April 1, 2009

Carlotta Champagne by Dave Rudin

An artist and his art model :

I've decided to make a posting about one of my favorite models, Carlotta Champagne.

Carly is a very beautiful young woman who is excellent at both fine art modeling and glamour modeling.

Based in Florida, she travels regularly and images of her would be a fine addition to any photographer's portfolio.

You can see more of Carly on her website and her pages on My Space, Model Mayhem and One Model Place .

The photos of Carlotta that I'm posting here were made during a photo session in the Nevada desert outside Las Vegas in the spring of 2006.

I have to say that it was one of my most successful photo shoots, so I'm hoping that I can have the privilege of working with her again soon.

This feature was made during my long absence. Thanks again Dave ! Your kindness is priceless.
" It's been about two weeks since I last wrote up something to post here during Chris' continued absence, so it's about time that I got around to doing something. Before I go on, I want to give my gratitude to Iris Dassault for taking the time to make several postings here since I last made one. (I get the feeling that she's the primary 'guest host' here now and that I am actually helping her out.)
I also want to thank Lin and Rich Bee from Fluffytek for preparing a posting about the model Katy T last week. Lin has also been undergoing medical treatments and I wish her a speedy recovery. Of course, I wish Chris a speedy recovery, as well. Univers d'Artistes is definitely not the same without him !"


D.L. Wood said...

Very beautiful. I really like your series here with her. I really like the 2nd and last one, with the last being my favorite.

Could I have a full glass of Champagne please.

D.L. Wood

Vince said...

I agree with everything you've said about Carlotta---beautiful inside and out. I've done 3 illustrations of her, and one photo shoot. Great young lady

Vince Wolff
Erotic Pin-ups and Illustrations

Welles said...

Very interesting photo and blog, love ly. Thought these photo taken in a special place that relly hard to find, tough job, great art pieces!

Dave Rudin said...

Thanks for posting this again, Chris (you're welcome) and to those who commented on the photos.

Dave R