February 27, 2011

A French monument : Studio Harcourt

Since 1934, Studio Harcourt shoots the greatest artists of the planet with an inimitable style which makes its so remarkable signature :

« In France, one is not an actor if one hasn't been photographed by the Studio Harcourt » wrote philosopher Roland Barthes in 1957.

French Actress Brigitte Bardot

French Actress Marion Cotillard

" The Studio Harcourt was founded in Paris in 1934, by the press moguls the Lacroix brothers and by Cosette Harcourt, who contributed her strong background in photography having worked at the Manuel's brothers famous studio.

In its early days the Studio's main activity was to fulfil the needs of the press. Yet, its remarkable signature style soon drew the most acclaimed and talented artists.

French Fashion Model and Actress Laetitia Casta

As early as 1938, the Studio became a must : writers, singers, comedians, sportsmen, composers, dansers and political figures all rushed to the studio.

Stars such as Marlène Dietrich, Salvador Dali, Jean Cocteau or Marcel Serdan were among those who were immortalized by the studio... along with many discerning clients.

The Harcourt esthetic is timeless and its magical signature has proven to be of mythical dimension thanks to its unique, immediately recognisable, know-how and lighting effects inspired by movie sets.

French Actress Carole Bouquet

French Actress Emma Decaunes

Harcourt's archives of 5 million prints, portraying more than 1500 celebrities and over 500 000 people, from 1934 to 1991 was passed over to the « Reunion des Musées Nationaux » for the French Ministry of Culture.

For over 70 years, portraits by Harcourt have been a part of the collective memory and have become an institution.

The Studio is now located one block from avenue Montaigne in a town house off the "golden triangle", on the Right Bank of the capital of photography.

The Studio welcomes celebrities and other discerning clients who seek a unique, glamorous and timeless image of themselves, between dream and reality."

A special shooting for Chantal Thomas


"Sexy Dandy"

"Tulle Fronce"


David M. Brown said...

The lighting alone from this artist is amazing. But when you consider the images as a whole they are simply breath taking. Work that inspires.


Chris St James said...


unbearable lightness said...

Such a distinctive look that shows the aesthetic of another time (it is clear the style influences us to this day)...thank you for letting us know about it and for the Barthes quote. Anything he says is gospel for me.

MichaelV. said...

Absolutely gorgeous lighting. The control and feel of the poses is fantastic. Thank so much for sharing this amazing work.