August 17, 2016

Christophe Vermare : his new book is born !!

Member of Univers d'Artistes since 2008
Congratulations !! Champagne !

I met Christophe Vermare at Marseille, France. Time was too short to share our love of his art. He offered me his first book "Distances" with a lot of compliments and thanks. I blushed, it is just my job. I love it. It is in front of my bed exhibited as a jewel.

Here is the pre sale of his second one. Bravo Christophe ! What a talent, what a work.

"Ses cheveux dans mes yeux"

"This new book of 121 photographs focuses on the essence of my passion by presenting only photographs of my wife Anne over 25 years of Art nude Photography, of common life.

This is a Visual Story, the birth of a passion since we met and subsequent evolution along 25 years."

Photographs from the book choosen by Christophe himself :

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