August 12, 2016

The joy of Joe Oliveira

Member since the opening of the magazine
A huge thank you my dear Joe ;-)

Art Model Isabelle Stephen

"Yin and Yang"
Art Model Jenn

Joe Oliveira, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a prolific, creative and definitively fantastic artist that turns me upside down since such a long time ! I'm quite amazed by his prodigious imagination.

Joe Oliveira is working on a wide range of themes and styles : advertising, catalogs, celebrities, charm, cinema, conceptuel, corporate, Industrial, Digital, Editorial, Entertainment, Fashion, Fine Art, Food and Beverage, Glamour, Health &fitness, Interiors, Lifestyle, Medical, Nudes, People, Architecture, Portrait, Product, Still Life, Table Top, Special effects, stock, Works of Art, Beauty, Cosmetics...

Nothing is too much for him, what is easily understanding because of his tremendous inspiration.

You know what ? When I'm in a bad mood, I just make a trip on his so coloured sites and I feel always better.

His book, click to order

"The Bomb"
Art Model Emmanuelle Bolduc

"I am me"
Art Model Luc Bernier

Art Model Melissa

"I am a Montreal based photographer, have been for 20 years, shot almost everything from soup to nuts.

I have won a few photo awards over the years, notably 8 nominations in 4 categories (International Color Awards) and a Merit Award in the Commercial Category (Fuji Canada Professional Photography Contest).

In 2007, just before the holidays I received 14 nominations in 7 categories from The Spider Awards International Photo contests. Check it out, really great pics ! Just black and white photography. This year photographers from 60 countries participated.

Anyway I am humbled by the experience."

"The white room"
Art Model Marie Claude Bourbonnais

"Putting on the RITZ"
Art Model April Nicole

"Universal Women"
Art Model Plaid

Joe Oliveira loves photography of course. He is a maniac for sailing and motorcycles. He enjoys a good cigar, good wine, the great cuisine and travelling, (the more exotic being the better). He loves movies and hates T.V., too many commercials. He's so right !...

Art Model Jessica

Art Model Jessica

"The naked city"
Art Model Michelle Simpson

"From the sea"
Art Model Plaid

Presently working on several different personnal projects to expand my work base. They involve some adult content but done in a very classy way, as you can see in my style of photos

"American Standard"
Art Model Isabelle Stephen

Art Model Isabelle Stephen

"Time part 6"
Art Model Isabelle Stephen

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Iris Dassault said...

Thank you once again for sharing this - I wasn't yet familiar with the work of Joe Oliveira, he most certainly knows how to put a unique twist into his work. Funny how we both posted a version of the Truvian Man (or woman/women) on our blog today!