October 6, 2017

Vlatka Grabovac, "my art-lover twin"

Vlatka Grabovac lives in Munich, Germany, and she's so discreet that I can't tell you more. I asked her four times some words about her, she loved my requests and that's it.

If you become her Facebook friend, you'll admire her hundreds of beautiful photographies she finds and shares every day without never forget the name of the photographer, one of our gold rule in the mag.You'll feel  also her humanity, her culture and her humor I love so much.

We call each other "my art-lover twin" because we share the same passion for Artistic Nudes, the same addiction for BW, the same taste and the same skilled look. Furthermore, as you know it since 10 years, I've always loved the look of a woman on a woman. There is something different I can't really explain, but...? a light different vision. It's the reason why I created the label Woman Artist

I wanted her to become an Art Editor but Vlatka Grabovac is too busy for... I'm still crying ūüėĒ. She could have been so great. Anyway we daily follow us and like and love and share and comment our choices and words. We are art heart friends and I have a deep admiration for her talent to discover wonderful photographies. I know how it is a tough work to make the difference between a photo and a piece of art, an artwork.

Vlatka, I'm deeply happy to know you. Thank you for the beauty you give us and welcome on board ūüėä

NB :
Due to the aggravation of my illness, I just have one finger left, I've not the strength to link each artist to his site, the only one time in our mag. Forgive me dear Artist and a huge bravo and thank you for your talent.

Beauty is my best medicine and your Art a way to make our world a better place.

Her beautiful shares

Sjur Roald
Art Model Lera Russkikh

Dave Aharonian 
Art Model Andrea Maragret

Elmer Batters

Greg Gorman

James Jacob Desmet

Jasper Suyk 
Art Model Marisa Papen

Kalin Kostov

Oswaldo Copeland
Art ModellKsenia

Michel Perez

Mikey McMichaels

Philippe Regard

Randall Hobbet

Rodney Smith

Sade Hugo

Sandra Arteaga

Stefan Beutler

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