November 14, 2016

Léa Michelle L'émoi, our next Uda Art Editor ?

Very active in Facebook, I love since a long time her sure taste and her originality. I like the photographers she exhibits and I have never seen, what I find strange due to the number of our Artists Members here and all those I see daily for a next article.Léa is a beautiful and kind woman with a great talent to discover the photographs we are very numerous to like and love.

Since 2 months I am waiting Léa answers to my invitation to become UdA Art Editor... She told me so many :
- Yes ! Ok !! I want !!! I am busy but I come soon !
But... I am still waiting and crying... I am too impatient. Join us Léa !! It is so fun and easy to publish here in a total freedom, my dearest Léa !

Anyway, I wipe my tears, here is an example of her daily exhibitions which touch my heart :

By the way,  Artists, Art Lovers and dear Readers, if you want to participate and become an UdA Art Editor, send me some words about your desire, your work, blog and site at :

UdA, it is 8 000 to 15 000 pages viewed per month with some peaks at 100 000.
UdA is the unique Collective Artists and Art Magazine of this genre in the world, with more than 400 Artists Members and 2 020 000 readers since 2007.
Artists : you can publish your work and new works, your books, your calendars, your events, your workshops, your friends... 
With always the permission of the Artist and my little corrections for your beginnings, you publish what you want, as you want (no paste fromWord !).
I love to introduce an artist with my words then his bio, then 6 to 8 photos, but do what you want, I need changes.
I loved also to do interviews (check label) but I'm too exhausted now, maybe you ?
Always link the artist to his site, it is a gold rule, always render to caesar...
UdA is opened to all genres and not only female and male nude art.

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