January 15, 2013

Marco Arbani's interview

" I am always excited at the end of a shooting, unable to wait to look at all the shots and show them to the model. For me it's important that the model appreciates herself and gives me her opinion." Marco Arbani

Model Beatrice

Marco Arbani at his blog, deviantART, his first feature.

Marco, I know that your passion began at 16. Do you remember your first experience ?

My first experience... Well, all began by taking shots of my friends while they were playing in the pool. Instead of having a bath I was walking around while they were jumping in the water, taking shots of them in funny poses and then retouching them a bit. I liked it very much and I continued to do those things for a while.


You're still a student in graphic design. Is it useful for your photographic work ?

Graphic design was my first passion, mainly photoretouching and photomanipulations. When I started to enjoy photography I thought that graphic design could help me. I know the basics about colors, composition and I'm able to change my images a little to give them more impact.

Now graphic design is going to be my work and my passion for photography made me improve in photoretouching. I think each one of my passions can be reciprocally useful.

I agree. Do you think you could make something else ?

Beautiful question ! I know a lot about computers. Maybe I should be an hardware technician but it's not my ambition, though it's a very interesting job.

"In my mind"

I feel a clear preference in your work for strong shadowed BW shots. Is it right ?

Surely I usually try to have the more possible details in my shots. The BW shots give me this feeling. The shots look sharp and clean and have a strong impact.

I also like to shot colors, but only sometimes I'm satisfied with the results, they always need an after-touch.

"Lost in her mind"
Model Claudia

What locations do you prefer to use mainly ?

Currently I'm loooking for abandoned places in which I could shoot safely. These places have an incredible atmosphere, they add a lot to the final result, although not everyone appreciate them.

"Sonno tormentato"
Model Claudia

"Looking Back"
Model Claudia

Except nude art, is there another genre you enjoy ?

I started only recently to do some nude shots, I'm trying to improve in this direction but it's hard for now to achieve some of the objectives I have in mind. I hope to show you more soon.

Now I'm shooting portrait and trying to reach a "standard" for quality, and I'm working hard for this.

About other genres... I like photography in almost its genres, except shooting sport, reportages or street.

I'm impatient to see that ! By the way, film or digital ? Maybe both ?

I shoot only digital, mainly for its convenience and quality, but I'm very attracted from the dark room, the work before the photo comes out... This always has a strong appeal to me.

"Starring at you"
Model Claudia

Do you plan every details during your shootings ? Or do you work "Alla prima" as you say in Italy ?

I must admit, some of the shots I prefer, initially were light tests or backstage shots, in which the model usually is more natural and comfortable with herself. It's a consequence that the expression is more relaxed and natural. I like very much these shots.

However, a large part of my work is planned and there's always an idea behind before the realization.

Model Claudia

Model Eleonora

Some words about your models ? What are you waiting for them ? How do you direct them ?

Another confession... All my models are friends or girls that like my work and ask me some shots (it's a big satisfaction in that case), so I cannot expect a lot from them. It depends of their personality.

Some of them are very comfortable in front of the camera and can pose naturally, others have to be directed in all the aspects. I have to suggest them all the poses, the expressions I want. With others is more simple and they need only to know the style I want to shoot and my ideas.

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

I am always excited at the end of a shooting, unable to wait to look at all the shots and show them to the model. For me it's important that the model appreciates herself and gives me her opinion.

What is your own favourite photo ? I know it's difficult but could you choose one ?

The nightmare of every photographer ! The favourite shot... I don't think I have one... But I have the perfect one that could define my style. It's an old shot, one of my first shootings. It has exactly the mood, the emotions I wanted to show :

Model Beatrice

"Deep thoughts"

What is your actual project ?

Actually I'm planning a nude shot with some models and in a few months I hope I could realize it.

About life projects, this year I'm finishing my studies and it will be time to start to work and bring my passions to the next level.

Keep us informed ! What are you dreaming for your next future ?

I want to realize my projects and ambitions.

My dream is to work and live with photography or in a graphic agency as art director.

"Cold beauty"
Model Claudia

Model Claudia

I wish you the best ! Are you planning an exhibition ?

I wish to do an exhibition, but I haven't the time to organize it and print all the shots needed. I'll think about it after the end of my studies.

So, what is your way to promote your work ?

Some years ago I discovered deviantART. I immediatly fell in love with it and started to submit my own works. After this, I started to show my pictures on the net with flickr and finally with my own photoblog. It was a big challenge for me because I never done that kind of things before, I had only my works in a personal site, followed and commented by others... It has been an incentive to my work.

And where can we purchase your prints ?

I know it's a big absence, but actually I don't have any site in which my prints are available, mainly because I haven't had many requests in the past times. But things are changing in a good way...

Model Elena

Nice ! You deserve it. Marco, is there a question nobody asks you and you would like to answer ?

Beautiful question :
Would you like to do a collaboration with us for a photographic work ?

I would really enjoy to participate in an interesting project. I know that it is more a job offer I'm looking for than a real question but now it is what I wish.

Model Anastasia

It's good to hear such a strong wish... Keep going on ! What advices could you give to someone who wants to become a photographer ?

There aren't specific advices for this work, but obviously all the basics of photography must be known, the rest come with practice. Initially I was a bit shy with the models, and absolutely this hasn't helped.

The only advice I can give is to work hard and follow your own ideas, learning from the big names of photography but not copying their works, it isn't gratifying at all. To start, simply follow as many tutorials you can. The net is full of them and they are very useful to understand the basics.

To begin by the beginning... Of course. Before we leave, any message you’d like to give to our readers ?

Simply thank you for the time spent to read all this.

I'm sure they'll appreciate !... Thanks a lot Marco. We'll follow you step by step.

Model Eleonora

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