November 27, 2012

Iveta Niklova, Interview of an Art Model

by Dave Field
"Black and white"

by Wolf Marloh

Iveta, when did you begin modeling ?

My first experience with modelling started when I was 12 in the Czech Republic. I attended a modelling school, where I was trained in catwalk, how to use make up, drama lesson…etc.
I saw all the girls in my class how seriously they took it and I felt like a black sheep, always late, never prepared for the lesson, always without home work. They looked perfect, great make up, perfect body with a modern outfit, I wore a dirty jeans and xl jumper, but I didnt care. It wasn't exactly what I wanted to do.

by Mick Waghorne
"Peek a boo"

What were the things you liked the best about modeling ? What did you dislike the most ?

I was exacting about everything new, like a young girl I loved the girly things, make up, beautiful dresses and that I was the main subject when I came shooting.

Have to say that now when I am 10 years older and full time model, I'm enjoying modelling much more. It's all about professionalism, I'm trying to get out the best of me and I expect people in industry to do the best job as well.

I travel a lot cause of modelling, which is great, I got to know lots. Of new places and people. I have a very good relationship with some of the photographers and models that I met during the shoots and that I wouldn't probably met if I didn't do modelling.

What I don't like about modelling is the risk. Lots of models started very young and we all were very naive when we were young, most of us were used, one day you are too fat, the second day too skinny, someone wants you, someone doesn't. People can be really bad, sometimes it makes you cry and you feel you are not good enought. You have to be really strong if you want to be a model. It's a big pressure.

by John Tisbury

by John Tisbury
"Chair 2"

What is your personal favourite photo of yourself ?

I have been thinking a lot about this and I have chosen about 5 very great photos which I like, but if I had to choose one it would be a photo by Gregory Brown when I'm naked in the box wearing only some colored stocking, I look like a coral fish. I love this shot.

by Gregory Brown
"Me in the box"

by Gregory Brown

Your favorite photo photographer ? Model ?

Czech photographer Jan Saudek. His work is just amazing, every photo has some story that you could think about. He makes the women confident and feel beautiful.

A model ? It would be Carmen Kass, she is gorgeous.

What makes you creative ?

Life, people, art…

What kind of ambiance inspires you ?

I wanted to have a job that I enjoy and that I can do for living. It was risk, but if you really want, if you believe in yourself and really work hard, you always can do it. People in the agency told me many times that I didn't have the right look for modelling, but I don't give up.

by Simon Richardson

What are you waiting for a photographer ?


by Iain Thomson
"Sweet home"

What makes you confident to plan a shooting with a photographer you don't know ?

New experience, every photographer does a different kind of photography. And if you are up for everything you are happy to do it.

I love new ideas, something untypical that photographer who you haven't worked before, can give.

Can you feel that your body is in the right place, in the right pose, in the best lighting ?

Yes, I can now. And I don't like when photographers direct me, I know that they might have some ideas about what to do, but I want to move how I feel. If it's not right I say to myself : "my god this pic is gonna be rubbish", and yes it is, because you can see that I'm not comfortable.

by Iain Thomson

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

It really depends how the shoot went. If you felt comfortable with the photographer and he felt comfortable with you, if both of us were happy with the result... I have a really good relationship with some of the photographers I work regularly with. I come to shoot, we put some music on, and dancing, shooting, having fun, then have a drink after the shoot. We both are very relaxed and you can see it when you see the result. But not always it works like that.

by Stephen Norris
"Not always naked"

by Dave Hare

"Iveta 2"

Do you find the photographers give the models all the credit they deserve ?

I haven't had any problem with that yet. I'm quite lucky with people I work with.

Some words about your actuality ?

It's time to go back to work.

A message to send ?

I just want to say a big thanks to the photographers I started with, as they gave me a big confidence in myself and some advices that I always take with me.

Thank you Iveta ! Thanks for your so kind participation ! I appreciate.

by Gregory Brown


Jiri Ruzek said...

Great interview!
Iveta is exactly one of those Models I've been talking about.
I hope we will meet ourselves and create some cool photos in the future :)

Iris Dassault said...

Uh-oh. I am in trouble...

IMSirReal said...

This model is one of my very favorites, she holds a place in my heart. Now, if I could only finish her damn photos.

Gregory Brown said...

Iveta is a complete original, she creates poses that no other model does. Very rare and superbly creative.

MadameBink said...

Wow - I love Iveta, it's great to see her here!