson
  " Perchance to Sleep"

Gerhardt Thompson :

" Regarding the models there are not enough words. Without them there would be just a landscape, without their passion and expression there would be just a pretty face and for me the beauty of a woman is not in their physical attributes instead in what they have to share through self confidence, expression, understanding and trust.

Each of the models I work with share natural beauty, there is never any make up and I have to remind them not to do their nails, there is nothing artificial just body language and it is my job to look closely at feelings, light, mood and to integrate the sum of these parts.

These ladies are bright and their abilities should never go unquestioned. The models work hard and give 200% of themselves. It is for this reason that I must do my very best for them each time I pick up my camera. They have my utmost respect !"

Isaac Fowler
"Another Faceless Woman..."

This is the first Literary post I have made. I just wanted to say thank you to all of the art-models (as well as clothed, and partially nude, male and female) whose galleries I watch and art I enjoy.
Thank you for sharing and thank you for your bravery, honesty and commitment to your craft. I tip my hat to you all.

David Le Beck, in loving memory
"Naked Ambition" series

What makes you beautiful is not the nakedness of your form or the suggestiveness of your pose.
It is not how close the lens zooms to the most prized and priceless areas of your anatomy.

It is not the illusion of whatever suggestion is conveyed by your expression and the ambiance of your setting, nor is it the way the light falls across your frame to cast a symphony of shadows and highlights which seem to play in perfect harmony.

"The Water Maiden"

"I work with people that are more than models, they are truly the main subject of the image - these people bare their soul, more than their bodies, they explore their boundaries, their freedoms and freely give of their emotions as well as their poses. Without these wonderfully understanding artists, there is no hope of Art ever being created." Beau Nestor

Though all of these things have their place in the art you create, what makes you beautiful is something far more innate

It is your knowledge of self and freedom to express
It is the way you make confidence seem natural and effortless
It is the vulnerability you are not afraid to show
It is the union of your mind, body, spirit and soul
It is how your image transcends the lust of undeveloped minds
And portrays the elegance of a form ordained before time

Anne Duffy
Darren Phillips
"Before the Storm"

Erica Jay
Steve Lease

Sissi Rose
Photographer unknown

What makes you beautiful is something much deeper than skin
Than your arms, breasts, thighs and unspeakable gems
It's what you show but don't speak, time and again
It's something much greater… It's the you that's within

Thank you.

December 23, 2016

The merry Christmas of Simon Shadowshow !

Member of UdA since 2016

I just received the best wishes of Simon with this photograph ! Thank you dear Simon, you make my  day. Receive mines too.

December 22, 2016

The self-portraits of Harizma

"The stolen bride"

"To sink"


I have not found many informations about Harizma (Alexandra Parhomenko). She is born in 1987, she lives at Kiev (Ukraine) and she works as a designer. And that's it... Because I don't speak russian and, maybe, she doesn't speak english. So...

Harizma is above all a creative photographer, and often her own model (self-portraiture is a tough exercise !).

Her inspiration is incredible and many of her pictures look like paintings. No need to talk about her talent, you see it in each of her photographies.

" Harizma is a true renaissance woman. An artist in every sense of the word. Her illustrations touch my heart, her photographs challenge my mind, and her beauty inspires my thoughts. I am in love with her portfolio."


"Desert Rose"

"Taste of tea"

" I just discovered her portfolio and I am in awe. She has a wonderful eye for beauty and art, in addition to being a great model - her self-portraits demonstrate her charm and beauty in addition to her photographic talents. Her photos and artistic flair will captivate all."

"oops ! a little mistake"

December 16, 2016

A wonderful "amateur" photographer Mike Cary

Art-Models BRD and Tilly McReese

Mike Cary wrote me with simplicity :
- I am an amateur photographer.
He means it is not a job but a passion. He means he photographies for the pleasure, not to be famous, published or awarded, even if he deserves it. That said his talent is as great than the professional members of UdA.

B and W addicted, Mike Cary works successfully with renowned Art-Models such as St Merrique (her 11 articles), Keira Grant, Ella Rose, Brooke Lynne (her 5 articles) and Madame Bink, often published in the mag. Their talent allied to the art of Mike Cary to capture the best of them in beautiful compositions give these splendid photographs I am happy to show you.

Thank you Mike for your friendship on Facebook and your kind cooperation to this article !

Art-Model St Merrique

I am a 55 year old amateur photographer who resides in the state of Virginia. Have been interested in photography since my early teens initial started out shooting landscapes and some sports. Became interested in shooting people to include models about twelves years ago. Initial started out shooting mostly glamour and lingerie in studio or on location using studio lighting.

Over the past five or six years I have transitioned to shooting mostly artistic nudes using natural lighting rather then studio lights. Currently I shoot a mix of landscapes, artistic nudes, candid and street photography.

Art-Model Anoush Anou

Art-Model Amy Marie

Art-Model BRD

Art-Model Erika Jay

Art-Model Keira Grant

Art-Models Anna Catherine and Erica Jay

Art-Models BRD and Tilly McReese

December 8, 2016

Gregory Prescott with Shandra Stark

Art Model Shandra Stark

"Shandra 2408"

Chris !
- I have been a fan of your site for quite some time and would love to submit a series for consideration to be shown on it. This is a series I shot at El Mirage Dry Lake Bed in southern California with art model Shandra Stark. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

Dear Gregory,
- We're very honoured. What a beautiful message... A reader who wants to participate ! I say Yes !
Gregory, I watched Sandra 2408, carefully, wide open eyes and I like. So, OK. Give us more about you, a first feature is a deep discovery of your universe. Thanks again Gregory. You make my day.

What else ? Gregory is working on a coffee table book and hope to get it published soon.
More to come !

"The White Wall Series"
Art Model St Merrique -

"Its a Sierra"
Art Model Sierra Schultz

" I am a self taught photographer, born in Los Angeles, California, grew up and lived most of my life in Houston Texas, and now once again living in Los Angeles.

I've been interested and doing photography for about 15 years but I have really grown in my craft since living back in Los Angeles.
What I love about living in southern California the most, is the beautiful landscapes, which makes great backdrops for my work.

I found a love for photography during the Herb Ritts era. I found his work very interesting and wanted to create beautiful classic, timeless images like him. Now I am moved by Andreas H. Bitesnich's work, among many others but had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of years ago.

Art Model Crystal Jenkins

So I work towards creating beautiful,classic images of both male and female form and adding more cultural diversity in the art world.

"Chino, prince of the Sahara"
Art Model Chino

"Running legs"

"Black Velvet with blue velvet drapes"
Art Model Black Velvet

I feel that my camera is my paintbrush and with it I can produce images that can shed a light on the beauty of all people and allow people to better appreciate the beauty of the human form.

I love to have the ability to create lines and shapes and I mainly love to work with natural lighting because of its raw feel and the shadows that can be created.

My models are like sculptures but GOD is the true artist, I am the channel".

"Black sand beauty"
Art Model Nicolla