March 31, 2008

Yvan Teulé

About his site :
" DREAM OF BEAUTY's Website display Yvan TEULE fashion and beauty pictures, shot for advertising or for magazines editorials. It is also a gallery of his personnal work. There, one can appreciate his skills in the use of computer tools for photo retouching.
Stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists brought their talents to elaborate those pictures.
Gathering a photo team or joining a creative group, according to the needs, Yvan TEULE can step in at any stage of your creative process, either drawing the first sketches, or checking the post-production."

"Girl from NYC"

"Grand Nu Debout"

"Anatomie Artistique Vivante"

"Callipyge et psyché"

"Sur le miroir"

Yvan Teulé ©

Pascal Renoux

Pascal Renoux

"Une étoile"

"Nu à la fenêtre 5"

"Nu à la fenêtre 3"

"La main tendue 5"

"La chute 1"

"Elle se recoiffe"

Pascal Renoux ©

Dave Levingston

Dave Levingston

"Theda Outdoors"

From the series "Docunudes"

Red Mahan

Red Mahan

Thanks Carrie !

" Chris

Just wanted to let you know that we all appreciate your contribution to the Spring Issue of Nude.

Also, I wanted to let you know that no one at the magazine knew how ill you were when we were working on the feature "The French Influence" and when Gary and I told them you became a true inspiration to all the members of our staff. No one could believe that you had worked so hard and had been so ill.

We are looking forward to your return.
Carrie Leigh "

March 27, 2008


You'll find his beautiful works on Nonstop Photos, photodom, photosight, ALTphotos, and numerous of his paintings on ArtLib or the extraordinary Hieroglyph.

Zanzib is the first photographer to send me a message when I published him on my writing blog "Le chemin des étoiles". In fact for me, it's just like if Mylene Farmer (for french) or George Michael (for everybody) took the time to tell me : "thanks to love"...

To be the first gives him a favourite place in my heart. Zanzib never forget that there is a a world beyond his camera, and amateurs that watch and comment and appreciate his works, giving them a true place in a true life.