April 17, 2009

Madame Bink viewed by

"A Tale of Bink", Model Mayhem, One Model Place, Purestorm...

by Mick Waghorne -

" Mick's a fabulous photographer, I really enjoy working with him." Madame Bink

by Dave Rudin -
"Nude, Joshua Tree, 2008"

by Dave Aharonian

by Vernon Trent -
"The bluest blues III"

by Paul Muir
"Binks 11"

by Scott Nichol -
"Geology Tour Road"

by Lorraine Gilligan
"Madame Butterfly"

" This was taken, like so much of Alex's work using just the natural light, I love it ! " Madame Bink


Jan said...

Absolutely breathtaking work.

I will aspire towards working with this amazing model.

Jan Murphy

unbearable lightness said...

I love Madame Bink's work and have enjoyed the opportunity to correspond with her. She is lovely.

MadameBink said...

Only just seen this - yay!

Thank you and I'm pleased you enjoy my work enough to feature it on this fabulous site!