July 27, 2014

Welcome Steve Johns


Here is Steve Johns, australian photographer, that I love very much (more than I like, so) since a certain time. He doesn't know it, but I discovered his work there are two years ago. He was one of my bigger "coups de foudre" during my first steps in the wonderful world of nude-art photography.

I like his compositions, his lights, his themes. You know that I prefer the sets of models in natural environment, he loves that too. You know now how much I prefer the simple nudity, he prefers too...

And big cherry on a tremendous chantilly cheesecake, he's a super nice man ! The kind of artist I always wanted to meet a day.

"Aqua Dreams"

" Born in Australia Steve Johns has spent the majority of his life instructing and leading adventure activities in some of the most remote and untouched locations in the World.

After a life changing experience he is now committed to sharing his passions in the form of artistic and creative images.

His love of photography comes from a deep affection for the natural environment as well as an insatiable curiosity for the human spirit.

Some of his recent activities include entries in various international competitions which resulted in a number of first and second places, as well as Champion prints.

More recently he has been focusing on fine art BW nudes with a strong environmental theme shooting outdoors using natural light only in the pristine gorges, mountains and rain forests of northern New South Wales (Australia)."



His Ethics and Philosophy (what a beautiful word !) :
" My images are a construal of the natural world hence they must be true to the original scene that was in front of me at the time.

In today’s digital world it is difficult to find an image that has not been heavily manipulated (edited and altered), however through the use of appropriate digital editing techniques similar to traditional dark room methods it is possible to produce an image that is equal to the integrity of the original scene at its truest and finest. Digital technology that replicates traditional darkroom tools is considered to be undamaging to the virtues of a scene if those tools do not fundamentally alter the integrity of that image."



"Alter ego"

" My love of photography comes from a deep affection I have for the natural environment as well as an insatiable curiosity of humanity and the plight of the human spirit.

I first picked up a camera at age 11 and over the course of 15 years managed to have some pictures and stories printed in adventure magazines but eventually focused on being an adventure activities instructor instead.

It would be another 20 years before I became interested in photography again.
In 2005 I had a motor cycle accident while racing at Philip Island race track crashing my bike at over 200klm per/hour resulting in a severely fractured leg. This left me with a permanent disability and I am now unable to lead and instruct groups in outdoor education. Part of my recovery was to re-invent my recreation and a camera was the first thing on the list. I have since purchased a Nikon D200 and an Olympus E500 a Digital Dark Room work station as well as printing and framing equipment that enable me to produce all of my own work.

Some of my recent activities include a number of entries in the Bellingen Show which resulted in two first places, a second place, a highly commended and Champion print.

The main aim of my work is to bring the extraordinary beauty of the natural environment to the attention of the viewer but it's not just the natural environment that I capture in an image it's also the mood of that environment at that given moment in time, hence much of my work is emotive.

These images often include elements of the harsh character of nature in contrast with its natural beauty, the intention here is to convey a parallel of our own existence despite the struggles of daily life."

"Torso Splash"

Steve Johns ©

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