February 28, 2011

A little bad taste : Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan
Alyson Lee Hannigan, March 24, 1974, Washington, D.C., U.S.
1,67 m

Alyson Hannigan posed two times for FHM, in February 2001 and in June 2003, with the same photographer Stephen Danelian.

As you'll see it, the teenager series is particularly appealing and uplifting. She was young, him too. Maybe she was obliged to promote a movie, maybe she wanted... Anyway, to see the best, we need to see the worst. Strangely, except in a sex-tape, she never posed nude what deserves a huge bravo.

At the end, her entire hot, frank and out spoken interview for Playboy around 2003. I searched for her photographs inside this trash magazine but nothing. According my informations, she didn't pose nude, what deserves again a giant BRAVO. This woman is an exception !

FHM UK, February 2001 issue
By Stephen Danelian
Some of the stupid series. She was 27.

FHM, June 2003 issue
By Stephen Danelian
A little more good series, she was 29

A promotion of American Pie 1999
"Independence Day"
Alyson Hannigan, Tara Reid, Shannon Elizabeth, Mena Suvari

Her very hot interview for Playboy around 2003
 Photographs for FHM

In American Pie, Stifler's mom seduces a guy on the pool table. Where's the wildest place you've ever had sex?
Well, I've done the pool table thing. But I'd say probably the wildest would be...oh, man...I guess, while driving. That was good. And it was a stick shift so it was kind of difficult. We had to maneuver. We were actually driving. We had to figure it out: One steers, one does the stick shift and the gas pedal. And one ex-boyfriend and I -- you know those sky buckets at the amusement park? Well, it wasn't hot and heavy sex, but it was like, OK, well, just so we could say we did it. It wasn't like real sex, it was more like, "OK, c'mon. Quick." I've heard that some airlines are going to start putting cabins in some planes for long flights to London and Australia. I was like, Look at that, the mile high club is gonna get a lot of new memberships.

Will you push a guy around in bed?
[Laughs] Well, I don't get any complaints. Guys don't mind being pushed. I definitely take control. I know what I like. Not that I'm this dominatrix or anything. But yeah, I'd say I'm the more...pushy...if you want to use that terminology.
Does size matter?
It's not the most important thing. But if the guy's not so great, but he's well-endowed, then you put up with a little more than you would the normal, regular guy. It's like, "Oh...but...." But the long haul, no, that's definitely not what matters. To just be completely bold, it's really not very good for oral sex. Guys with big...it's just not so good. I mean, yeah. I'm sure prostitutes are fine, [because] they've got better neck muscles.
Finally, an upside for guys with a small penis. So, do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
Giving, actually. Not that I'm against...you know. I just love...there's nothing better than seeing my boyfriend at such a nice pleasured moment. Aaaaah. I'm so bright red right now. I just hope my mom doesn't read this. I love pleasuring him, I love to make him feel good. And that just turns me on.

Paparazzi or wanted ?

Have you ever had a one-night stand?
No, I haven't. I don't think I'm a one-night-stand type of person. I just gross myself out in my head, like, "OK, where's this been?" I'm just more comfortable with people that I love, or at least am pretty fond of. There is the whole, "Ooh it's a stranger," kinda thing. But all my friends who have done it are like, "Oh, it's not as satisfying," and afterwards, it's kind of awkward. And you're like, "OK, I don't even know this person." I've never had a friend who's a big fan who's like, "Hey, let's go have one-night stands! Woo!"

What's your favorite part of your body?
I'd be really really happy with my body if it was tanned ummm but I guess my favorite part ummm wow I don't know I like my tummy but I have a rib that sticks out so it kinda looks weird. Ummm yeah I guess Ummm yeah my stomach I guess. But everything would be so much better if it was tanned but I don't have the gene. You know what I think I would be such a bigger slut if I was tan. I really do. I think I would have just fucked everything that walked when I was in my early twenties.
Probably not... Because I would have been really scantly clad and ohhh look at me. I would have been more confident to wear the skanky clothes. That leads to meeting boys. But I go out. I don't show much skin I'm so pale and I'm coming to terms with the whole pasty white thing I'm embracing it.

Are you into sex toys or getting adventurous in bed?
Sure. I mean, as long as it's not like an animal, or something. [Laughs] There's not much that would offend me. If my boyfriend said, "Hey, honey, let's try this," I'd definitely try it. Although the ménage-à-trois thing I wouldn't be able to do with my boyfriend. Because I just love him so much that I think it would be too screwy. The whole jealousy thing just wouldn't work. I just couldn't see him doin' some other chick. That wouldn't work out. I can understand if it's somebody you're seeing and you're just, "Uh, whatever, it's fun for now." I totally understand it then. But not if it's somebody you truly, deeply love. I just couldn't do that.

I once looked into seeing how to make a chain-link-fence headboard for my bed. I thought, That'd be really cool to have. But it seemed like a real bitch to actually get made. I was talking to the construction guys at work and they're like, "Well, you know, it's gonna bounce around a lot, and it's gonna be pretty noisy and squeaky. And it's not gonna be great." I was like, "All right. Never mind." But wouldn't that be fun to have a chain-link bed? You know where I came up with it? I was driving past a house that had a black chain-link fence. I was like, "That would make such a great bed." There's so many different places to tie people up. You can grab onto it, you could climb it...but it didn't happen. And now my tastes have changed, and aesthetically, it wouldn't be so pleasing.

Was your first time everything you thought it would be?
Yeah, I don't regret my first time. I mean, it wasn't fireworks or anything, but I was glad it was with the guy it was with. I didn't know what the hell I was doing, but it was all right. With age, it obviously becomes much better. It hurt. [Laughs] But it was like a good pain. It's a lot easier for guys. You just stick it in.
On a recent Sex and the City, a guy spoils the mood in bed with baby talk. Are you turned on by talking dirty in bed?
Yeah! I'm very open to anything. As long as it's not cheesy. But in the right mood, it's really not cheesy when it's happening. Just talking about it now, going, "I like it when he talks dirty to me," it sounds a lot cheesier than when it's happening. Yeah, it's nice. But the baby talk in bed would not be so nice. At that point, you'd just have to gag him. It's like, "Hey look, this is our new game." And stuff a sock in his mouth. I don't want him to rhyme. Like, cat in the hat's fine, but not during sex.

There's a porn knockoff of Buffy called Buffy the Vampire Layer. What's your view of porn?
I like stuff like Seymour Butts. I love that. Obviously, there's the whole porn-cheesy element. But I like the fact that it seems like it's real. There's this one where they went to Europe, and the girl's on a train, and she's, like, masturbating. I just thought that was awesome. Because you see the people walking by, so obviously he just took his video camera and videotaped her. Don't give me a story, just give me the porn. I don't need a plot. And now that porn's on DVD, it's so much better. Just the clarity. You just pop in the little disc, and you can fast-forward to the good parts without having to wait for the VCR to wind. Although it is kind of fun to watch porn on fast-forward. Then it's like, "OK, I didn't like this couple, let's get the next couple."

Have you had an embarrassing sexual moment on the scale of the guy getting caught violating a pie in American Pie?
Not to that degree! That would probably send me to the nunnery -- getting caught by your father fucking a pie. That's pretty humiliating. I got caught, but it was by a [boyfriend's] friend, so it was no big deal. His friend had just broken up with his girlfriend, so he was all depressed. And not really wanting to see other people having sex. But that wasn't super embarrassing. But nothing really embarrassing. Oh-oh! Wait, no, that wasn't me. I don't know why I thought that was me. I've hit heads with people, and it hurt. But I actually knew somebody who broke a guy's nose during sex. She was just a little too happy. I think it was her pelvic bone.

We're glad you've avoided serious injury during sex. Finally, do you consider yourself good in bed?
Wow. Well, I don't get complaints. But it's pretty tacky to be like, "Yeah, I'm such a great lover." Yeah. [Laughs] I definitely have a good time, and he does, too. My boyfriend and I are fabulous together. We've got it down. We've just got that extra spark in our skin, it just matches up perfectly. Our skin touching is amazing.

February 27, 2011

A French monument : Studio Harcourt

Since 1934, Studio Harcourt shoots the greatest artists of the planet with an inimitable style which makes its so remarkable signature :

« In France, one is not an actor if one hasn't been photographed by the Studio Harcourt » wrote philosopher Roland Barthes in 1957.

French Actress Brigitte Bardot

French Actress Marion Cotillard

" The Studio Harcourt was founded in Paris in 1934, by the press moguls the Lacroix brothers and by Cosette Harcourt, who contributed her strong background in photography having worked at the Manuel's brothers famous studio.

In its early days the Studio's main activity was to fulfil the needs of the press. Yet, its remarkable signature style soon drew the most acclaimed and talented artists.

French Fashion Model and Actress Laetitia Casta

As early as 1938, the Studio became a must : writers, singers, comedians, sportsmen, composers, dansers and political figures all rushed to the studio.

Stars such as Marlène Dietrich, Salvador Dali, Jean Cocteau or Marcel Serdan were among those who were immortalized by the studio... along with many discerning clients.

The Harcourt esthetic is timeless and its magical signature has proven to be of mythical dimension thanks to its unique, immediately recognisable, know-how and lighting effects inspired by movie sets.

French Actress Carole Bouquet

French Actress Emma Decaunes

Harcourt's archives of 5 million prints, portraying more than 1500 celebrities and over 500 000 people, from 1934 to 1991 was passed over to the « Reunion des Musées Nationaux » for the French Ministry of Culture.

For over 70 years, portraits by Harcourt have been a part of the collective memory and have become an institution.

The Studio is now located one block from avenue Montaigne in a town house off the "golden triangle", on the Right Bank of the capital of photography.

The Studio welcomes celebrities and other discerning clients who seek a unique, glamorous and timeless image of themselves, between dream and reality."

A special shooting for Chantal Thomas


"Sexy Dandy"

"Tulle Fronce"

February 15, 2011

Something different

Stan Boulton -
Art Model Seraphiim

Alexander Bergstrom
"Malin in the livingroom"

Beau eRomantica -
"Stop Stairing"

Jay Tablante

"Secrets Are Kept In the Attic"
Art Model Denise Manahan

Anca Cernoschi -

Stefan Gesell -
Art Model Madlen

Pavel Kiselev -
"Erotic Geometry"
Art Model Alya

Ben Heys -
"Gorgeous shape"
Art Model Kess

François Benveniste -
"Nothing left"
Art Model Liloo

Vernon Trent -
"Three and a half"
Art Model Dutch Dame

Gavin Bell -

"Bird of Prey"
Art Model White Peach

February 12, 2011

Alyssa Milano for Bikini Magazine 1993

Good or bad series ?
I'm hesitating... Maybe between both, some good shoots, some bad ? I let you judge. It was her first nude pictures for Bikini Magazine in 1993 when she was 20 years old. Of course she still regrets as a lot of stars who did it to find a role, often obliged. 
I found some interesting informations from someone who worked in the mag :
"When I was at BIKINI magazine, Ray Gun (1992), we photographed Alyssa Milano nude in the desert and it was a huge deal. She was a child actor trying to avoid the child actor syndrome and striped for the magazine. It was mild. Her mother was there and knew about the entire shoot and I even wondered if she staged the shoot."

Alyssa Jayne Milano
December 19, 1972, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
1,57 m
 The entire series (sorry for the bad resolution)