November 14, 2016

Léa Michelle L'émoi

Very active in Facebook, I love since a long time her sure taste and her originality. I like the photographers she exhibits and I have never seen, what I find strange due to the number of our Artists Members here and all those I see daily for a next article.Léa is a beautiful and kind woman with a great talent to discover the photographs we are very numerous to like and love.

Since 2 months I am waiting Léa answers to my invitation to become UdA Art Editor... She told me so many :
- Yes ! Ok !! I want !!! I am busy but I come soon !
But... I am still waiting and crying... I am too impatient. Join us Léa !! It is so fun and easy to publish here in a total freedom, my dearest Léa !

Anyway, I wipe my tears, here is an example of her daily exhibitions which touch my heart :

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