July 4, 2014

K Leo joins us

K Leo at his official site, deviantART, Model Mayhem.

"Give me beautiful nows"

"Mash your ever lovin thought"
Art Model Lyra

"I've spent quite a while on your portfolio. It draws you in and keeps you looking. Amazing work."
Nettie R Harris, Art Model -

" You my friend have found the essence of human beauty and can't seem to quench your thirst. Your work is saturated with your passion and that is inspirational to say the least. Had a look on your site too, really, really great stuff !"
Photographer Marius Budu

"Move your body" could be his favorite words. I don't know, he didn't tell me. But I'm sure I'm not wrong. When you carefully watch the work of K Leo, you can't miss his endless love for the movement.

Addicted to B/W, using probably natural lights the most he can, all his work is full of life. His talented art models are jumping, bending, extending, modeling in passionate, provocative, emotive, captivating, inspiring, talking... poses.

The prolific K Leo belongs a unique style. Don't ask me how he found it, many tries of course, his inner vision (read carefully his title), his love for life and simple things... I suppose.

Because K Leo doesn't need great settings or a plenty of accessories to shot. He seems to be there just to capture the essence of the human beauty he sees everywhere, in everybody. He's a true observer :

" Nothing is more impressive to me than people. It is my subject of choice. I believe that everyone has beauty."

"The sharp crash turn and over the brim"
Art Model PXE

Art Model Rebecca Pardue

"An unknown"
Art Model and Photographer Iris Dassault

K Leo is 32 years old... (Three small points to let you imagine).

His studio is in Chicago Heights (Illinois, USA).

His favorite quote is : "It costs nothing to be honest, loyal, and true." True, like the smile.

And his artistic heroes/influences include Gustav Klimt, Patrick Nagel, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, R Crumb, Darren Aronofsky, Jan Sanders Van Hemessen, Daniel Johnston, Regina Spector, Kimya Dawson, Linda Lou Corlett, Steve Sherrell, Coop, Hunter S Thompson, Wesley Willis, Toulouse Lautrec... Great Artists, body and soul devoted to their Art. Like him.

I'm deeply glad and (very, yes, I confess) proud to welcome such an inspired photographer.

"In all fabled lands"
Art Model Brooke Lynne -

"Smash crash fall fun"
Art Model Pearl Pistol

I believe in beauty.
I trust Art.
I seek implausible things.

"Always the differences"


" We live in a freakishly marvelous world. I am perpetually amazed at the places, faces and precarious situations that surround us all. Mirth and beauty throughout.

I picture almost everything as made up of small repetitive shapes.

In my pictures you will find a mix of clever naked ladies standing, odd shadows glowering, beautiful smiling women posing, classy burlesque dancers prancing, normal topless gals laughing, springy jumping girls kicking, statuesque Art models looking off camera, wonderful breasts and interesting boobs, plain white wall locations."

About his way to work :

"Prompted by a state of inclination
into a move of spoil"

Art Model PXE

" All photo shoots are collaboration.

If we work together you will be an active participant in the artistic process and your ideas/thoughts carry value. How much input you would like to express is your choice but it is important to me that you know this scheme is ours."

"Expeditious in resilient absorption of more unexpected fars"

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