December 12, 2013

The new Pin-up Art

Gavin Bell
"Hello Sailor"
Art Model Julie Dickson

You know what ? I love that freshness. In this genre, there are no problems, no questions, just a gorgeous and joyful girl who makes you smile.

The poses are ever sexually appealing, though they are rarely nude, provocative too, it's made for, but the Pin-up girls are always smiling, happy and as close than the famous "girl next door". Enjoy !

"Bella Varga"
Michael Siu
Art Model Bella Blue

"Pin-Up Queen"
Dick Simonsen
Art Model McKenzie

Psycho Gin Cherry

Robert Alvarado
"Kira Minnie Mouse"
Art Model Kira

Whitman O'Rourke
"On The Phone"

Perry Gallagher
Art-Model Anyssa Jordan

Jeff Davidson
"Domestic Goddess"

Sonia Szóstak (Muszka)
"Pin-up part I"
Art-Model Blimsien

K Leo
"Belmont Deluge"
Model Titi Touche of The Belmont Burlesque Revue

Joe Oliveira
Art-Model The Amazing Chastity

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