July 29, 2007

Welcome Tatieva

You'll find all her artworks for sale in her galleries : her official site, Les callypiges de Tatieva, Artabus, Tatieva Punk.

Tatieva, give us some news about you ?

" There is... Before and later... My daughters in colors and sensualism have a little changed... It's even two different worlds ! The one which is light, playful, naughty, roguish, and the other one which is darker, like in suffering, all in interiority.

Let's say that I fall into me to clear my past and prepare a future I hope serene ! I believe that it's particular to the artist this way to fall, then to fly, again and again. Musician, painter or writer... It's what also makes our wealth and our difference !"

Thanks Tatieva for your lovely participation. Come back when you want. You hold the keys.

"L'Amour dans les Synapses"
(série Emotions)

"La Tasse Rose"
(série Jolies Rondes)

" My painting is full of life, colors, vibrations... Offer, give, to share a moment of enjoyment, gaiety, sensualism to the eye which passes by there, it is a pure moment of happiness... "

"Callipyge bleue au Parapluie"
(série Juste Femme)

"Paris, sous la Pluie (d'après G. Caillebotte)"
(série Anisée)

" I want my paintings to be crisped as we crunch the life ! "

"Nu Rouge"
(série Rouge)


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