November 6, 2014

The passion of Sylvie Blum

Sylvie Blum at her official site, Model Mayhem.

Art Model Ashley

"My work is my passion".

What can I add ?... When this site is all about Passion... Yes, Sylvie Blum has given her soul to her art.

After a long career as a renowned model, working with the worldwide greatest photographers, fascinated by the beauty of the human body, she succeeds to capture its inner perfection in a classy and timeless B&W style, looking for and finding always the best compositions according to the personality of the model in front of her camera.

Perfectionist like Thorsten Jankowski, André Brito or Marc Hoppe, she masters the forms, the light and the shadows, using mainly "old" films instead of digital for her nude artworks.

" Sylvie Blum concentrates on what she most likes : the human body, his personality, his character, his aesthetics being in the limelight of its black white photographs." Source Diana Glamour Model

I'm deeply happy to welcome her here inside.

" In fine nude art, women are part of an artistic statement in which their natural charisma plays a major role. I'm taking classical, timeless nude photos.

I'm a german photographer, specialized in Beauty, People, Portraits, Fine Art and Fashion. I relocated to US from Germany in 2005.
I worked over 10 years as a fashion and nude model with international renowned photographers like Günter Blum, Helmut Newton, Andreas H. Bitesnich, Conrad Goodly, Jeanloup Sieff, Jan Saudeck, Lucien Clergue...
and many many more before I picked up the camera starting my career as a photographer in fine art, fashion, beauty and glamour.

After finishing my studies in arts I got married to the German photographer Günter Blum, the master of black-and-white erotic photography.

I became his favorite model, muse and manager. He was my mentor and learnt me everything about technics and creation. After his death in 1997, I decided to take the camera and to work in my own style.
Photography has always been my greatest passion and still is it today.

I'm inspired by everything and every day. When I open my eyes in the morning I think of so many ideas and feelings that I want to bring into my photos.

My whole life I'm thinking in Pictures.
When I see a person, I always imagine how I would shoot the picture.
It is my obsession and passion to tell stories with my camera and find beautiful people who are part of my work.

I am a fan of strong, self-confident woman. I want to show their outer and inner beauty in my photos. It’s easy for me to work on projects with women, as I am a woman too. Therefore they are my preferred subjects.

I know what woman like about their bodies and how they feel when posing in front of my camera. In my photos I want to show them as heroines that are both strong and sexy. A woman is never a sex object to me. Rather they are goddesses like Athene out of Greek mythology. " (Source Goddess).

While I'm shooting for various american magazines, I'm also Director of Photography in the movie industry.

Since my photographic work started, as an independent photographer, I have published four Art books and I'm currently working on my next : "The Female Nude Body".

Art Model Vanity

With my nude pictures I try to show
the timeless beauty of the human body.
My new obsession is to create fashion pictures that are classic, modern and tell crazy stories.

Art Model Keelie Nicole

" I recently had the pleasure of working with a German native photographer by the name of Sylvie Blum.
Sylvie is mostly known for her beautiful artistic female nudes, but has been looking for a talented artist in the Portland area to create some great beauty images with her. I was lucky enough to be invited to her studio and do just that ! I am so very pleased to see the results of the shoot, and I think you will be too !"

Hotel Orient
Available : here.

The scenery is an establishment in which rooms are being rented out by the our. In the shadows of the public these role players experiment with different identities and hidden characteristics that do not respect the typical form of role behaviour.
Men and women visit the “Hotel Orient” to show Sylvie Blum’s camera, who is in fact the protagonist herself, their most secret desires and erotic fantasies.
The Hotel is located in Vienna and invites with it’s style in private saloons of the past turning century, in which slaves of passion were used to satisfy their desires. All along they were risking scandals reaching the edge of legality.
Let yourself be inspired by passionate intense visions and submerge yourself into sensibility.
152 pages, 240 x 340 mm, 125 images, Hardcover.

Available : here.

“Nudes” was born in photo sessions in Miami, Los Angeles, Mallorca and Berlin.
The project is the vision of incomparable beautiful, self secure women that are being set by this exceptionally great photographer. American modelling icons are photographed against the black and white silhouettes of Hollywood. It’s Narcissism in it’s most beautiful.
Through Sylvie Blum’s outdoor settings she is able to express timeless ecstatic. Endless deserts, monstrous cities, the deepest oceans, the cool architecture of Beverly Hills and Palm Beach, poorly packed industry hallways, the flair of Mediterranean property on through the graffiti filled backyards of Berlin are the base of this great inspiration. Through wise choices in shot and lighting Sylvie Blum’s extraordinary style is being underlined.
144 pages, 240 x 340 mm, 80 images, Hardcover.

Venus Selbst
Available : here.

A provoking, cloudy, and blurry look where colours seem to be monochrome, where the photos seem unplanned and spontaneous.
At arms length she sets herself in the scene. Instead of the perfect photo she prefers the thrill of the moment while experimenting. The result is thought provoking, familiar, pursuing and all along artistic.
The uncalculated dullness contours only in the conscious mind of the observer : a construction of fantasy. In the overload of materials there glitters the self secure theatrics of the female body throughout “me, myself and I”.
120 pages, 220 x 245 mm, 85 images, Hardcover.

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