July 9, 2009

Isobella Jade joins us

Based in New York, USA, Isobella Jade is a model, the author of "Almost 5'4", hence her height. Her graphic novel "Model Life" is due fall 2009. She writes daily about the modeling industry from a shorter girl's perspective.

Isobella, you're a renowned model and you're also an author who has published two books (the second in October), "Almost 5'4" and "Model Life", available at Barnes and Noble. Congratulations ! I know what a publication means.

I would like some words more about the process of creation of each of them : " how did the story begin ?

The story of these two books starts when I was really struggling as a model actually. However, at the time, any small success I had found was inspiring and if I ever had a chance to tell my story I had to be brutally honest about it.

So both of these books involved my adventures as a model and I show it in a very honest way. I do not shy away from revealing the grit. We have all heard the stories of girls being discovered on the streets of Paris, and I small towns in Kentucky , but I felt my own was about a different type of modeling. One that involves being self-made. Without an agent, without the fabulous photographers to meet and greet, without the glamour and more about the honest shit that happens when you are trying to be who you want to be.

As a shorter model I have had to use other things to get ahead.

The most important thing has involved knowing how to market myself, not being afraid to skip the middle-man and simply taking a chance. I have had to art direct my shoots, mail, re-mail, try again and again, mail magazines, editors, agents, and I can’t tell you how many No’s I have heard. However I focus on the “yes” getting the next “yes” and I live for the chase.

I truly believe I am the shortest model out there working.

The title of my memoir is "Almost 5’4” but I am a couple inches shorter than that next to a measuring stick.

My graphic novel "Model Life", due this fall, was inspired by the growth of girls who want to be models these days, ten years ago it was not like this.

The internet has changed everything. However being a model takes more than just posting your photo on the internet. Modeling is a challenge, being one and working with great brands, but honestly if it was easy I might be bored with it. I like the chances that are involved with my pursuits.

Modeling is a choice for me, it is not my only option, I want to be here, at the casting, modeling this product, and I am ready to stay overtime if needed to get the job done."

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